Some other quotes!! 

Before I paste the quotes I will repeat it again. 

I am here not to make people change to Islam. 

I am here just to defend Islam as much as I can. 

Be happy!! 



Ronnie's Blog

I don’t care what anyone’s religion is.
I don’t care if they are not religious.
I don’t care what colour anyone is.
I don’t care what their nationality is.
I don’t care what their sexuality is.
I don’t care if they have two heads and are called Noddy.

When I was young I went to church regularly, but I am no longer religious. I follow blogs written by people with different religious backgrounds and beliefs. Although I do not share their beliefs, the faith they have in their individual religions is commendable. I respect them and like what they have to say.

Similarly, I follow blogs by people from numerous countries that I been interacting with for a few years. I have even bonded with people who speak a different language from me. Their colour or nationality is irrelevant, they are good people and that is all that matters.


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