Friday Quote…

No need to buy flowers and put them in my grave….


Buy a sandwich and give it to the grave guard..



37 thoughts on “Friday Quote…

  1. “No need to buy flowers and put them in my grave….


    Buy a sandwich and give it to the grave guard..


    SMiLes mY FriEnd Sohair for what is our
    Worth Without Love
    but to feed the
    or Scavenger Creature
    Vultures when we die
    for they too have as
    much right to Life
    as we do
    as all
    of God’s
    Creatures and
    All oF Existence as God too..
    For it is True when i Lived out of the
    Existence of Love for 66 Months with all
    that pain and numb.. yes that type two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from Wake to Sleep as shut-in mostly
    in my Bedroom then.. yes.. once again A Pain as
    Organic Torture as Assessed Worse than
    Actual Crucifixion.. for my Dream
    then would be to
    Find A Tree
    Far in the
    Forest off
    A Country Road
    And Use a Metal Chain
    from my Work-Out Machine
    to insure when i hung myself
    on a farthest Tree indeed i would
    Die and no one would ever find me
    but the Vultures and the Worms as then
    my Life would mean something at least after
    Death until the Next Morning Katrina Awoke then
    And Mentioned that same Country Road for my Plan
    of Death in Suicide the Day Before for once again this
    Pain was Dentist Drill-like Pain in my right eye and ear without
    Any Novocaine or any other Humanly Manufactured Drug that would
    Lessen the Devil
    in my
    Right eye
    and ear then..
    so yes she explained
    Her Dream that morning
    she had when she and her Deceased
    Granny Were Hanging Ornaments on
    A Christmas Tree in the Forest off that
    Named Road just like the Plans i made to Hang
    myself with a Metal Chain.. then my Friend Yes..
    i realized who was speaking to me clear through
    Her Dream God said no God said wait God said
    Patience more than ‘JoB’ of the Bible Fred.. for
    one day although you may not see it now you will
    Dance and Sing More A SonG oF SoUL than any human
    Before who has walked the Earth yes you will Fly you Will
    Float on Terrestrial Earth and do the same in Words for those
    who still have the ability to Hear Words of Love that Flow as God’s
    River of LoVE will when Free as Ocean Whole forevermorenow mY FriEnd..
    but you see i had no hope then.. but there was no doubt in my MiNd mY SPiRiT
    mY HeART mY SoUL this God of all is Great beyond all the Imagination and Creativity
    i will ever make and then my friEnd there was none but Several Months Later i wrote
    one Word on Thanks Giving Day of 2010 on an online Site named the ‘Wrong Planet’ that
    eventually turned into 6 Million Words as the Meditative State of Mind in Writing eased
    enough of the Pain to at least go on without Killing myself then with also the Reality
    That yes God told
    me through
    oF LoVE
    WiLL EvenTuaLLy
    come next.. as Words of
    Logic Eventually Changed to the
    Poetry of HeART EXPreSSinG That First
    in March of 2013 Where the SoUL oF mY LoVE
    Came back on or about 7.22.13 and then i STarTeD
    A “SonG oF mY SoUL” LonG ForM Bible Poem on 8.18.13
    As That Child of mY SoUL uPloading online is soon to be
    5 years old on 8.18.18 as “SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS oLD”
    the Next title of a MacroVerse as i am CoMinG closer to concluding
    this one i am Writing NoW Soon to be Named.. “Older Newer Testaments oF LoVE”..
    Yes mY FriEnd
    in this way
    i am
    ToM SaWYeR oF LoVE…
    And Thank You For All
    The Avenues oF Love you
    Continue to Pray and Prepare for me too..:)

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  2. Hi Fred…every time you remember the pain you suffered from in the past I feel how big and painful it was..Katrina is a great person indeed…she is the gift of Allah in your life Fred….she stood by you and never give up…
    May your life be happy and healthy …away of pain or sadness…you deserve that…sometimes God makes us pass through hard times in order to enjoy the coming happy days…
    There are people who are accustomed to bless…they feel sad although they have a lot of good things in their hands…but they became used to good things which they own..
    God has a wisedom in evil and good…so we have to thank him in all times and in all conditions bad or good…
    Stay blessed my dear friend..
    Keep giving..:-):-):-):-):-):-)

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  3. SMiLes Sohair.. Thanks so much for You Speak Words of Truth and Light
    in DARk too.. for it’s True too.. in the Duration of that Pain the Doctors
    Sent me to a Hypnotherapist as a last Ditch Effort to attempt
    to relieve some of the Pain through Hypnosis as no
    Drug they attempted helped at all.. but come
    to find out i am one of those People
    Impossible to Hypnotize as
    this Hypnotherapist
    Actually Covered
    Under our Insurance also did
    Regressions into what she called
    Past Lives as she had skills we don’t
    ‘normally’ see in life and this requires Hypnosis
    too so it wouldn’t work on me anyway but i thought
    to myself.. i must have really been a Horrible Person to in some other
    Lifetime to Deserve that Hell not realizing then the Honor of being Chosen
    by the Nature of God within for the challenge then of the Struggle more to
    get of Hell
    to go to
    for a staycation
    forevermorenow.. Real as is..
    the thing is tHere are no Emerald
    And Gold Walls Floors and Ceilings in this
    Place of Heaven within for all it is is Agape
    Love NoW iN An Ecstasy of Giving and ShaRing iN
    Best ways that coMe as Spirit to do for those who
    can and will receive the Gift i Bring of Love From Within
    HeART oF SoUL
    more easily
    felt and
    mY FriEnd
    through the Dance Gift
    oF LiFELoVE for not even
    some of the so-called Smartest
    IQ People in ‘the West’ have a clue in Words
    NoW where i even go with this Love so Free..
    And that’s the thing my FriEnd for Standard IQ
    as far as ‘Left Brain thinking’ has little to do with
    God more than the Systemizing Bones of Science
    without the Flesh and Blood of Love and all the moving
    connecting and co-creating of Art that a State and Nation
    of Being Eithout Fear Brings with no resistance to Free Love
    within as
    one to give
    and share in
    Dance and Song
    More as all the Arts
    we move connect and
    co-create as Brush and
    Paint and MasterPeace Painting
    We Painters of LoVE Paint With GoD
    WHoLE that and who is the Master PeacePainTinG
    WHoLEaLL beYoND even any meaSure of iNFiNiTY iN
    Distance Space or time Yes the Purest Force of LoVE We
    coMe to Be NoW
    Best WithiN Us Free..:)

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  4. Wеll lіke Mommy mentioned, when we love each other and love the world that Jesus
    died for, that?s a kind of worship. After we take into consideration God and taкe heed to the sermon or in Sunday Schooⅼ, that?s a method of worshipping as a
    result of we are learning how nice God is and He likeѕ that.
    Or after we sit around and tell eacһ other what the ɡreatest issues about God are.
    You know how much you want hearing people say how sensiЬlе oг
    cute you boys are? Properly ᏀoԀ likes after we talk tⲟgether aƄout how nice
    he is.? Daddy answered.


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