21 thoughts on “Ashamed to be muslim.

  1. Salam aleikom,
    Nice video.

    Lovely you say that Muslims should not try to fit in but should try to stand out. That is something which is required from every lover of Allah, be it a Jew, Christian or Muslim. Allah requires from us that we are not part of the world but part of God and that we abstain from all false teachings, false gods and do not create idols as our gods not worship graven images.

    Those who really love Allah should show it to their neighbours and spread the peace of the Most High, but also should not be afraid to show the false teachers or those who bring more damage to the name of the faith, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

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  2. Thank you for your kind reply. And your teaching.
    Where I come from I shake hands with men because it’s not disrespectful to us and we don’t have to be so secluded or segregated. And when I was in Japan we bowed, male or female… as was per custom.
    I don’t think my blog(s) will be what you are looking for, even tho you liked and followed one of them. I take no offense if you cease investigations.
    I have experienced more freedom and less restraints than you… and I am grateful for my male friends. I am grateful for my sexuality and expressions and self respect.
    If I may ask a question, Queens are what? When was a “queen” ever anyone but an obligated woman to an image that upheld a patriarchal design as placed on a pedestal or HIS idea of virtue? Queens don’t get to be human. Why would you wanted to be treated like one or hold that promise to daughters?
    Show me one queen in all of history who was literally honored as a female because she ruled… and was not ruled by male doctrine?
    I am part of what fights for more women’s rights not less.
    Feel free to keep looking at any of my blogs… and I still welcome discussion. I take no offense if you need to part ways due to our different paths and I wish you much peace and love.
    Thank you for your kind reply Sister-woman. I appreciate your comment as well.
    And yes, I am a good person. Someone you can trust to honestly try with you in a technological materialist world.
    I am also so sorry for your loss of your husband. My prayers are with you and your family.

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  3. Hello my sister in humanity.
    I am pleased to see u in my blog saying ur opinion and take a part of ur time to see my post and comment.
    So thank u so much my friend.
    Fear is not found in my blog ….any one can express his thoughts freely ….life is good.😊
    I like dancing a lot….but I do not dance with strangers..I dance only with my children….with my sisters. ..and when my husband was alive I danced with him at home …we liked dancing a lot.
    A Muslim woman is like a queen.
    No one can shake hands with her except those who are allowed to do so (her husband…brother…father…and the men who can not marry her like her daughter’s husband…etc)
    I am a teacher at a high school…I work with men and women….all the men in my work respect me and consider me as their sister…I do not shake hands with them…they do not find that a bad thing…when I see them at school I greet them by saying peace be upon u and they say peace be upon u too….so I have no problem because I do not shake hands with the men.
    Welcome my friend…I will visit ur posts and comment God willing….u seem to be a good person.God bless u dear.


  4. And… you don’t have to “fear” me. I am a married woman. I have been with the same man for 19 years. I think marriage is important and that you have the right to your religious freedom without shame. I just don’t think there is any shame in shaking hands with women or dancing. There is a deeper problem at root if you blame women for your lack of self control and subsequent enforced controls on them.
    Anyhow… I welcome discussion if you want, and if not, peace to you.

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  5. The thing is, making a woman an untouchable and calling it “respect” is not true. And I don’t think all Muslims do this to their women. That’s not about them being “cool” that’s about them getting to know women as human beings. And knowing that a man can control himself without doctrine. You are not all beasts. Dancing does not make you a beast or a man who has failed. You can control your impulses without controlling your women. If you don’t come to understand that, you are failing yourself.

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  6. I am not sure why you can’t shake a woman’s hand or “dance” at a club…
    and I’m pretty sure that Muhammed’s wife, his elder, his financial support, his advocate, his equal partner, his true believer was more respected by him than this video suggests.
    Islam has never fully explained itself to be understood… but I am trying to understand you.
    Thank you for your “follow” on my atlas.

