A martyr or shaheed..

Here in this post you can read some information about the meaning of a martyr in Islam..one of my dear followers was discussing that with me..that’s why I copied this post for more explanation..

Indeed Muslims do believe that reaching paradise can be through good deeds and filling the universe with peace! In fact, even martyrdom has many forms…

Jabir ibn `Utayk reported that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

“There are seven kinds of martyrs besides those killed in wars, defending the cause of Allah:

  • A person who is killed in an epidemic
  • A person who is drowned
  • A person who has bedsores, causing fever and cough resulting in his death
  • A person who dies of a stomach disease
  • A person who dies in fire
  • A person who dies under falling debris [in a disaster]
  • A woman who dies during childbirth.”

(Ahmad, Abu-Dawud and Nasaï؟½i report this hadith, based on sound authority.)

Abu-Hurayrah also reported that Godï؟½s messenger (pbuh) asked:

“Who do you consider to be a martyr?”

They said:

“O Allah’s prophet, he who is killed fighting for the cause of Allah.”

The prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“[If this is so] then very few in my community will be martyrs!”

They asked:

“Who else are they, O Allah’s messenger?”

He said:

“He who is killed fighting for Allah’s cause is a martyr, he who dies in the cause of Allah is a martyr, he who dies in an epidemic is a martyr, he who dies from a stomach disease is a martyr, and he who dies of drowning is [also] a martyr.” (Reported by Muslim.)

Also, Sa`id ibn Zayd reported that the prophet (pbuh) said:

“He who is killed while guarding his property is a martyr, he who is killed while defending himself is a martyr, he who is killed defending his religion is a martyr, and he who is killed protecting his family is [also] a martyr.” (Reported by Ahmad and Tirmidhi. The latter considers it a sound hadith.)

To conclude dear Taylor, Islam is a religion of Justice. If the injustice in any region or situation is addressed, any problem will be resolved. War will not solve any problem by itself; it only sets the terms for any subsequent negotiations for a fair resolution of conflict.

And, Allah knows best😊🌹


11 thoughts on “A martyr or shaheed..

  1. A Person/Woman Now
    Martyred For A Cause
    Nature Destroyed
    All That Life We Depend
    On For Basic Survival Martyrs
    For Human Greed of Things
    Who And That Do Not Breathe
    Life as
    True my FRiEnD
    Sohair There are
    Many Martyrs on
    This Face of God
    God in Deed God in Face
    God In Nature All That is…
    Now We Have New Martyrs
    For Life For the Rest of God’s Face…
    Humans Before this ‘planned’ on Having
    A Hand in Martyring 1 in 8 Plant And Animal
    Species For ‘THeiR’ JusT Cause of ‘Things’ That’s
    About 1 MiLLioN Species of Life no Count of Individual Breaths…
    Are Turning
    The Karma
    of God’s EYes
    The Face of Nature
    Never Lies Or TaLeS A Book..
    God Breathes When We Breathe
    When They Breathe too For Our Breath Now..:)

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  2. May God grant us patience and protect the earth from all evils ..amen

    Thanks a lot Fred
    Take care my dear friend
    Smiles of hope ❤😊🌹⚘🙏

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