20 thoughts on “The flute is not brute

  1. iNDeeD Dear Sohair First Of All Thanks For Sharing
    The Wonderful Flute MuSiC Second oF ALL True “The
    Flute Is Not Brute” As Instrumental Music That Extends

    Our Vocal Chords Beyond Words EXPReSSinG FeeLinGS SeNSinGS
    EMoTioNS Senses In HiGHeR Ways More in Touch With Our Social-
    Empathic Artistic Spiritual Yes Emotional Feeling Sensing Ways of

    Processing Existence
    WHeRE Empathy
    And Compassion
    Are NuRTuRinG THiS WaY
    More to MoVE CoNNeCT
    Co-CREaTE A Dance And

    SonG oF liFE Free For All WiTH SMiLes..:)

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  2. Always A Pleasure Dear Sohair MuSiC of the SoUL

    As Words Become Organic Soul FuSinG Poetry

    No Longer Just Abstract Construct Labels for “A Matter of Things”

    It’s Interesting as the Psychiatrist i Still Visit Quarterly After Being
    in A Dead Zone in HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months And A New One
    Since Coming Out of HeLL ON EartH into a Much Better Place

    Integrating Body Whole SoUL Heaven For Real He Said that
    The Number of People on the Autism Spectrum is truly
    ‘Blowing Up’ in His Practice of Folks Separating

    Far In Ways of Words That Are Not In Touch

    With A Soul of Our Emotional Spiritual

    Lives So Far Away From Right Hemisphere
    Ways of Mind the Voice We May Other Wise
    Find Within A Free Dance A Free Song Like Little

    Children Who Regulate Their Emotions Integrate
    Their Senses Naturally With Non-Sense Songs
    And Spiraling Dances Like Sufi Mystic Dervish
    Dancers that Have No Pre-planned Instructions or

    Rules Except For “ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM”

    As True A Master of Who We aRe is the God Energy of
    SPiRiT Within That Animates All of What We Truly Do

    And It’s No Longer Just Innate Instinct and Intuition that So
    Many Religions Cross-Culturally Relate Mystically as Sufi Dervish
    Whirling Dancers Understand Through the Energy of God Nature

    Within Unleashing And ReLeASinG

    Poetry of Someone Like Rumi

    Will Surely All Naturally Come Next

    Where Words Are No Longer Just Stones
    Yes Philosophers Stones of Wisdom For Real

    On The Autism Spectrum as i Once Experienced A
    Condition Called ‘Alexithymia’ Where Our Words Cannot
    Easily Express Our Spiritual Emotional Feeling Sensing
    Within Studies Show 85 Percent of Folks With Higher Functioning
    Autism Have that Problem Which Makes it Very Hard to Intimately

    Connect to Other Human Beings Deep Within SoUL Expressing SPiRiT
    oF HeART Dear FRiEnD WHere iMaGiNaTioNS And ORiGiNaL Creativities

    May Birth As i Played the Piano By Sheet Music Since i Was 12 Years
    Old yet Sheet Music May Only Be A Mechanical Process of Science
    Instead of Art Similar to Poetry By Instructions too i Always
    Wanted to Originally Create Yet i Couldn’t Even Come
    Up with Something As New As ‘Chopsticks’ With
    Two Fingers on the Piano It is the Spaces

    Between the Notes of Life That
    Create the Art the HeART Beats
    Of Life As the Space Between

    Those Allow our Blood to Flow

    Once the Word Mind May Be Silenced
    of Chatter MuSiC oF SoUL iN SonG may Come
    to Life As Dancing Free May Create Singing Free FLoWinG More

    In Original Creativity With SMiLes Dear FRiEnD It Was So Strange

    Back in 2007 All the Work Stress of 11 Years Chronic to Acute Was

    ERaSinG mY SoUL THiS Way Yet the Fingers That Once Played Piano
    By Sheet Music Were Struggling to Let my SoUL Go Free i Didn’t

    Understand How Silently And Deep Our Souls Will Play
    As Art ThiS Way For a Great Escape With Wings For