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  7. It is incredibly amazing video you shared it, it is profoundly touching the heart, all are true words. I was staring and got every single words, and finally found it amazingly produced from the real life in between people. Great Share Sohair, and God bless

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  8. Thanks So much For Your Words of Support Soheir
    And the Story of Michael Jackson is one Forced into
    Fame and Fortune by his Father at a Very Young Age
    iN The Years of ‘Normal’ Development of Child
    Hood Stunted away
    in a place he
    could never
    go back
    in a never
    land that would
    truly never escape then
    until death.. SMiLes mY
    FriEnd while some folks
    long for fame and fortune
    i abhor even the thought of
    it as plague for those who have
    it lose real freedom just to be just
    to be with no body guards and other
    more restricted life steps stuff as money
    means nothing NoW after Subsistence and
    Shelter and Love Needs are met.. Science too..
    Proves this too.. yet some folks keep digging
    a never ending hole perhaps as the LoVE oF
    tHeiR heART too was stolen away from Love
    when young moving toward materialistic
    things.. power and status and yes fame
    and fortune for a space within that
    is never truly overflowing as
    Essence oF LoVE in JusT
    A Container for that
    Essence oF Form
    iN Golden Chalice Way now..
    Fortunately.. i am raised with very
    little Money Full of Love and tHaT NoW
    my FriEnd is Worth aLL the Materialistic
    Riches of so-called Fame and Fortune in the
    World for it’s true now too although i have not made
    A Lincoln Cent off of Dancing Long Approaching 8600
    Miles in Public now for 52 Months.. and People often
    notify me i’m famous and even legend now.. sure that’s
    better than being a shut-in for the 66 Months before that
    in pain and numb.. but i already had perspective That gave
    me For What is Real in life and Not Real.. Love is all that is
    for me my FriEnd to Give and Share and Sure Muse with
    Entertainment of SMiLes MoRE to inspiRe otHeRs uP
    instead of down without even the necessity
    of even one word now.. only Feet of Loving
    Dance wHeRe mY Sandals are now
    emBossed with A
    Word Superstar
    as purchase
    for now with
    bronzed feet
    from sand and
    sun chiseled aLong with
    calves and thighs for all of those
    close to 8600 Miles for true both my
    legs and feet are like bronze now but sure
    A little Furry too as that too is pART oF MY
    iNHeRenT Nature as Wild and Free too…
    SMiLes mY FriEnd as long as ‘they’
    let me do it for free i will but
    no.. no longer will i sell my
    soul to anyone as i already
    did that for pay for 33
    Years and somewhat
    in School For 19
    Years too..
    The Voice within..
    aLL those years JusT
    patiently waiting to come
    out in both Song and Dance..
    Free my FriEnd JusT Free A Dance
    Song with God is what all of this is..
    Sure.. A never ending nether land story
    Prayer NoW With God Too A MaGiC NeVeR
    Ending White Magic Way oF LoVE For ALL..
    tHeRe are No limits or Expectations in Free and
    Love when Real other than give and share and give again..
    5:50 AM in the morning is really Early in Egypt mY FriEnd my
    Hopes for you are to one day be able to just Sleep in Love and Wake
    Dance and Sing Love alWays MoRE NoW for howEver is Great For you..
    JusT A Prayer
    mY Friend
    JusT A Prayer For You.. too..
    As Jimmy Stewart might Refrain
    to: “It is a Wonderful Life” for anyone
    who and that is able to Give and share
    Love Free iNSpiRinG SMiLes of Free Love
    iN OtHeRS too.. my FriEnd.. truly i for one can
    Not iMagine Any HeaVeN HIGHeR than this but
    it is also True God continues to sHow me HiGHeR
    HeaVeN for it’s juST as True in the Dante’s Rings
    And Circles Rigid Rot Hell they go Deeper and
    Lower in never ending dARK Abyss too.. that
    mY FriEnd is my
    For it’s
    True i continue
    to see the best of
    those both sides of
    Real Reality HeAR oN eArTh
    NoW.. and For me at Least Heaven
    Wouldn’t be Heaven without Hell..
    strange as it may seem for me at Least it’s
    True but with that perspective who can hate anyone my FriEnd
    wHo WiLL livE anYwHeRe elSE But LoVE NoW A Gift GiVE oF DarKLiGHT..:)

