My thoughts around prayers in Islam.

I asked myself several times why ?why…and why???

Why we as moslems pray five times aday and repeat those same movements during prayers.

The most important in our prayers is to kneel and to prostrate and during all movements u talk to God and ask him whatever u want with a trust that He hears and will achieve anything u want.

But why to kneel and to prostrate?

I reached to a conclusion and I loved to share it with u all.

During the day we pass through many challenges and we face many problems.

God wants to teach us a lesson( Do not kneel to anybody or any thing except me…ur lord…ur creator…come to me only and stand between my hands and I will light ur way…u then will find an out let for ur burdens…just trust me …I love u more than any one …)

That’s it.


19 thoughts on “My thoughts around prayers in Islam.

  1. Good points! furthermore I believe that most of our actions during the day is quite the same …! just take a look at eating 3 time a day, sleeping for almost 8 hours, brushing our teeth in the morning … but somehow we don’t realize them as repeated boring actions! why is that? maybe because we believe in necessity of doing them! the question is what’s with the prayer that we don’t feel this necessity about it!

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  2. “Do not kneel to anybody or any thing except me…ur lord…ur creator…come to me only and stand between my hands and I will light ur way…u then will find an out let for ur burdens…just trust me …I love u more than any one”

    Hi Sohair.. i must say i agree with you here and as i just left
    A couple of places that make an idol as God
    out of one man instead of finding God
    in a Prayer within.. in total
    in ‘anti’
    opposition to
    that man who professed
    that the meek and humble
    will inherit a Kingdom of God
    within in this generation always
    now according to some words attributed
    to this man now.. the hypocrisy is often so
    great i just wish to walk the Beach Leaving the
    Edifice of all Human Tools and Even Foot Prints
    Forward Behind as i find as solace over idolizing just
    one pArt of God over the Whole of God that and who
    is so much more than me as paRT of ThAT wHOLe that
    alWays ReMaiNs Truly God NoW iN Real.. And i’ve always
    Been impressed by How Muslims Incorporate their Beliefs in
    Traditions of Actual Daily Actions rather than just a sit and stand
    now and kneel and the such an hour a week or so on Sunday or
    perhaps for most just an hour on Easter Sunday and Christmas
    Eve and the Such as that even less.. for what is a religion if
    it does not bind one in Truth and Light that is more than
    words that takes action always now as real other
    than lip speak with no Dance with God
    Alive.. The Fruits of Love are the Joy
    of now the Strength of Dark is
    to stand up and say no
    to all injustice
    away from
    fearless love that
    seeks to harm no one else
    for their pursuit of Love in the
    Kingdom of Now.. anyway.. in a ‘little’
    more detail that’s how i for one see Love
    too my FriEnd.. i’m really disgusted by all the
    Lies that become truths in cognitive dissonance
    among the masses these days but it’s true too when
    humans get desperate Truth and light loses merit now as
    the struggle to survive becomes more real and even more
    desperate too.. but with a common and holy sacred meaning
    for Purpose of Life in Tradition life really becomes even harder
    without any clear social roles that really do provide meaning and
    purpose for life.. those elements core to what it even means to be
    human are being made obsolete more by the machines of life that
    replace us as we steadily become more as machine than human now..
    True.. the Gift
    is Love and has aLWays
    been NoW A Connection with
    all that is moving as a Dance
    of Love that Sings as Such with God Free..
    A Whisper.. A HeARt SoNG.. And DancE oF GoD iS
    thAT and wHo SPeaKs WiThiN.. WHeN CoMES SoUL WHoLE
    WiThiN as Fruition Will SuReLy and VeRiLy SeT uS Free as Love..
    me aT LEast
    Happy Saturday Eve..
    iN Egypt mY friEnd Sohair WitH LoVE FReED..:)

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  3. Great that u quoted and agreed with me Fred in this view..
    Although we r different in many things but the most beautiful thing i like in Fred is ur soul…i imagine a person like u has zero hatered for any one in this world even people who do bad things for u…i mean ur heart is clean…
    God is the Lord of hearts…he looks at our hearts and judges us according to the degree of cleaness of our hearts i think…
    Keep smiling..dancing…inspiring…and discovering Fred dear friend…i always enjoy ur philosophy in ur comments here and in other blogs…
    They r separated articles each..useful articles indeed..
    Life is good with good people like u..
    Good evening Florida with smiles and flowers of joy..