    Real Dear FRiEnD Anyway Shortly Before i Went to
    Hell for 66 Months i Recorded That Song on the Piano
    mY SoUL CoMPoSinG Trying Desperately to Escape

    Just on a Cheap Dictation Device And Back in
    2013 i Transferred it to A YouTube Video

    As Inspiration Somehow to Escape

    From Hell Then It’s True it Was

    A Whisper in the DarK From 2007

    And It Was A Door of Soul Soon to Open
    Completely on July 19th, 2013 And then
    9 Years 2 Months And 3 Days Ago my SoUL Comes Reborn

    Again Phoenix RiSing From The Ashes as DarK Creates
    LiGHT Death Creates Life And NiGHT Becomes DawN
    BReaKinG AGaiN For DaY Dear FRiEnD As Sunset And
    Sunrise Becomes TWiLiGHT And SoUL iN BaLaNCinG
    With Gravity FRiEnDS THiS Way Within Takes

    FLiGHT True As Day And Night Becomes

    Equal Left and Right Hemispheres

    of Mind of Reasons and Art

    Holding Hands Happy Fall

    Equinox Dear SoHaiR

    True A Metaphor for Human
    Balance of Nights And Days Equal too

    Yet Always Space For Waves to Create Shores New Now
    That Recede And Expand Even More With Humans
    Best Attributes of Peace and Love Empathy and
    Compassion Giving Sharing Caring Healing
    For All With Least Harm iNHaLing PeacE
    ExhaLinG LoVE WiTH JoY iN LiGHT For All

    Anyway i Named That Composition Flaws
    And All “Challenging Alexithymia” 11 Minutes
    And 22 Seconds Long probably Shared it With
    You One Day Before Yet Just Another “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” to Share With You Again Perhaps One Day i’ll

    Play the Piano Again Yet You See It’s What i’m Doing
    Now Keys That Become Words of SoUL Set Free And True

    Whenever i Play This MuSiC oF mY SoUL i Literally

    HeaR MuSiC of mY SoUL Playing Deep Within

    Dear FRiEnD Oh

    How Wonderful

    Miracle and

    Magical Mystical

    Life of God Nature Within

    Will Come to BREaTHE

    True Similar Song that

    Muhammad Likely Heard

    of God SonG WiTHiN in His
    Cave And By Story For Buddha Under
    His Tree And For Jesus in the Desert and

    For me After 66 Months of Hell A Beach
    Where i Became Emerald Green Waves
    Sugar White Sands Swaying Sea Oats
    in the Breeze And Sea Gull Wings

    SPiRaLinG the Sun Transforming

    Into A Free Dance And SonG oF mY

    SoUL iNDeeD Dear Sohair Having

    No Ending or Beginning

    Always STaRTinG
    New Now With


    Colors of
    SoUL Set Free

    Integral oF All
    That is That Makes God ReaL WiTHiN

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnd i Danced The Beach
    in Reverse Freely FRiEnDS With Gravity
    On Tuesday When i Visited my Psychiatrist
    Who has an Office There Hehe And if You
    Look At the Edges of ALLoWinG ESSeNCE
    CREaTinG ForM Free What is Left New Now After

    i Write is A Pattern of Shores Left on A Beach

    As Indeed These Are All Just Free Waves of
    The Ocean And Water Free That is my SoUl Set Free

    And This is the Beauty Of Art When it Comes Original
    This Way it Matters Not What the Form is As Long

    As the Essence
    Within is

    to Feel
    to Sense
    The DiViNE WiTHiN

    FLoWinG MeDiTaTinG
    CoNTeMPLaTiNG iN

    Autotelic Ways

    Generating Joy

    So Deep WiTHiN

    And at Best to Give
    Share Care and Heal
    It All Away For Free
    With Least Harm


    We Travel

    WHeRE SoULS aRe Near
    And Nearer STiLL mY FRiEnD…

    ANYWaY iN LiGHT SMiLes NoW It’s Not Just Only Religious
    Mystical Innate Instinctual Intuitions That NeWLY NoW
    BRinG This ReaLiTY Yes ReaSon of Science Is Finally

