Friday Islamic quotes ♧


My thoughts around prayers in Islam.

I asked myself several times why ?why…and why???

Why we as moslems pray five times aday and repeat those same movements during prayers.

The most important in our prayers is to kneel and to prostrate and during all movements u talk to God and ask him whatever u want with a trust that He hears and will achieve anything u want.

But why to kneel and to prostrate?

I reached to a conclusion and I loved to share it with u all.

During the day we pass through many challenges and we face many problems.

God wants to teach us a lesson( Do not kneel to anybody or any thing except me…ur lord…ur creator…come to me only and stand between my hands and I will light ur way…u then will find an out let for ur burdens…just trust me …I love u more than any one …)

That’s it.