99 names …Part 2 …

As I told you before …our creator has 99 attributes..I mentioned some of them in part 1 and now let’s continue …this will help us to understand our creator more and more…

8. Al-Muhaimin

* The Protector, The One who witnesses the saying and deeds of His creatures.

9. Al-Azeez
* The Mighty, The Strong, The Defeater who is not defeated.

10. Al-Jabbaar
* The Compeller, The One that nothing happens in His Dominion except that which He willed.

11. Al-Mutakabbir
* The Majestic, The One who is clear from the attributes of the creatures and from resembling them.

12. Al-Khaaliq
* The Creator, The One who brings everything from non-existence to existence.

13. Al-Bari’
* The Evolver, The Maker, The Creator who has the Power to turn the entities.

14. Al-Musawwir
* The Fashioner, The One who forms His creatures in different pictures.

15. Al-Ghaffaar
* The Great Forgiver, The Forgiver, The One who forgives the sins of His slaves time and time again.

16. Al-Qahhaar
* The Subduer, The Dominant, The One who has the perfect Power and is not unable over anything.

17. Al-Wahhaab
* The Bestower, The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return. He is everything that benefits whether Halal or Haram.

18. Al-Razzaaq
* The Sustainer, The Provider.

19. Al-Fattaah
* The Opener, The Reliever, The Judge, The One who opens for His slaves the closed worldy and religious matters.

20. Al-Aleem
* The All-knowing, The Knowledgeable; The One nothing is absent from His knowledge.

21. Al-Qaabid
* The Constricter, The Retainer, The Withholder, The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdomand expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy.

22. Al-Baasit
* The Expander, The Englarger, The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdomand expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy.

23. Al-Khaafid
* The Abaser, The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment.

24. Ar-Raafi
* The Exalter, The Elevator, The One who lowers whoever He willed by His Destruction and raises whoever He willed by His Endowment.

25. Al-Muiz
* The Honorer, He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem.

26. Al-Muthil
* The Dishonorer, The Humiliator, He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem.

27. As-Samee
* The All-Hearing, The Hearer, The One who Hears all things that are heard by His Eternal Hearing without an ear, instrument or organ.

28. Al-Baseer
* The All-Seeing, The One who Sees all things that are seen by His Eternal Seeing without a pupil or any other instrument.

29. Al-Hakam
* The Judge, He is the Ruler and His judgment is His Word.

30. Al-Adl
* The Just, The One who is entitled to do what He does.

31. Al-Lateef
* The Subtle One, The Gracious, The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them.

32. Al-Khabeer
* The Aware, The One who knows the truth of things.

33. Al-Haleem
* The Forebearing, The Clement, The One who delays the punishment for those who deserve it and then He might forgive them.

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99 Names …Part (1)…

As I told you before ..my blog is to teach people about Islam…

Today I want to teach you about Allah…the creator of all..

In Islam Allah has 99 attributes…

But why?

In order to know more about your creator …you have to know his attributes…

Of course I will not mention all of Allah attributes in one post…but I will mention them in several parts to give the chance to the reader to understand those names or attributes..

Part 1


1. Allah
* Allah, He who has the Godhood which is the power to create the entities.

2. Ar-Rahmaan
* The Compassionate, The Beneficient, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter.

3. Ar-Raheem
* The Merciful, The One who has plenty of mercy for the believers.

4. Al-Malik
* The King, The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion, the One Whose Dominion is clear from imperfection.

5. Al-Quddoos
* The Holy, The One who is pure from any imperfection and clear from children and adversaries.

6. As-Salaam
* The Source of Peace, The One who is free from every imperfection.

7. Al-Mu’min
* Guardian of Faith, The One who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. And He witnessed for His believers that they are truthful in their belief that no one is God but Him.

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My fourth anniversary:-)

Days pass quickly…I want to thank this amazing site (WordPress) so much…

I met wordpress by chance …I was searching for an arabic poem which I read few years before that time and Mr.Google told me that it is here in this nice site…

After I read the poem…I told myself why not to be a member in wordpress family…

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The warrior prophet…

They wonder..how can a prophet and a messanger of God be a warrior????

Yes prophet Mohammad was a warrior and I will explain the reason in a simple way..

” Let me teach people Islam…do not stand as a barrier between people and me…”…Mohammad said….when the people of his city started to prevent him to spread Islam safely among people.

At first they tried to kill him..

Second they realeased him out of his city …

Third …they sent people behind him and wage wars against him.

As a strong man and a man of a heavenly message ..he defeded himself and at last he won the battle .

After he returned again to his city (Makkah)…he forgave all the people who did cruel and bad deeds to him and to moslems.

They were preventing him from spreading Islam not because they have another religion…but because of money and materialistic reasons.

They were taking money from the people who came to Makkah to worship the statues ..and Islam would prevent them from gaining such money…

Mohammad is peace for all humanity…

Quotes of Abu Dhar Al Ghifari…

Abu Dhar al Ghifari is the fifth person converting to Islam…he was a friend of prophet Mohammad and he shared him in his wars againt those people who wanted to prevent prophet Mohammad from teaching people Islam…Enjoy the quotes…
(1) Remaining in solitude is better than an evil companion, and a righteous companion is better than solitude.
(2) Love Islam and Muslims, love the poor, and love the stranger with all your heart.
(3) Enter into the worries of this world and come out of them with patience.
(4) Do not consider a person to be safe when he is on good. He may well return to evil and die on evil.
(5) Do not lose hope in a person who is on evil. He may well return to good and die on good.
(6) whatever you know of yourself [your own evils] should cause you to desist from bothering about [the evils] of people.
(7) There are three partners in one’s wealth:
(1) Destiny. It will not consult you when it wants to take away the good or bad wealth, whether it is by destruction or death.
(2) The inheritor. He is waiting for you to die. He will than take it away while you are despicable [in his eyes].
(3) You are the third partner. Try not to be the weakest of the three because ALLAH says: You will never attain piety until you spend of what you love.{3:92}. Listen, these camels are from among the wealth which I love. So I preferred sending them forward for my self [by giving them in ALLAH’s cause].
(8) A short du’a with piety suffices as much as a little salt suffices food.
(9) A righteous companion is better than solitude, and solitude is better than an evil companion.
A person who directs you towards good is better than a person who remains silent.
A person who remains silent is better than a person who directs you towards evil.
Entrusting your wealth to a trustworthy person is better than placing it in a locked bag. And placing it in a locked bag is better than having suspicious thoughts [about an unreliable person in whose care you gave your wealth