The maze🤔

The singer is called ginger

He works as a carpenter

He makes strange tables and furniture

I asked him to make me a filter

He apologized

And advised me to ask the barber

I went to the post office

The weather was sunny

How was that funny

I sent my message and walked away

I knew well my way…


Allah says..

وَالشُّعَرَاءُ يَتَّبِعُهُمُ الْغَاوُونَ
And the Poets,- It is those straying in Evil, who follow them:

أَلَمْ تَرَ أَنَّهُمْ فِي كُلِّ وَادٍ يَهِيمُونَ
Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?-

وَأَنَّهُمْ يَقُولُونَ مَا لَا يَفْعَلُونَ
And that they say what they practise not?-

إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ وَذَكَرُوا اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا وَانْتَصَرُوا مِنْ بَعْدِ مَا ظُلِمُوا ۗ وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ
Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of Allah, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take..

20 thoughts on “The maze🤔

  1. SMiLes Sohair.. it’s not often i Share the Words of Others on Facebook
    But i saw Poetry today very simple but very true that touched my
    Heart for this is what Poetry Truly is whatever touches our Heart
    Whatever in deed may Pull our HeART Strings too and not always
    in a Positive way of course as people will Rarify Abstract Constructs
    And Twist the Poetry of even
    A Bible to Justify Torture
    of Women And
    Children at
    At the Southern
    Border of a Country
    That is Supposed to Be Free…
    How sad it is When Poetry is Used
    to Destroy others.. and this is the Danger
    of Making God a PriSon in Rarified Abstract Constructs
    that this or that person interprets to Keep God (LoVE) iN PriSon
    Now And to harm others as well.. yes.. this is the Danger of All
    Words Making
    Words into
    Symbols of God
    Losing the Essence
    of Love that Provides
    Mercy and Forgiveness
    Yes.. Smiles of Love to the Strangers
    Among us but anyway the Poetry related
    that Just Sitting Next to someone Quietly
    may Mean Everything in the World to us as a Feeling
    And Sense of Love Expansive Now Beyond Infinity all distance
    space and time as Words do not even Matter When the Feeling
    of love is present now beyond all these parameters when the Life of Love
    of Others is the Beauty We Feel Within as i took a long Walk Around the
    Forest of my Neighborhood and other Bigger Neighborhoods too without
    Much Forest.. Mostly Brick And Mortar Houses Painted in a UniForm Way
    i looked to the Sky and Without a Word i felt and sensed the Beauty of
    God Feeling/Filling all may Soul with Awe True God Painted a Sunset
    for me to Speak Directly to me in Sublime Beauty that Words will
    Never Do Justice to Speak that Message of Beauty God (Love)
    Delivers in God Speak of Nature.. No Words
    Just Awesome Beauty/Love to Fill/Feel my
    Soul With Gratitude in
    True Grace of Balance
    of Existence Now…
    Just a Reminder to me
    that the Smallest Flower
    Even Less than a Grain of Sand Love
    Is A Smile no Less than the Beautiful
    Sunset i saw as the Sun Started its Rise
    on the Southern Horizon Indeed on Christmas
    Day for You See Jesus Only Exists in Books in a way
    of Poetry too that touches our HeART Strings in deed too
    the Danger though is when Folks Use those Words to Justify
    What is now 15,000 Lies and Poetry by another Man who sung
    DarK Poetry he could Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue and His Supporters would
    Still Follow him.. true.. my FRiEnD.. as in all things Life THere is DarK and LiGHT
    Indeed there
    is DarK
    Poetry of the
    Soul And Beauty
    of Mercy that is Forgiveness
    And Smiles for the Stranger
    that a ‘Good Cop’ Jesus will be as
    Related to others to Rise as Sunshine Dancing
    on a Southern Horizon too in FAct All Horizons
    as Poetry of the HeART Sings the Spirit the Soul to give
    And share Art of Love for free.. Sunsets do not Lie.. when i look
    to Hear God Speak at best i Look to the Sky for the Colors of
    God’s Eyes And Below a Grain of Sand that in deed may one
    day Hold
    of Human Love…
    God is the Poetry of
    Love that inspires us to
    Create Art to relate This Love
    of God We Feel Within Us to others..
    so they too may one day Feel Heaven Now Within
    too for it is true there are some who see no Beauty
    of God at all or
    The Freedom
    That is the
    of a
    God’s eyes Free Above
    God’s SPiRiT HeART SoUL
    to Paint our Souls However
    God May Speak Directly to Us From Nature God’s Face…
    one of my Favorite Movies is “The Book of Eli”.. How the
    People of the World used ‘the Bible’ To Justify the Nuclear
    Destruction of almost All Human Life on Earth.. those who
    Were Left Burned All Bibles so it would Never Happen again..
    as People Struggled to Survive those of Nefarious Intention Looked
    To Find ‘that Book’ Again to Use it to Subjugate and Control others for
    Materialistic Selfish Need of Power to gain Greater Status too.. one Man (Eli) who
    then Was Blind Only held ‘That Book’ in the Memory of His Mind.. he Traveled far
    Then And Risked His Life and fought to Keep that Book Safe In His Memory
    until he could find those who were ‘Civilized in Love’ enough to use the Book
    for Love’s Freedom…
    on his
    Death Bed
    illiterate as he was
    only remembering it
    as an Oral Tradition he Spoke
    all the Words to a Scribe to write
    it down.. and then that book (Bible) was protected
    from those who would use it for ‘other evil purposes’…
    That much hasn’t changed my Dear FRiEnD Sohair there
    are still folks who Twist Poetry to take away Human Freedoms
    Yes.. Love And Even A Right to Life.. the Will to Love Now And
    Live from others..
    true.. rarified
    may be Poetry
    of Love in LiGHT of Truth or
    The Teeth of ‘the devil’ in deed
    HeART-Felt Metaphors (Poetry) Words only Travel as far
    As Souls Who Cloth them in LiGHT of Truth oR DarK oF Lies in Spirit..:)

