11 thoughts on “Regret…

  1. When i think of God and any Regret i may have in Life it will aLWays
    Be a Failure to Love iT aLL For in Love there is no Sorry when Love is
    Real and Agape True As Highest Light in Being Human the Force
    That Lights
    us up from
    Head to toe
    Over Flowing
    to Give and Share never
    Needing to Take and Hoard
    As All There is is to Give Love more..
    Smiles my Friend this is the End and the
    Beginning of the Real Journey of LiFe thE Love as STarTinG Never
    Ending is Forevermore Now to Give More than to Take to Share
    And Never
    to JusT Be NoW
    the Love who Dances
    the Love who Sings Free
    With no Doubt no Fear Never
    Hiding Free to Be Open as Wings
    of Angels Dancing and Singing too on
    Free to
    Be As Human NoW For Real..
    other than that it’s just a Tree
    of Life that and who NoW More Holy in Purpose and Meaning
    And in Sacred Sees and Feels and Senses the Forest Whole of Love…
    Have a Great Week Sohair Always With love that counts Who never stops
    Now For Real..:)

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  2. Hi have you been.. ?
    Always feel happy reading your comments …
    Pray for me my friend..
    I am so exhausted these days…
    I know that drugs are forbidden by Allah…
    But if they were not…I would take some to relieve my pain..
    Be happy always. …
    Thank Allah I am strong..
    Smiles 🙂

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  3. Such a beautiful flower…
    Thanks a lot my friend…
    I will take a vacation for some time …so …forgive me if I am late for your posts..
    Thanks again..:-)


  4. SMiLes ..mY FriEnd Sohair.. For i Will Surely
    Pray for you mY FriEnd for the Stresses and
    Pain and Numb that Modern Life Now Verily
    Brings For one Feels A Best Empathy
    Sympathy and Compassion and
    Yes Cognitive Empathy
    too Coming from
    Walking and
    Falling Slowly
    Burning in
    Shoes too for
    i too avoided Drugs..
    Even ones that might
    Be Prescribed to Help By Doctor’s
    Then Through all the Stress all the
    Anxiety all the Depression and yes all
    the Pain and Numb too before i almost
    literally Died and finally ‘gave in’ to Do It
    For A Welfare of everyone else then.. Who
    Truly Cared in my Life.. As.. An Anti-Anxiety
    Medication finally put me down After almost
    40 Days with no Sleep back in 2008.. Smiles
    FriEnd.. i will not go back there again For When
    to say ‘i give now’ in terms of No For Our Lives are too
    Valuable to both us and our Loved ones not to say No..
    Anyway.. my FriEnd That
    Anti-Anxiety Medication
    Made me even more of
    A Zombie then.. and it took
    me Five Years to eventually Wean
    Myself off of it as that is all that Put
    me to Sleep out of all of that Numb and Pain
    for those 5 Years.. so.. yes.. i make a concerted effort
    NoW iN Balance to Find all the Arts and Sciences All Naturally
    in a place within i Name Heaven at Least and Give/Share What i lEarn
    Free.. As i Go On iN More Colors of This Place away from that other place..
    For True.. When one
    Makes a living
    And others
    Do depend
    on that
    it’s not
    Hard to Sacrifice your
    Life for those others you Love
    but it’s true too.. tHere has to be some
    Boundaries You Make Before Stress actually
    Kills you in Numb and Pain and Depression
    And Anxiety For Enough Stress Will Kill us Dead
    we find
    some way
    some how
    to say No to Stress And Live Again Refreshed
    in a Re-Creation of Life That Truly Works For Us..:)

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  5. Thanks a lot Chris dear friend..I always feel happy reading your comments..
    I will deactivate my account for some time…
    My psychological status is not okay these days because of work stress…
    Pray for me my dear friend…cheers ..

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