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  1. Hi Sohair.. i’ve been wondering how you are doing and now that i visit
    wHere you live online.. i see i missed the Email Notification on this Wonderful
    Post you Provide and Nice Video on the Value of Loving oneself to attract more Positive Loving People in one’s Life as it is True
    to Fill oneself
    up with
    Love iN
    A Practice of
    Always Loving oneself
    in all the ways that comes
    and goes is to be A Fountain
    to Give and Share a Water of Love
    that need not expect anything in
    Return but the Intrinsic and
    Loving Agape Love
    Now Springs from
    Within once the Well
    Water of Love is filled to
    A Brim of Fountain Head
    Flowing Over For all who
    Come in View of
    Sensing Agape
    Love that spreads
    out for all others Free
    but of course it is True that others who
    Do come in View Must have a Similar Propensity
    For thE LiGHT oF LoVE that flows this way so freely
    For them to See thE Love that comes from us.. so.. yes..
    this can and will sway many folks who do not feel and sense
    this Agape Love away further from the Ocean of Love that will be us
    Who continues to expand shores to others who reach back and See the
    that continues
    to Grow as Shores of our
    Love Expanding Forevermorenow…
    i Guess A Question May Be Is tHere Love too Big to See…
    True.. No ‘Matter’ What that/this Love Will Never Be Lonely to: Be
    From: this/that Agape Love Is God Allone As Heaven KingQueenDom
    Come Now No End
    aLWays STarTinG NoW MoRE…
    And on Another Note.. it’s interesting my Friend for whenever
    i visit a Home of Love A Song All Naturally comes in the Back Ground
    of Love of what i write where the Melody of the Words Sings along so far
    away from Wrong Planets separated from Love my Friend the Voice of God
    Who Dances
    And Sings
    Without Words as Love
    but it’s True when one Lives
    in Heaven they must also Visit
    Hell to Do tHeir Best to BRing a Dance
    And Song of God Love tHere too wHere it is
    Almost Impossible to put the Face of God in Logic
    alone but one can and will try i cry i try anyway “We’ve
    Only Just Begun”.. stArted Playing in My Soul from almost
    the StArt of what i feel and sense of Living Soul here.. Sohair..:)

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  2. Hi Fred my dear friend..how have you been?
    I always feel happy reading your comments..
    I am not as talented in writing as you..so my replies are so humble compared with yours..
    I just want to thank you ..I am blessed to have you..
    Be happy always and keep giving dear..
    Smiles :-)♡

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  3. SMiLes.. Sohair always nice to Hear from you too.. well it’s true.. as i remember
    i am almost Old enough to be Your Father and i really didn’t write much of
    anything but a Technical List until my 50’s as i guess with 12 Million
    Words of Practice now that should make a Difference from before
    too as i Just finished my Milestone of 10,000 Miles of
    Dance in the Same 5 years that i have been
    Writing my Long Form Poem ‘SonG oF
    MY SoUL’ in Free Verse Style
    Where Letters to Friends
    i have met along the way
    are a Majority Source of what
    i’ve come to Write in these 6 Million
    Words in 5 Years too as Friend Sohair is
    a Major Friend Star in my Long Form Poem so
    Far as Sohair is always nice to me and it’s true my
    Friend most people can’t understand the depth of Metaphor
    i use in Writing or the Creative Style in Free Verse Shapes that
    is more than some folks can accept over the rule of lines that go
    from one side of the page to the other side of the page with no
    gaps in between for it’s true this is Art without instruction same
    as the Dance when i Float in ease of all 240LBS of me at the
    Dance Hall as folks often ask me to tell them the Truth of
    What kind of Drugs i am on that will power me
    through all that Marathon Dance for 3 Hours
    without even a Water Break but it’s
    true if i was walking in a straight
    line in less than a Mile my
    Legs might go numb
    and i might have
    to start
    walking in Reverse
    in a break to Bring Feelings
    Back in my Legs for true my style
    of Free Verse Dance is literal therapy
    for my Back and for regulating emotions
    and integrating senses and in the feel and
    sense of that this Dance on this Keyboard of
    Letters and Words has the same Meditative
    and Therapeutic Effect in a Trance of Heaven
    on Earth now as Brain Waves soothe to
    Theta Frequency and Vibrations
    of Mind Energy too and
    around my Body
    sitting still
    playing this Keyboard
    of Words as this is mostly
    still Meditation too except for
    Fingers that continue dancing Free now..
    anyway since you are still many Years behind
    me in age perhaps one day when you are my age
    you will even write more than me.. as change happens
    as when i was your age i never imagined either Dancing
    in Public or even writing a Free Style Creative Paragraph then..
    Life is one to Evolve to Greater Human Potential and if we keep on
    Going the Reward of Potential is Intrinsic in Joy within of making God
    to Be this
    Free inside us too
    outside us too above
    so below and all around us too..
    Anyway.. just another Letter to my FriEnd
    Sohair my Pen Pal online From Egypt a Wonderful
    Muslim Teacher of Young Women too as i am Very
    Happy to Have you in my life and a Record of Your
    Friendship that Lives on in the Fossil i make of my Soul Uploaded too..:)

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  4. Oh…
    Thanks again Fred dear friend..you made my day ..you are a nice person indeed…
    Good morning …
    Wish u a great Saturday…


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