My blog  :-(

I just want to tell u all one thing!

If u just give me a like because i give u a like ….please do not do that again and I promise to continue liking ur posts.Believe me I will do that God willing.

I do not like followers be obliged to give me likes while they do that for just one purpose..

I tell u that because some of my followers do not believe in divine books..they just believe in God .

Other followers are heathen or athiest or whatever…some of them give me a like as a reaction of thank u…no I do not want u to thank me..I followed ur blogs cause i liked something special in it and u are not obliged to thank me by giving me likes .

I want to thank everyone of u..i love u and respect u all.

If every post makes just one like is better for me than many likes that are not truely felt!

My blog is about Islam and Koran.l believe in Koran and I love prophet Mohammad a lot.I feel sorry for the people who doesn’t like prophet Mohammad and I feel sad and melancholic if they said bad words about him.This is me and that is my blog.

Thanks again.God bless u all!!



How merciful He is!


Some people think that Allah is the God of moslems…no He is not as they think..

Allah is the arabic translation of God…when I say Allah I mean Your God and my God …just one God…creator of all.

Best wishes!!!