Today’s quote …

Close all the doors that lead to nothing…


42 thoughts on “Today’s quote …

  1. “Close all Doors that Lead to Nothing”..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd Sadly A REfrain too of
    A Suicide Dis Ease that some of who
    Do Experience the other
    Side of Hotel
    in Hell
    FoR A
    Truth is we
    can never fully
    check out no matter
    what sooner or later we
    Are HeaR to Stay Heaven or Hell
    And Purgatory Grey SHades different
    DiMeNSioNS oF LiFE Each Multi-Verse
    UniVerse Each HuMaN BeinG and so much
    MoRE LiVE NoW in Connection with God all
    more and yes so sadly less from Numb Through
    Pain so Loud Love will not be heard A Patience in
    Hell and or Purgatory sHadES of Grey to BRinG
    LoVE BacK NoW True thE LiGHT is ouTside oF
    A HotEL LoVE California perHaps
    Opaque for some to see
    Angels and or Demons
    WithiN to HOld
    Hands ToGeTHeR
    BRinGiNG LoVENoW
    BacK As ReaL WiTHIN
    It’s True tHeRE ARe Rooms now
    oF Hell IN HeaVeN NoW too NoW
    For Those Are the FireS iN Poor oF
    SPiRiT tHat BRing thE LiGHT BacK
    oN iN A Hotel California oF LoVE AGAin
    Bottom lineS Never Check ouT As Love iS
    Breathing in the Future now now.. jusT to: From:
    Catch ANoTHeR BreaTH oF LiGHT YeaRS AWaY NoW mY FriEnd SoHaiR..:)

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  2. I wish that some day I can visit Colifornia…I sea that shore of colored glass on the net was fabulous indeed..
    Thanks a lot Fred dearest friend for your care always to put your fingerprints in all my posts…I am lucky to have you…
    Keep going dear ..
    Smiles :-):-):-):-):-)

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  3. SMiLeS AGAiN NoW Sohair
    Finger Prints and Foot Prints
    We Are All of God As When We
    coMe ToGeTHeR And DancE
    SinG oN Keyboards oF
    DiGiTaL LiGHT
    We BRinG
    Seas and Shores
    oF aN Hotel California
    Alive And SMILeS actuAlly
    the Beaches wHere i live are
    even so much more Beautiful
    than any Human Hotel Made
    Except the Nautilus Shell
    oF Love continuing to
    Wind and Loose
    as Spiraling
    EVeN MoRE
    BaLanCinG EveN
    MoRE eYe of Grace
    mY FriENd Yes Foot
    Prints And Finger Prints
    oF aLL tHat is God As We Do LoVE too..:)

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  4. Hii dear sister, WP isn’t allowing me to post a comment on your previous blog Friday quote! Here is what I got to say :

    Love this quote my dear sister. I have now learnt on letting go of idiots and being happy in life

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  5. Thank you so much Himali for your kindness…your care is highly appreciated…
    Best regards dear kind sis and I agree with you ♡♡♡♡♡♡


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