All the scars can be drift
AS soon as they are kissed
That’s how children think
It is easier than a blink
Let’s act like a child
Even if the world looks wild



23 thoughts on “Simple❤️

  1. A Child’s Smile for Another
    Child Before Speaking
    A Child’s Song Without
    Words Only Sound Making
    Tunes Emotionally Regulating
    Integrating Senses With A Dance

    With No Lessons

    Toddlers Will Do
    Barely Standing Up

    Yet Dancing Singing New
    Free For Life Set Free Always Now
    True A Child’s Life of Heaven Real Sohair

    And Eyes of
    Children for
    Us to Wake Up
    To As Loving Free Once More…:)

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  2. Yes.. Well said my dear friend Kamal.. Your support is highly appreciated.. Thanks a lot.. Stay well 😊🌸🌹🌸🌹


  3. Yes.. I totally agree with your words.. Thanks a lot dear for reading and sharing your view.. Highly appreciated 🌸😊


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