5 thoughts on “Help them please

  1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Sohair and
    Happy Weekend Friday coming
    to you soon as it’s True online
    is a Wonderful place
    to ‘Help Them
    Please’ as there
    truly are so many
    ways beyond even
    iNfinity of doing that even
    more for all gifts of share
    That Humans can and
    will move and
    WitH God
    EVeN MoRE NoW..
    SMiLes.. i don’t trade
    in Money but i do what i CaN And WiLL..
    in many otHeR Ways As We All Can
    And will do too.. MoRE ALWaYS
    if We
    to Do
    More of What
    Will Can When Fearless LoVinG FrEE
    Relatively of Course as
    You say God Willing
    in and as oF
    TruELoVELiGHT MoRE..:)

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    1. Good morning Fred dear friend….how have u been?
      It is a cheerful morning indeed cause ur comment is the first thing i saw after i opened my mobile phone…
      I hope all children all over the world will be healed from illness and sadness .
      Thank u so much Fred..u made my day…wish u a great day….
      With smiles and flowers of joy♡♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧

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      1. SMiLes.. my FriEnd for there are many days
        that the LiGht in my eYes just handing out
        Shoes in a Bowling Center For Decades was
        Enough to BRinG a SMiLe to AnoTHeR Human
        BeinG and as an outcast when younger
        that was and still is surely
        Heaven to me then now
        E N O U G H
        as Love Free..
        it’s True too my friEnd..
        i didn’t say much then
        for like my Father with
        hiS uNusual Green to Changing
        Blue eyes that’s really all he had
        to do to Bring Smiles and Words of
        Awe by folks like my Mother who
        brought those eyes to me.. thing
        is.. God taught me more for
        God BrOught Me Pain as
        Gift And Suffering More
        to ChangE LiGht
        oF eYes
        into Words then
        mY Friend That sMiLe..
        tHat Laugh that Grieve/LoVE
        that Cry too that Yes.. rarely get
        Angry but do a times NoW as a shadow
        too.. lives in me as all humans who Do
        ‘normal’ live.. best thing of all mY FriEnd
        is the Love in Words brought me back to
        Humanity to not only Sing but to Dance more..
        NoW i rEmember mY Father’s eyes but it’s True i
        lament the fAct too that God neVer shoWed him
        Hell so he could Dance and Sing again.. too.. i am
        the Lucky
        one.. the
        Fortunate one
        who went to Hell
        aS it’s True my FriEnd
        dArk BRingS LIGht iN aLL
        Pain and Numb too.. you make
        my day for just being heAR mY FriEnd..
        Thank you.. Sohair for lending an ear that still
        SeeS thE liGHT in my eyes changed over to words..
        True.. additionally.. my Mother Wrote a Poem about my Father named
        “Green Eyes”.. A lament for the words of Love he never found to BRing to her….
        i almost left
        the EarTH
        never reAlly
        Providing that
        to Katrina or My Mother
        And others too for 23 or
        so years too.. True.. God
        Saved me in so many ways To:
        From: an empty bLink of liFE
        at the end that never really fully then
        iS Now A Dance and Song LiVE VeN MoRE..
        So thanks again and continue a Great Day of Hope For you as Love too..:)

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