Quran and muslims..

Today I want to talk about a tragedy..a big problem in the life of most moslems..

They taught us since we were too young that we should read and listen to Koran (Moslim’s holy book) as much as we can.

They forgot to teach us to contemplate its verses …they didn’t teach us to understand the verses and apply it in our daily life.

Most moslems care only that they read the Quoran several times and they care to keep it in their mind .

But the result is so bad.

Last year in Ramadan month a friend called me on the mobile.She was so happy.She told me that she finished reading the Quoran for four times.After that she completed her call with me and talked about different issues.

The worst thing of that call is that she began to mention bad things about her close friend..about her morals and some secrets that her friend told her.

I was so upset to hear her talking like that.She felt that I am upset.Then she finished the call immediately.

I wonder..how can she read the Quoran four times in one month and then she speaks bad about people..she learned nothing from Quran.She reads it with her lips not with her heart.

When Aesha the wife of prophet Mohammad was asked about Prophet Mohammad ‘s manners (after his death)..she said (He was Koran walking on earth)…


He was honesty walking on earth..

He was tolerance walking on earth..

Fidelity…integrity…cooperation…walking on earth..

But why?

Because Mohammad read the Koran with his heart..mind…soul and then with the lips and tongue.

My massage is..

You muslims here and there..instead of reading the Quoran with your lips..read it with your heart and contemplate the verses several times..then apply it in your life.

If we do this..there will be no terrorism..no hypocrisy..not dishonesty among moslems.

You muslims have the best book ever..study it instead of just reading it.

May Allah grant me the ability to study and contemplate every verse of Quoran..Amen.

Thanks for reading.


53 thoughts on “Quran and muslims..

  1. I do agree with you my sister.
    We must purify our heart every second of our live.
    The Kor’an is The Word of God.
    We must drink from the Kor’an as if it was Water.
    May God help us.
    Thank you for this and thank you for thinking and writing this reality.

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  2. So well written. Muslims should not only read the verses of Quran but should also implement it in their actions and in daily life. Jazakallah

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  3. Yes.. Well said Kamal.. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.. Highly appreciated 🌷💐🌷💐


  4. Smiles Sohair .. A Visually Thinking Person i Am Naturally
    A ‘Right Brain View’ First Before all this Word Art comes
    i am Struck by A Soulful Concentration of the Endless
    Youth of SouL.. Yes A Painting of the Muslim Woman still
    Reading the Quran and as William Blake’s Story of ‘Dorian
    Gray’ is CuRRentLY SoaKinG my Art as Cat5 Hurricane Dorian
    Visits the Bermuda Islands With Life Threatening Winds
    And Waters Powered by Arms of 160 MPH Strength
    That is Certainly Not A Painting Aging
    Now Either as Nature’s Fury
    Yes God’s Arms
    of Balance
    Put the Earth’s
    Entire Spiral of Life
    Closer Back to Balance
    to Relieve the Heat of Oceans
    that Humans continue to additionally
    Percolate eating the Face of Nature Yes
    God Away taking and hoarding more than
    giving and sharing yes taking Flesh and Blood
    of God
    And yes
    the Green
    of Life
    And the
    Saving Grace
    of Ice to the Fires
    of what otherwise will
    Come as Real Human Hell on Earth..
    Nature doesn’t Play Trump Games Nature’s
    Fury of a Hurricane Like this is more than 10,000
    Human Made Nuclear Bombs in Force per Science View too..
    True my Friend as per the ‘Minion’ Moslem
    Reading of the Quran and the Christian
    ‘Minion’ Reader of the New
    Testament Missing
    The Message
    Still NoW
    of Love
    and Peace
    And Harmony
    That Can and will
    Be Derived from both
    to Give and Share for Free
    with Least Harm to others now
    As You seem to greater Perceive
    the Essence of the Words with Focus
    of SPiRiT HeART and SoUL Now… technically
    MaKinG Words into only Shells of Idol Labels
    Without Essence of Love Peace and Harmony
    is largely a ‘Left Brain’ Metaphor of Thinking over
    A ‘Right Brain’ Metaphor of Actual Large Picture View of Nature
    And God All One Force We can and Will Make of Love as soon
    as we mark
    Seeing Light
    Champion of
    Big Picture
    Us As Force
    For Giving Sharing
    More than Taking Hoarding
    Consuming all others yes ALL of
    Nature (God) with Least Harm A Do of Life
    That Makes Action Consequence Real For LoVE NoW..:)

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  5. Moment to Moment
    Correction (Update)
    Nature continues
    to Fury With God’s
    As God’s Version
    Yes Nature’s Version
    oF A Nuclear Bomb more
    than 10,000 Times over
    A Human Styled Bomb
    Alone continues to
    Explode in Force
    A L L O N E NoW
    as it just went
    to 175 MPH
    As God’s
    Continues to
    Breathe And
    Exhale Real ReaLiTY…
    A Painting of ‘Dorian Gray’
    That God Owns Allone Soul
    EVoLVinG Balance STiLL Now..:)

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  6. Hi Fred my dear friend.. How are you?
    Thanks a lot for sharing your kind words and thoughts here.. Nature is created so pure by God by sadly polluted by humans..
    Stay blesses my dear kind friend.. Your support is highly appreciated. Have a beautiful day with a lot of smiles🌷💐🌷💐🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  7. Well written post Sohair. Most people can read but many do not apply what they read.. It’s not want is in the book it’s about what that book places in you heart and what your heart does with that.🙏❤️

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  8. SMiles my Friend Currently
    AWeD by God’s Answer Nature
    The Answer that is Always Balance
    The Species Sadly Human Beings
    Who Are Yet
    to See
    the Face of
    God in Balance
    The Bride of God
    Is Always Nature
    Our Mother
    my Friend
    ATTempT to Selfishly
    Make That Bride A BLacK
    WHoLE oF iMBaLaNCE NoW
    The Ignorance oF A Thousand
    Guns and More Pointed At Human toes
    Yet to learn to Dance With God’s GravitY iN Balance..:)

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  9. Yes..that’s so true Mr.Mel.
    Well said my dear friend.
    Your comments are highly appreciated.
    Have a beautiful day 😎🌹♥️

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  10. Hello Winnie..yes my friend..we have to read and apply what we read in our life.
    Your comments are highly appreciated. ♥️😊🌺🌺

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