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  4. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Sohair.. aGaiN For
    LiFE iS surELy Great WitH Good FriEnds
    Like you too who really care deeply
    About Other Human Beings
    As Children of God
    Where we are all
    Connected in this
    Way with the Rest of Nature
    And with how i see it better yet
    Love it.. to lend a hand to those in
    need if one can and will particularly
    for those poor souls who do not have
    to Freely Give and Share with oTHeRS with
    no need to take away alWays OverFloWinG
    As A Practice oF LoVE tHaT WorKS WeLL NoW..
    At LeASt for NoW mY FriEnd i can’t imagine hating
    not only anyone but anything in liFE FRoM DaRK to
    LiGHT for i accept the way things are i cannot change
    not to say i do not occasionally get Disappointed and
    Disgusted by the Ignorance of other folks but i do understand
    in many ways how they may neither know or feel and sense what
    it is they do iN dArK ways of Separation in Fear and Hate in Harming
    oTHeRS as i use those more negative emotions as dARk Muse for the
    Art i do too.. and shake it off where it never festers into Hate as
    that’s what happens when one has no way to shake off the
    Darker Emotions of LiFe to replace them WiTH LiGHTeR
    Emotions and Senses now.. and verily i am blessed
    as well in the bliss of writing and dancing to
    express all my emotions and senses in
    regulating and integrating ways
    where Fear/Hate beCoMes No
    Fixture in the dARk
    oF LiFE FoR
    FoR NOW
    but i am only
    Human of course.. so
    The Practice of liFE NeVeR
    Stops as a Great Work of LoVE
    in all the ways i can and will find
    to keep the flicker of the fLaME oF
    Fearless and Unconditional LoVE
    oN iNcreaSinG to Torch and almost
    Overwhelming at times NoW aS BonFire oF
    LoVE but not quite as i BaLanCE tHaT ouT WitH
    DaRKeR MusE too thAt surELy one doesn’t have
    to look very far to day to conclusively find in evidentiary
    way both science based and in diverse ways of art for an entitlement
    oF LoVE as LoVE is the Best Cure For All Centers of Disease and the way
    i handle mostly ‘evil’ folks is a whole lot like Bugs Bunny Handles Elmer
    Fudd as any intelligent person with wit and humor will do instead of
    Angry and Truly Aggressive ways of being where about the worst that
    comes out of that for ‘the enemy’ of Elmer Fudd is that he and or
    she gets a little ‘butt hurt’ out of the Fred Talk with no real
    lasting affects of Harm but perhaps the necessity to think
    Different to get through to the end of what i do.. hehe..
    Truly smART people in all the ways people come can
    and will get the job done without weapons that
    harm others in real physical injuries now
    but it’s true too Katrina often
    says i give her a Fred
    Ache when i try
    to explain
    to her i am
    doing and that’s pART
    of why i write so much to
    keep her Fredache Free in the other
    room.. hehe.. as yes i am so full of positive
    energy it can be a little overwhelming with
    perHaps A Need FoR A Category 6 Human oF LoVE
    Winds FreDerHurriCaNE Warning For poTenTial Fredaches to coMe..
    NoW… anYWay i alWays Practice WitH A CAlm Center eYe foR iT’s True that
    too Per Human Grace iS wHat Makes thE Force oF LoVE Category 6 WinDS
    NoW mY FriEnD.. no place for fear leading up to Hate in mY Center eYE of God..:)

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  5. Hehe..i like the words (Fredaches)and(Frederhurricane)……
    Inventing new words is a great really ..i like that sense of humour…
    U seem strong while dealing with bad people although not agressive…it is a smart way to teach them a good life lesson…
    Smiles Fred …
    Have a good day :-):-):-)

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  6. i think of your posts as ‘continuing education’ … thanks for the knowledge … I’m tickled that you ventured into the world of a boy growing up in midwestern america.during a very beautiful time in our country’s history; a time of innocent and simple beauty. Have a great new year …. ks

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