Fear of God in Islam !!

Some of Islam haters accuse Islam as the religion of fear !

First of all thank u for thinking bad of us !

Second I will explain fear of God in a simple way to be understood quickly and easily !!

Fear of God is love of God …yes it means love and only love !!

I will give u a simple example :

When u fell in love with someone;  u find urself begins to love the things he loves ..u find urself trying to be away from the things he does not like…ur r not losing ur identity of course…but u r  trying to make him content !

I do the same with my God !

I know that God  does not like cheating ,liers,alcohol drinking,stealing,killing innocent people ,injustice ….etc…

So i will avoid these bad deeds because i have fear inside myself that if I do these bad things my God will be discontent and of course i love him and i want him to be contented !

Also i do the good things he ordered me to do for the same reason such as prayers ,poor dues ,pilgrimage (if i can ) ,forgiving people who are injust ,fasting ….etc!​

So fear equals love.

Islam is the religion of love and not hatered !

I hope that my message reached u !

Have a great day !


Nominations :'(

I want to apologize to any one who nominated me …because i have a probem in responding to nominations…

In fact I can not cut and paste the links of other blogs with my mobile phone…i can just make that with my laptop…my laptop is broken  now 😦

It has been been broken down for months 😥

So sorry  i respect u all and want u to forgive me …



Mary and Jesus in Islam!!

My friend Rayline here in wordpress talked with me about Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him and his mother)

I said jesus is a prophet

but she as a christian sees him as the son of God and people’s savior

she sees that prophets are ordinary people and they are sinners

i told her that prophets in islam are perfect people and never do any sin

she told me that we are born with our sins with us

i told her that in islam a person comes to life with no sins

he commits sins after birth because of his ignorsnce

but if he asked forgivenss from God…..God will forgive him

Rayline is a kind nice person

i see her as my sister

she wants me to convert to christianity because she loves me

thank u dear sweet sis

i will not change

i do not ask people to convert to islam

i just teach them islam

today my video is a chapter fom Qoran…it is mainly about Jesus and Mary and other prophets

i hope that u have the time to read the subtitle about surat mary…


Happy Friday !!

How r u dear friends ?

Some of my followers feel that i am their sister and they like me and i am sure they r honest…they want me to convert to other religions

Other friends want me to leave all religions and worship God only

Thank u so much dear friends !!

I will not change !!

I am a moslem and i love prophet Mohammad a lot 

i am not here to ask people to convert to Islam

i just teach people about islam..

I will say it again..

I will not change (insha Allah )!

So do not waste ur time with me..

Have a great Friday ♡♡♡♥♥♥♡!!!


When non muslims visit my blog some of them want to learn new things about Qoran and Islam !!

Today I will speak about how Qoran deals with sarcasm !

I am not speaking about positive sarcasm like that used by poets and authors in thier books ,poems,movies…no…I am speaking about people who are mocking others and think that this is funny !

This is not funny indeed .

look at this verse in Qoran 

God says[ O ye who believe ! Let not some men among you laugh at others : It may be that The ( latter) are better than the (former):Nor let some women laugh at others : It may be that the (latter) are better than the ( former):Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other ,Nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames:seeming is a name connoting wickedness,(to be used of one )after he has believed : And those who do not desist are indeed doing wrong .]Al hujurat 11
Mutual ridicule ceases to be fun when there is arrogance or selfishness or malice behind it . We may laugh with people , to share in the happiness of life :we must never laugh at people in contempt or ridicule . In many things they may be better than ourselves !!
Have a good day dear friends!!!

Where is God?

God is very big..Bigger than the skies…bigger than the earths …And his place is over there in the hearts of the believers …So our hearts are bigger than anything in the whole universe!​