An Apology you never got….


To forgive someone is not easy especially when that person threw invective at you. You’re clueless as to why that person suddenly spilled over in a Froth of rage.The one person who insulted your whole being. One who jumped to conclusions and believe the worst in you.

Can you also forgive someone who’s not even repentant of her sins? One who believes is innocent of any wrongdoings. One who feels righteous.

Forgive them anyway. I know how hard it is because I have been there. When you truly forgive, you’re setting yourself free. Free from pain and heaviness from the heart. When you’re free from all of this, only you can be at peace and be happy. I already forgave them and it’s up to them if they still have a chip on their shoulder.

The only way I can act normal around them is to forgive them. I can…

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11 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. I feel your emotions in your words. It’s a great relief of shoulders to move on and to forgive. Great job you have done writing this out.

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  2. Thank you so much for reading and supporting dear friend…
    I reblogged this article because it expressed what I feel and suffer from in my life…
    Thanks again dear ..wish you a wonderful day:-)

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  3. I (almost) forgive other people, but there are those who use my kindness and even if I do not say anything to that person, I’m kidding it. I like to be helpful and set up and always offer me volunteers, but I have to pay a lot of money that the person then claims that it does not have, it’s both fraud and big lies! If you have sold horses and earned many thousands of dollars, then you can pay back!

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  4. Forgiveness is better for our psychological health ….we should not look at or care for others reactions …we do forgive for our inner peace.
    Thanks a lot for the comment dear friend…have a good day …:-)

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  5. SMIles my FriEnd again And Thanks
    For Re-Blogging A Nice ‘Peace’
    Here on Forgiveness
    as it’s true no
    matter what
    life is not worth holding
    A Grudge or for us to be too
    Weak to admit that we haven’t
    Walked in any other Person’s shoes fully
    so none of us But God Judge Whole as all that is
    oF aLL the Circumstances and what is Inherited
    that creates what we are today in Dark and Light
    too as this reminds me how my Mother’s Personality
    Changed suddenly with her undiagnosed Cancer from
    Breast to Bones and the Rest of Her Body that Spread into
    her Brain Finally Bleeding and Killing her soon after that..
    For Several Weeks before
    she suddenly insisted
    my Writing was Filled
    With Demon Possessed
    Words and i refused to get
    Mad at her for all she had been
    through with me as that just wasn’t
    the spirit of what lived within her before..
    And i am so glad i had the strength of Soul
    to be Compassionate in her change of Personality
    for it was surely beyond her control in organic disease
    of the Brain in Cancer in that Stage of her Older Life and that’s
    the thing my FriEnd.. for even some Psychopaths Born innately have a disease
    like this in the Brain that is hard to see but still as bad as a Cancer in many
    ways of how this
    can and will
    others in the
    ways of that Person
    With a literally disEased
    Brain and in some cases all
    the way from Birth in Congenital
    Anomaly too and this my Friend is
    pArt of the reason that only God as
    Nature Will Judge Beyond our Comprehension
    of what we may believe is right or wrong for
    Sometimes Nature gets it a different way
    that is beyond
    any one
    Control For now…
    i recently had a Friend
    or someone who took over
    their Blog where Personality
    changed like this suddenly
    or for whoever got a
    hold of their Blog
    but i take
    all these
    in consideration
    of what i have experienced
    of Human Nature and immediately
    Give Forgiveness for it is so true there
    Are so many anomalies of Nature and Environment that
    Can and will Bring Sudden Changes like this to Human now..
    And that my FriEnd is A Compassion that/who is not afraid to lEarn
    the Lifespan
    too to yes find
    A way to gain Sympathy
    for Devil’s too or at least Compassion
    for this may be An ultimate Test of God as Nature
    to make us inCarnate Unconditional Love to: Graduate From:
    NoW mY FRiEnD..:)

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  6. The weak can never forgive.Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong -Mahatma Gandhi..Beautiful words.

    Infact here in India a holy event and a festival of forgiveness called Paryushana is being celebrated every year.

    As a matter of fact it’s underway right now , from 7th September to 14th September ,
    So Lets share our thoughts and celebrate Forgiveness :

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