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  9. Oh my Good Lord…i enjoyed reading ur comment a lot Fred…
    (I never gave give up)….excellent..
    Such a long journey of struggle…
    The most important is that u became a defender of people who r thought to be different by others…
    I wonder sometimes how a civilized society like US…STILL have people like those who are bullying others and attack weak people…
    I was so upset one day when i saw the daughter of Michael Jackson on t.v and Oprah Whinfry was intetviewing her…she told Oprah that her mates at school are bullying her for no reason except that for she is the daughter of MJ…the rich man…
    There should be strict laws inside schools and colleges to stop such actions…
    I am proud of u Fred…u r a great example of struggle and victory…
    God bless u dear…keep going and giving…
    Smiles and Good morning..
    It is 5:50 in the early morning in Egypt…
    Happy Tuesday insha Allah..

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  10. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Sohair..
    the “Problem of Being Different”..
    the Problem of Not Blending in for surely
    For those who Are Different WHeRE i LiVE
    aT Least iN the Overall Metro Area of Pensacola
    in Two Counties “the
    Problem of Being
    Different” is a Dilemma
    i Faced from a Very Young
    Age on the Autism Spectrum
    Without the Ability to Put Words
    ToGeTHeR as Speech anything but
    Precocious until age 4 which actually
    Even Sets me apART from Most Folks
    Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum
    as i am and my Sister are STiLL
    Specifically With Asperger’s
    Syndrome as my
    Sister Could
    Speak early
    enough as normal
    but meanwhile what i took
    in as the evidence shows so far
    was much much more in all of what
    the Environment Brought me also from
    A Young Age of not even being able to touch
    Man Made Materials as Nature was and still is
    mY Best FriEnd as God WithouT Man Made Stuff
    StiLL to tOuch at least but silk will do.. as long as
    long as it is as smooth as silk.. oh and another really
    big dilemma to no fault of my own with Long Eyelashes
    and Eyes that change from Green to Pale Blue too.. confused
    by the McDonald’s Cashier with Slender Form and Thick Blonde
    Hair too at age 12 For a Miss instead of a Young Man then as i thought
    to myself then i never saw myself as a Girl and now others Do what in the
    World am i gonna do now to fix this situation as a slender boy with green
    to blue eyes and long eye lashes other than get my Mother to Rush off as
    i Panic then to buy me a set of Concrete and Plastic BarBell and Dumbbell
    Weights as i stared to the Bench Press Ceiling with Bird Like Arms and Legs as it is True what now Leg Presses 1020LBs 33 to 50 times on a Parallel Leg Press Machine
    that is much more difficult than a 45 Degree Angle Sled Leg Press were once
    named by my Friend Tammy As Bird Legs then in Middle School.. just another
    Story of a 99LB Weakling Boy who even After Lifting the Weights For A Year
    Moving into Puberty Sprouting up to 5 Foot 10 just a few inches shorter
    than i am now at age 13.. weighed-in all still at only 125 LBS with
    still no measure of Chest or Biceps or Quadriceps then.. thing
    is i didn’t give up i never gave up i will never give up
    as that is what those Bully Boys Taught me the
    Most when they called a Boy who Loved
    Girls in even Romantic Ways
    from Kindergarten then
    the F Word and
    Not Fred
    And told
    me that Boys do get to
    Smile or Laugh with Joy then
    at the City Park or in the Middle
    School Halls or they will get even
    more than Verbal Abuse.. so.. sure.. when
    the Fellow African American Children were
    Abused i stood up for them too as i was their Unconditional
    Loving FriEnd even then.. in Middle School Ways of UnderStanding
    how it felt to be the Weak Fish in the Aquarium oR even the Strong
    Black Fish in the Aquarium being told you don’t even deserve to exist..
    thing.. is.. my friEnd.. i didn’t understand the Science of Where i Lived then..
    And No.. back in those days absolutely no one dared to practice a Muslim
