33 thoughts on “Jesus in Islam(2)

  1. SOHEIR, my friend….

    I appreciate your breadth of study, and your willingness to share what you know to attempt to reduce the total amount of ignorance, which is the hallmark of modern times….

    All on the list were, in my opinion, honorable men, according to the morality of their time…. It’s really a shame there are people who took their words, & formed them into a means to manipulate others for their own gain…. All were social reformers, and, in their day, considered to be radical thinkers….

    Today, we have the Dalai Lama, John Lennon, and, a few others who have the same radical, non-conformist attitude, expressed as love of their fellow humans…. For this, as always, they are considered dangerous…. with good reason, for the power of reason is stronger than the power of faith…. especially when the faith is based on illusions created by other humans, NOT a GOD, which has no other presence in the universe outside the human imagination….

    Kindness, compassion, love, and, HONOR…. those are all we need to be truly human…. Anything else anyone may tell you is a lie, made up to get you to believe them, thus, falling under the power of THEIR will and desires….

    “It is in the shelter of each other that people live….” Irish proverb, from ANCIENT days….

    Who among the faithful of any religion gives shelter to those of another faith?

    Belief causes divisiveness, and, loss of humanity; it’s a big universe, we need each other…. Reason, applied with compassionate understanding, denies shelter to no one….

    Yours with Love….

    gigoid, the dubious

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  2. Hello gigoid:-)
    You know I respect you my friend and what you said is expressing your way of thinking which I respect also though do not agree about some points….
    Living in the refuge of each other is good and if you read more about Islam and the history of prophet Mohammad you will find that Islam accept non muslims and even non believers…and give them freedom to believe whatever they want…
    Mohammad in his dangerous journey from Mekkah to Madinah needed someone to help him to know the road through mountains and deserts and the person who helped him and was faithful to him was a man of the unbelievers…
    Mohammad ,Jesus and other prophets were not lies…they were the students of the same school,the school of the creator…our creator…Bible and Quran are rveaveled to them from God ..that is what I am sure about..
    Imagine a society without religion dear gigoid!!!!
    Do people will live peacefullly without division?????
    They will divide themselves according to their families( rich or poor) ,then they will divide themselves according to their countries( first world and third world) ,I do not know where is the second world (hehe;-)…
    Then they will divide themselves according to their colors( black or white )..
    Islam came to break this discrimination and united people under one flag…the flag of God and humanity but who knows or wanted to know?
    gigoig you are always welcome mon chre’e

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  3. What i like about the specific
    Catholic Church i visit all Sundays..
    is it does not downgrade other
    human religions.. and
    suggest that people
    are going to hell
    if they don’t
    believe their
    way.. etc..
    and in reading
    your comment up
    there.. if Muslims in
    ALL countries truly did
    allow people to believe
    whatever religion they
    wanted to.. that world
    would be a more peaceful
    place for folks in ALL Muslim
    countries.. but sadly
    there is no
    of church
    and state in
    Many Muslim countries
    with the penalty in some
    areas for changing religions.. up to
    death.. it is nice that you and others
    view the Koran.. in a kinder gentler
    way.. but sadly not all do.. and the
    price of that my friend can be death..
    which i’m sure we can both agree
    is truly sad..
    so sure there
    is MUCH room for improvement
    on both ends of the world now..
    as yes.. there are some ignorant
    people in my area that will
    call Muhammad an evil
    man and all of Islam
    an evil religion..
    but sure.. they
    have not met
    you yet..
    that Love
    thing is all
    that truly works..
    ‘We’ SEE God as Love
    beginning and end
    of never

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  4. Hahaha:-)
    Again you make me smile Fred!
    Thank you for your kind words!
    I think if people of different religions read their books carefully and ( honestly) ..the whole world will live peacefully..
    It is the absence of honesty Fred…as they know reality of their books but they say and do what they want to do as ( Is Is) do for example ..and this is a big crime in my opinion….
    Thanks again Fred !
    Smiles my dear friend..:-)

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  5. this is so true, my sister – witness any group who professes to believe (or not believe) in the same “whatever” and they still fight with each other. Fighting is an emotional response built into our DNA – without guidance on how to treat each other properly, we are all victims of our own and others hormonally-based emotional responses. For this reason especially (and many more!) I love Islam’s guidance on how to treat each other properly and fairly. It has a built-in mechanism to guide us all to peace. Allah bless you and your family with a lovely andpeaceful new year, sis! ❤ ❤ ❤ ;^)

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