Happy new year!




31 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. In the country i am
    from.. yes.. in Fredland..
    ‘we’ have a tradition of
    New Year’s gifts to good
    friends.. so a short story
    for you.. perhaps i told
    it before.. but it always
    changes as Allah’s eyes
    too.. in all we see and
    feel around us.. Allah
    always new..
    with us
    by atom
    second by
    second all
    moving.. connecting
    creating.. anew no cloud
    the same.. no snow flake
    or human finger print..
    All News iS Now my
    friend.. and no
    atom too
    the good
    of Change..
    i was gonna tale another
    story but i am not in
    iS Allah
    with me..
    and you too
    of course.. my
    good friend SOHEIR..:)

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  2. وانتى بخير يا نورة
    ربنا يجعلها سنة سعيدة على الجميع
    دوما اسعد بتواجدك فى مدونتى المتواضعة
    فلا تحرمينى هذا الحضور المشرق

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  3. Hi
    اهلا اخى امير انا صوت مرة واحدة فقط
    هل هناك تصويت فى مكان اخر؟
    سوف اتاكد من اخر بوست لحضرتك
    اهلا بيك

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