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44 thoughts on “Friday Quote

  1. SMiLes.. my friend
    SOHEIR.. perhaps
    the best
    Friday quote
    you provide
    yet.. that
    heARt iS
    riches.. And human
    tools.. whether money
    or even written words
    are only extension of
    human heARt
    in dARk away from
    Hope and Love.. or
    liGht away
    from Fear
    and Hate..
    it doesn’t matter
    if any words were ever
    written.. this iS Universal
    truth that wIll last iN liGht
    and earlier
    than any
    my friend..
    and with that said..
    it is the journeys
    and paths of Love
    that count.. now..
    and it is
    the fearless
    that is required
    to successfully
    embark and move
    iN Loving ways
    of bEinG..
    and that
    way is magic
    too.. as connections
    of Love WiLL grow
    of human
    to walls
    words.. now
    iS what Love takes
    i Love people so hard
    sometimes they get tired..
    as it is a muscle i continue
    to grow stronger now..
    iN steps
    and words..
    and the paths
    online are like Real
    life too.. i am too strange
    to go to strange places
    so i wait
    for places
    to come
    to me..
    and God
    has not disappointed
    yet.. yes.. magic friend..
    you stArt my next post
    with flowers of yellow
    and you end it here too..
    with another 10K effort
    to add to all the rest.. So
    heir.. enJoy a starry weekend..:)

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  2. 🙂
    Thanks a lot dear friend Fred!
    Your words are nice and touching indeed!
    My weekend has ended!
    Tomorrow begins a week of hard work.
    Our holiday in Egypt is Friday only.
    Thanks again and have a great weekend in U.S!
    Keep smiling!


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  3. SMiLes.. may aLL now.. end and beginning week be yoUrs.. Whatever is at hand.. i literally never stop worKing for Free.. Even iN dreams oF sleep.. Only a gift now iS.. But yes.. Being employed by God for FREE iS ALL FReED..:)

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  4. Being employed by God for free …Great
    Actually I work also all the time at home and outside my home my work …
    But not in my dreams..smiles
    Your brain is active than many people I am sure of you are busy even in dreams…that is interesting indeed!
    You have to give yourself a short time to relax I think…
    Or may be you enjoy being busy..
    Anyway you are what you are..different because you are yourself..
    Thanks Fred!


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