Why Ramadan?????

Today is the third day of Ramadan…the month of fasting for moslems all over the world…

I asked myself several times…why?why?and why?

I will tell you the answer …but first we should know what is fasting?

It is simply the abstention from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset.Not only drinking and eating but also the abstention from doing all that displeases Allah.

Why Ramadan?

Simply to break(I can not) and delete it completely from your life and replace it with (I can).

For a whole month you find your self doing things you thought that they are difficult and impossible to do.

You wake up late an hour before dawn to have Sohoor meal and then you pray dawn prayer which was difficult for you to perform before Ramadan and now you perform dawn prayer daily and easily.

You find yourself in Ramadan spending money generously on poor people and that you have got enough money although you spent a lot to help others.

In Ramadan and after two days of fasting you discovered that fasting is so easy …so you can fast on Monday and Thursday after Ramadan ends…..(prophet Mohammad was doing that)…

You were smoking cigarretes during the day but now you can stop smoking easily .

In breif …after Ramadan you can and you can and you can….

Break (I can’t) and replace it with (I can)…

This is the essence of Ramadan…

Thanks for reading….


27 thoughts on “Why Ramadan?????

  1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Sohair.. wHere
    i LiVE tHere are Lots of Hangry
    People and very very
    Full Bellies in
    Words.. A Fast
    of Food And A Fill
    of Love Will Surely Nourish
    Them More Than Instant Gratification
    WithouT A Depth of SoUL… NamELy NoW
    A SoUL THaT wHo iS OCeaN WHoLE WitH aS LoVE..
    Or as what an African American
    Bishop BrOught to a
    Except for A Royal
    Bride of Love then wHere
    Love is reflecting back into
    the eYes oF A Bishop PraiSinG
    the Fire of Love as the Greatest
    Force of Healing tHere is still
    felt and sensed and KNowN
    by Human Kind with that
    Fill oF Feel iN eYes thaT
    is/are GiVinG ShaRinG
    CaRinG to: all
    Receive and
    Give thE LiGHT oF LoVE..
    For it’s True Love is Naked of
    All Cultural Clothes inBorn as the
    Greatest Fire by Nature of God WiTHiN
    as us and it is True also for when one Gives
    up Food they often Find the Food that is Lost
    the Gift
    of Love
    is taken up
    by the Instant Gratification
    of all one Can and Will Eat Fats
    And Sugars and what some folks
    nAMe as ‘the Kiss of Jesus’ as Opiate
    Addictions these Days all to replace
    A Poverty of LoVE WiTHIN A SoUL mY
    FriEnd for the Boniest Ethiopian Child
    Who Still is the SMILe of LoVE STiLL
    So much Richer
    Than Clothed Towers
    With just a label of an end days name..
    Anyway.. mY FriEnd.. Happy Ramadan Fasting
    to: You continuing From: YouR Fill aS Feel oF LoVE..:)

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  2. Good moorning Fred dearest friend…how are you and how is Katrina now?Has the burn pain gone away ..?I hope so…
    When you speak about love I begin to think and yes I agree with you.. most problems on this earth is due to lack of love…unconditional love is a great feeling but rare people understand it…
    Fred talks are endless and I am lucky to have some of them in my blog…thanks Fred for the good wishes of Ramadan…may all your life be happy and full of peace my dear friend…have a wonderful day…


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  3. ونعم بالله
    جزاك الله خيراspring 7butterfly
    دائما أسعد بحضورك الراقى
    شكرا لك


  4. SMiLes So Much.. Sohair.. And thanks for the Kind Concerns over Katrina’s
    Burn and Pain as she is seeing an Occupational and Physical
    Therapist now to regain use of her Hand as what
    will be a long Process but she is steadily
    getting better without much pain
    and for me.. how can and
    will i complain
    For verily
    i will
    with the
    Perspectives i’ve
    gained in life.. and i too
    did a Fast on Request for a
    Routine Blood Test as Maintenance
    Job on Fred.. hehe.. Qnd i really feel very fortunate
    enough my Friend to even be able to Produce one Creative
    Sentence for it took me literally Decades to do that at will of
    Holy Creative Spirit Within.. and that My Friend in Activity oF
    Life is a Kind of Unconditional Love For all of Living as Existence
    that i Truly wish
    everyone could
    and would
    A Reality of
    A River of Life
    As Ocean Whole Waves
    More than what surely and
    Verily will be Disconnected From Nature oF
    God Without this Peace and Harmony For All..
    anYWay No Complaints from me my FriEnd for
    Life is a Test that is not always easy to what seems
    almost impossible and the best pARt is it is possible to Figure
    out for Heaven within but not without an Open Mind and heART
    And BoDy SoUL As Temple of God Nature Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning
    And Purpose
    For all
    that is
    now too..
    mY FRiEnD.. BesT
    BLeSSinGS BliSSinGS
    to: You AGaiN i’LL DanCE
    SinG From: FReED LoVENoW..:)

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  5. Lol
    I have never smoked I just give examples…
    Hello July…I am always happy to read your comments….Ramadan Mubarak …thanks dear 🙂 🙂

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