    Religion and ‘they’ even threw Bricks through the Stained Glass Window
    of the Catholic Church as the same ‘Southern Baptist Good Old
    Bully Boys’ Told me Love wasn’t allowed as i began to
    Question then who in the world are they saying
    they believe in as the Catholic Church told
    Me Jesus and God only reAlly Care About
    And Do Love.. but ‘they’ Called
    Me the F Word for
    Just Being
    The LoVinG ME
    And Not Fred.. yeah.. i remember
    just trying to Play Tennis off the Back
    Board at the City Park and those Southern
    Baptist Boys named Billy and Greg Circling
    And taunting me with Homophobic comments
    i had no idea what they even were as the F word
    NoT Fred didn’t make any sense to me as on the
    Autism Spectrum aT tHat mArk of mY life Metaphors
    And Sarcasm-like Speech Would be a Human Potential
    like Biceps and Pecs and Quadriceps i Would Have to Grow
    iNto WitH Much Struggle in Blood and Sweat and Even Tears then..
    but you see being outcast i understand as a whole worse than tears
    as being outcast means not having anyone to even share tears with at School
    if tears are even allowed at all without someone threatening to beat you up too..
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. wHat i didn’t Understand About the Science of where i lived
    then.. is that now finally they did a study on this place i live per the Actual Science
    of Sociology and found it is actually the most difficult place to be different in the
    United States of America with Factors Cited As Several Military Bases and Stations
    in the Area as whole Ranging STiLL from Air Force to Navy to Marines and Army
    Reserves too.. With Also The Record too for having the most ‘RiGiD’ Churches
    per square mile that were still then and now of the Fundamentalist
    Flavor of Christianity Most.. paying more attention to the
    ‘Letter of Paul’ that says you do not associate in
    Church with folks who are different than what
    we say you must do.. and yes be..
    Than the other Letter that
    Paul wrote that says
    Gentile Jew Servant or
    Free Woman or Man No more
    all Live in the Love of and as God Free..
    Yes that is just about my Favorite Verse for
    what it reAlly Still Means to me in Holy and
    Sacred Oneness of Purpose as all is God with
    No Separation NoW.. so.. anYWay.. mY FriEnd i Will Be A First NoW
    wHo STiLL Stands up to anyone who is bullying anyone heaR STiLL NoW
    For whatever God Given Difference they may have iNherited/Bred through
    God’s Human Nature or even if someone is abusing another animal as such
    too.. even if that animal is deformed or disabled too.. and it’s true too
    i don’t even like to see someone pull down a Ivy Vine off mY Shed
    as material stuff we build becomes more important than any life
    Even Plants as PaRT of GoD too FloWERinG ColoRs oF God
    More iN Change oF Leaves and BARk of Trees too.. nah..
    Not even Katrina as i will even disagree with her
    as she is afraid the Vine Will Choke a
    Building out that has no LiFE
    at all other than utility
    for me.. NoW
    so after all of this
    iS iT NoW Any Wonder Through
    mY LiFE of these challenges with the
    Additional Stigma of inheriting the Bi-Polar
    Spectrum too.. and being discarded by nearly
    all my friEnds i had ‘acquired’ through High School
    when i had my first really Manic Episode at age 21
    that i had never experienced before and had no idea
    how to Regulate and Integrate in both Emotional and
    Sensory way.. ending up in a place for some weeks that
    tried to help me but had no idea what Asperger’s was then
    as that meant that none of the Drugs they used would help
    me then too.. come out of the spot of high i fell up to down
    then so far out of MINd and BoDy SoUL BaLancE then as Being Human
    Alive.. yeah.. i was terrified to even go back to a Doctor for 23 years as
    they never did come up with a label for what i was then.. and it’s true i
    almost got sent to an Institution Likely Heavily Drugged with Drugs that
    only made the whole thing worse for me if not for a Family Member who
    had Political Pull as a City Council Woman who knew who.. i was before
    as the First Student with another one to be put into the National Honor
