Good deeds..

Through your life journey do everything for the sake of God..our creator..

The journey is long and difficult..

You will meet people who will judge you and accuse you of many bad things..

Don’t care for them..

You know yourself more than they know you..

Don’t care for their opinion about you..

Some will say that you are a good person..others will say that you are a bad person…don’t pay attention for these or those..

Just do the good things for the sake of God and don’t care for people..

People are changing all the time..

Today they are with you ..

Tomorrow they aren’t with you…

So don’t care…

Go straight forward in your way…

Repaire as much as you…work hard…take care of those who need you…give your hand to those who deserve your help…

Don’t be distracted by detractors…

Keep going..

Keep the good work…


34 thoughts on “Good deeds..

  1. SMiLes NoW iN Deed my Dear Friend
    Sohair Love is the Color of the FLoWeR
    That Continues to Flourish in All Weathers
    That Comes Love’s Way.. Love Fills The Valleys
    And Brings The Mountains Low Enough to Feel
    The Valleys
    My Friend
    As All
    Love and the
    SaMe Height to
    RiSE Even Higher.. Its true
    THeRE are other Forces in
    the World that Are less that
    Attempt to Take the Force of
    Love Away but as in all things
    Life Dark Thru Light A Balance
    oF All Makes Life And Existence
    The Breath that continues to
    Inhale and Exhale as First
    Breaths of Life ’till Last
    BLiNK oF LiFE at Best
    We Color MorE NoW
    WitH BotH RisE
    Out of THoRNS
    And FLoWeRS to
    CoLoR RoSE MoRE
    As LoVE Dances And Sings..:)

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    1. Hi Fred dear friend.
      Yes it’s all about balance…life is good..
      Thanks a lot dear friend 😊
      Stay well..stay healthy..peaceπŸŒ³βš˜πŸ€β˜˜πŸŒΏπŸŒ³πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒΊπŸ₯€πŸŒΉ

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      1. SMiLes Sohair Life is both
        Good and Fascinating
        Never Empty of Love
        Never Bored
        to Learn
        So Much more
        each and every Day
        Yes my FriEnd Verily Life IS Good
        True as Long as We Balance it as
        Well as
        And Will..
        Smiles i’d give
        You some Flowers
        And Trees but my
        Desktop Computer
        Doesn’t give me that Option hehe..:)

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