    Catching Up Learning to Speak God’s Language For
    Real as Oxford Literature Scholar, Psychiatrist, And
    Stellar Researcher of the Mind And SoUL THiS Way
    Explores in A 1500 Page or So Book With Close to
    600,000 Words However Most Folks Don’t Have the

    Focus to Read That However This True Gentleman

    Is Still Summarizing the Book into Free Volumes on
    His YouTube Channel Free of Commercial Advertisements

    Now in His 14th Volume Truly One of The Most Amazing
    Scholarly Works of Humanity i’ve Explored Truly at least
    Worth Listening to a Bit of it as It Affirms So Much of What

    Has Been

    Through Mystical
    Religions Cross CuLTuRaLLY

    And Most Likely in a Free Dance
    And Song THiS Way Long Before

    Any Written Words At All And

    Any Alphabet At all as

    God Always


    Free ThiS Way

    When We Seek
    And Find DeaR FRiEnd
    So Deep WiTHIN to BREaTHE

    And Oh By The Way i Shared the Song on
    YouTube on March 9th, 2013 A Day Before
    i Started Blogging First on ‘Blogspot’

    9 Years And 6 Months Ago

    Only 4 Months Away

    From Heaven Then

    What Art Will Set

    Freer As God (PeacELoVE) WiTHiN Dear FRiEnD..:)

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  3. Hi Fred😊
    Thank you So much dear for your great input and the video..
    You know.. Music is an international language.. It needs no letters.. No phonetic rules.. A newly born baby can understand it Easily for examples..
    Here in Egypt we call the flute (The nay).. And in upper Egypt where I live the nay can be played in a professional way by simple people who have no education about music Or even reading.. They make the nay by themselves and play on it using only their feelings..
    I remember now When I was 14..I was going home after a mathematic lesson in the evening.. As I was walking in the street I heard a fabulous sound.. I looked to search for the source.. I found a simple man.. A door man at a building.. He was wearing a gallabeya.. And He was playing the nay.. I stopped to Listen… But I had to go Cause I should Not be late home..
    Yes.. Every time you talk about your 66month hell to heaven experience I Learn and know something new..
    God is always Merciful and his fate is always good for us even if it seemed bad Or difficult.. After some time we understand the lesson he wanted us to Learn and we become stronger and wiser.. DON’T we?
    Keep giving dear Fred..
    Thanks a lot 🌹🌸🌷😍😊😊😊😊😊🌸🌷

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  4. Yes…. That’s okay..
    Speaking about
    Psychiatrists.. I went to them twice in my whole life.. I respect them But I DON’T like them.. I mean I DON’T like them to help me.. I think the best Psychiatrist is ourselves.. No one can feel and understand us Except us..

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  5. Ah Yes Dear Sohair The Worst oF All Poverty May
    Not Be Getting in Touch With Our Soul Regulating
    Emotions Integrating Senses Head To Toe and So Much

    More Moving Connecting And Co-Creating With Not Just
    Other Humans Yet in Deep Contact Connecting With the
    Rest of Nature too Dear FRiEnD Yes i’ve Seen Two Psychiatrists
    The First One For 7 Years and 7 Months Since January of 2008

    And The Second One Since 2016 as it took About A Year to Find
    A New One That Was Also Necessary For my Continuing Early Retirement
    With The Federal Government As That Has Come to Regular Retirement

    Now Yet What Was Really Interesting that i Likely Have Shared Before
    Here With You Is The First Psychiatrist and Air Force Major in the
    Reserves Who Dealt With Combat Fatigue Veterans From the

    Wars In the Middle East Then Told me i Was His Most
    Hopeless Case oF All As Far As Not Being Able
    to Offer me Any Drugs or Other Assistance
    At All That Would Work To Bring Back