    Society as a Sophomore at that time in my High School.. yeah number
    11 out of a Class of 381.. too but with the Emotional Intelligence oF
    A Person on the Autism Spectrum that was so literally Retarded as
    Slow still then.. and On to Decades of Work Life Where i still
    had little clue what it was really like to be in a Social
    Circle to say all the things including Lies that
    you had to do to fit in still then..
    so.. my FriEnd .. yes.. is it
    any wonder i
    stick up
    for folks who
    are still different
    now.. and am even going to the
    Trouble to Write a Bible that’s longer
    than any Bible Written in Human History
    for whatever it is inside as i Dance Free in Public
    to sHow folks who are outcast heaR that The Outcast(S) wHo Is/
    Are truly Strong iN LoVE Free UnConDiTiONal WiLL NoT onLY NoW MoRE
    SurViVE but Do Epic Stuff thaT no one has ever done Before.. Particularly
    heAR.. wHeRE Additionally Another Study sHows as far as ‘White Folks’
    Even go with Pejorative Terms too.. that this area too is on the Top
    10 List of what some folks name as Areas of folks who are
    ‘White Trash’ too.. Heavily Addicted to Opiates
    Poor Living Together in Trailer-Like life
    As Another Stereotype Real from
    Single Parent Homes
    Disadvantaged as Many
    African American Families are
    too for the Pecking order of which
    group as less or more than the other
    in Ethnic ways too of bullying folks down
    another level to attempt to bRing some sense
    of Self-Esteem up Higher than so-called ‘White
    Trash’ still.. and that’s the other thing i have come NoW
    to understand too after years of not understanding that Bullies
    are Never Strong they are only Weak for what they have not gained
    in LifE as Love And Fearless WiLL and Strength in a Real Loving Now
    Grace of Self-Actualizing Self Confidence too.. be who you are is what
    i surely say now as far as anyone else’s Will No Matter Culture and or
    Religion too as long as the other outcasts among us are not harmed
    by anyone’s actions and they too can enjoy the rights here in
    the US for Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Human Happiness
    foR aLL.. God iS ReaL.. tHeRE is Zero Zero Point Zero
    Zero No Doubt iN As ME.. and God is BeYond
    aLl HuMaN UnderStanDinG alone as
    We Can and Will Only iN Allone
    LoVinG and
    ways hold hands
    And Stand TaLL God ToGeTHeR NoW
    LiVinG WiThiN too.. For iT iS iN LiGHT
    Absolutely True NoW For What we Do to
    The Least of God’s Creation even an Ivy
    Vine GroWinG uP As ViNE THaT iS A Harm
    Done that we do not have to do to Consume
    Life as we all have to do with and to each oTHeR
    to BasicAlly Survive NoW.. Yes.. to Respect to Cherish
    And to Love aLL iN Grace and Gratitude is to Love God
    to me.. and when we have to eat each other in all the ways
    that comes.. Do Say Thanks for the Grace of the Meal at Life at Hand
    still now.. and no.. of course i don’t literally mean cannibalism now or
    the such as that.. but it does happen at times.. in Snowy Mountains
    iN Plane Wrecks and the Such as tHat For the Greatest Gift.. We Do
    StiLL Do is the Will To Survive that sometimes must Come Before
    A Real Pursuit of Happiness if we even ever come to understand
    what Love is when
    Love Lives
    Free within
    other than
    Harming others
    in a competition of who
    is Stronger and Richer in Material
    Ways and the Such of that Fresh Hell
    Flavor of Life as Humans Progressively
    TrEnd More Toward Machine thaN HuMaN
    FearlesS uNCoNDiTiOnaL Love.. No NO nO NO
    i am not ashamed about anything aBout my LiFE
    NoW For Even iN the dArKNeSS aS Abyss oF SouL
    For 66 Months aLL oF tHat dARKneSS oNly PrePaReD
    ME For A GreaTeST GoD LoVE iN Me YeT to CoME True
    iF Not For Being A Discarded Seed On A Road WithouT Dirt
    i Didn’t Lose
    thE Faith
    oF LiVinG
    i NeVeR GaVE GiVE UP.. NoW
    i Value The DARk FoR dArK NoW
    iS LiGHT And LiGhT iS DArk FoR LiGHT
    STiLL Fed Still Watered MaKinG mY OwN
    Fertile SoiL and SoUL STiLL GRoWinG LoVE..
    oTHeR tHan tHaT Thanks For Sharing An iNspiRinG Video..:)

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