Jews and Christians in Palestine under Muslim rule

Shake Your Conscience !


اليهود والمسيحيين في فلسطين تحت الحكم الإسلامي

Unfortunately, the crusade is not a thing of the past as some might think. It continued with many influential personalities of the present. Though many Christians positively regard it, Jews and Muslims on the other hand, maintain very bitter memories about its bloody history. Christian missionaries of the past and the present view their work of seducing people to convert as a crusade.  politician view this double standard policy against other nations as a crusade. In other words tolerating other is not a part is not a part of the Christian agenda. It is not fair to deny the original teachings of the prophets. They taught tolerance and practiced it. They brought guidance and light. However the great distortions of their teachings resulted in crusades, inquisitions, slavery, discriminations, colonization, and treating people with double standards.

In contrast to the bleak history of the…

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