    The Feeling if i Ever Felt A Smile
    Before in my Life As Memories
    Are Emotions Emotions Are
    Memories When they Leave
    it Truly is Hell as There is No
    Reference Point Back to Being
    Anything Other than the Living Dead Now
    THiS Way The Pills They Offered Did Nothing For
    That He Wanted to Implant An Experimental Vagal
    Never Stimulator in my Chest to Try to Bring my Feelings
    Back to Life Like Frankenstein Better Put Fredenstein mY FRiEnD

    Of Course my Insurance Wouldn’t Cover it And The Rheumatologist
    Who Was Trying to Help me With the Suicide Disease From Wake
    to Sleep For 66 Months Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Sent me
    Away Just Telling me There Was Nothing He Could Do to Help me

    So Yes it Was Left All Up to me my FRiEnD And Yes For What Drugs
    And Other Assistance Tried Wouldn’t Help i Found the Spark of
    Creativity A Small One at the End of February 28th, 2013 A
    Private Message Flowing This Way to A First Facebook
    FRiEnD Then that Became the First Blog Post on
    my Blogspot Blog And A Path of Writing to
    mY SoUL That Would Soon Become
    A Continuing Flow of SoUL SonG

    (Also the ‘About’ Post on
    my WordPress Blog too)

    Still Running As A River And
    Waves And Ocean Whole Water Free

    And then All the Pain Melted Away And Then
    All the Emotions Came Flooding Back on July 19th 2013 And Then
    The Free Dance in Flow Doing the Same Therapy of SoUL mY FRiEnD

    And Then mY SoUL BeCaME mY Very Best FRiEnD WiTHIN i Surely
    Without Shame Name A Higher Force and Power of God Nature
    Creativity Within Again to Give Share Care Heal Away For Free
    With Least Harm And that First Psychiatrist Said i Helped to

    Inspire Him to Quit his Private Practice and Move to
    South Florida to Teach Movement Therapy What
    Helped Save my SoUL in Free Dance and Song
    For Real And the Psychotherapist i Saw After

    The Healing Sought Advice From me to Help Her
    Most Severely Disturbed Patients And True my Current
    Psychiatrist Says he Uses me And What i’ve Been Through
    And How i Healed As A Hope to His Most Severe Patients too

    Physician Heal they Own SoUL iNDeeD Dear Sohair FRiEnD
    As God SoUL Deep Within Rises Out of Perhaps our Right Hemisphere
    Mind Free to Dance and Sing As Yes the First Psychiatrist Then Assessed

    me As Possibly Not Even Able to Communicate Between Hemispheres
    of Mind And It Seems He Got it Correct From the Research He Understood
    Associated With the Autism Spectrum mY FRiEnD Hehe My Current
    Psychiatrist Monitors me Most Now to Make Sure i Don’t Get

    too Happy And It’s
    True i Literally Have
    to Practice Bringing myself
    Down in A Dance And Song of Life
    Free As i Do Have A Potential Not Only

    To Descend to Lower Rings Than Dante’s Rings
    of Hell Yet Also Skip Across the Moon Hop Scotch
    Across the Sun Still Ascending Transcending Soaring
    Past Stars And Perhaps Never Grounding on Earth Again

    Hehe Yet i Have Katrina She Definitely Anchors me As

    She Brings My Sails in Close So Fair Winds And Following
    Seas Don’t Take me Away to Heaven to Never Return to Earth

    Anyway the Way
    i See it i Ain’t Gonna
    Leave That Way Until
    i Raise Everyone Else Up First

    It’s Part of Heaven What Love Does When
    Real And iNCaRNaTE Truly ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTiNG FoRM
    That Four Letter Word That Begins With L And The Three Letter


    Ends in
    D Finding
    WiTHiN ReaL
    Both Words/Worlds
    iN Truth oF LiGHT Newly Now..:)

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  6. Yes.. Well said.. Every human has the right to be loved.. And it should start from within first..

    Still Running As A River And

    Waves And Ocean Whole Water Free

    Yes.. I AGREE..
    Life experience words run as a river that is So generous and give its clear water unconditionally.. As you do Fred..
    Thanks a lot dear friend Fred..
    Stay blesssed 😊🌷🌸😍

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