Tomorrow..Friday’s quote..

Tell the people that you love about your feelings towards them..because tomorrow may never come…


15 thoughts on “Tomorrow..Friday’s quote..

  1. Oh my god, did you take the photo? I can’t keep my eyes off the baby. Lots of love and blessing to this family.
    Back to your writing, so true, we have no idea what gonna happen next second. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. ❤

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  2. Hello Sara dear friend..
    No ..I didn’t take the photo..but I took it from the internet. I respect that mother a lot..she’s a symbol of true love..
    Your comments are highly appreciated Sara.
    Have a beautiful day ♥️🌼🍀

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  3. Hi Fred dear friend. elder brother from Florida. All love and respect for you and Katrina great couple and so kind teachers of people here and there..unlimited power of giving all the way on…keep smiling and thanks for the kind words♥️🌼🌼🍀🍀

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  4. Smiles my Much Younger Sister Sohair from Egypt
    it is true at my age approaching 60 Now i am Steadily
    Running out of Elder Brothers and Sisters With SMiLes
    True though
    enough i’ve
    most always
    Been too Old
    And Young For my
    Age it seems with Smiles..
    Good to be Old Young and
    Young Old As Souls Will Surely
    Evolve With and as God Love Within
    inside outside above so below And ALL Around my DeaR FRiEnD..:)

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