Give me your hand🙏

Give me your hand
Time is not over yet
Life is but an outlet
Give me your hand
We will pass through that sand
Into our Greenland
The fields we plant together
Are waiting for a good weather
Rains will fall again
Flowers will smile
Forget all the pain
Restart a new adventure
Fear vanishes and light comes up
Hope is our teacher
That knows no stop
Faith draws the road
In to the real heaven
Give me your hand
The light is still within.




40 thoughts on “Give me your hand🙏

  1. SMiLes Sohair How Sweetly Birds
    Sing Free Outside my Backyard
    Window All i need to Know
    APParently So as Long
    As i Don’t Dance
    With Humans
    Now Nature
    God’s Face SMiLES
    Humans GRoW AWaKE
    Seeing More of God’s Nature Free..:)

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  2. Yes..awareness increases to a high degree ..that’s what I feel
    The globe is achieving a balance ..
    Thanks a lot Fred dear friend..
    Have a beautiful day 😍🌹🙏

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  3. Brilliant poetic bliss, Sohair and nothing is over yet. A new dawn will soon rise and we all shall bloom in love and kindness again. Our Earth too will rejoice and we will let her work together with us. Awesome picture. Lovely poem.

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  4. Hello Kamal dear friend..well said ..I agree with every word ..How beautiful..Thanks a lot..Have a great beautiful day..stay safe..stay well 🥰🙏🌹

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  5. When the sky is blue , you are  the sun shining …
    As the sun falls asleep ,
    the moon with the  stars would an  agreement  be  signing …
    Rest in peace and in heaven , all would be dining ,
    Our energies gather all in all combining …

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  6. beautiful..
    May Allah the Almighty grant you peace and happiness here and in the hereafter..amen
    …Thanks a regards 🌹👍🙏


  7. @men…@men…@men…
    Que Dieu
    Puisse Un Jour
    Nous Réunir
    par la Main
    Avant la Fin
    Grâce au Messie
    qu’IL a Seul Choisit
    et qu’IL Dévoilera

    Où je suis…🌹🌹🌹

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  8. Qu’Allah, créateur de Jésus et créateur de tous, nous accorde la paix et le bonheur … qu’il nous pardonne tous et nous accorde le ciel … merci Sarah.


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