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  2. Hi Fred my dear friend 😊
    You know..a poem is like a portrait..everyone sees it in a different way..I like poetry a lot..Poetry can make miracles if it is functioned in the right way for a superior message..
    Thanks a lot Fred..I always like your smart analysis..😊😊😊😊⚘

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  3. SMiLes my FRiEnD Sohair.. Just the Fact that We Exist and are Discussing
    the Merits of Poetry Proves Everything is Possible.. Just the Fact
    that i can and will even write Poetry not able to Speak
    Until Age 4 and Not able to create an Original
    Paragraph of anything in Words for
    So Many Decades and even
    not having anything
    to Say through my 40’s
    Is Miracle Enough that Anything
    is Possible that We Now Imagine is
    Possible as Long as we take the First Step
    And Or Word as Symbol Towards it the key
    is MaKinG the First Step and Word And Turning
    it into Value that We See And Feel and Sense now
    As Holy and Sacred Real and then the Meaning and
    Purpose We develop for whatever Art and/or Science We
    Do NoW in Life as Practice Same or Original Move and Word
    Everyone We Make.. i am Amazed about Living i am Thrilled
    About Loving When Life Becomes a Dance And Song of Giving
    Joy All is complete
    NoW Dear
    For it’s true only
    one act of Giving And
    Sharing Free With No Expectation
    of Return Will Expand Happiness for
    Months as even Science Now Shows
    True though We at Best Will Always
    Encourage those We Care about
    And Give and Share with
    to develop this Power
    of Give and Share
    Even more for
    this is the
    Essence of Happiness
    for those Who Give and Share
    Will Receive a Share of Give Even More..
    For Those Who Do not they will Naturally
    Receive Less.. True.. this is not only Truth in Art,
    Religion, Philosophy, And Politics.. it is also Truth
    in Science too as well as the Fact Now as Science
    Shows that All Forms of Meditation Head to Toe And
    Still and Moving Meditation too are the Real Fountain
    of Youth as We come into Autotelic Flow Where the Light
    We Generate For Others in Whatever Dance And Song Giving
    And Sharing With Others in Light is what We Naturally Receive as
    We Give
    and Share
    So Much for the
    All the Energy oF LiGHT
    That life Will BRinG US More..
    For Those Who Do not Give and Share
    Free the Person they in deed disparage Most
    is actually their Self the Soul of Love We indeed
    are Evolved to be.. not only by Religion but Science too..:)

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  4. Yes is an important pillar in creating culture..scientists are as important as prophets in serving the progress of humanity..
    How beautiful are your words Fred..
    Highly appreciated dear friend 😊⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

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  5. “Science is an important pillar in creating culture..scientists are as important as prophets in serving the progress of humanity..” Words Surely Wise and Worth
    Quoting Again Dear FRiEnD Sohair.. What i find so amazing and pleasing
    too is Science is Finally Proving How the Actual Teachings in Sacred
    And Holy Text are the True and Real Magic in this Life particularly
    The Power of Belief the Force of Give And Share and all
    the Healing the Faith in this Charity and Love With
    Hope Bring to Existence Real for just a small
    example we will visualize just
    Exercising and actually
    Gain Strength
    that is Empirically
    Measurable and of course
    the Force the Power of Belief
    is Well Established in the so-called
    ‘Sugar Pill’ of Placebo that is only a Symbol
    For the Essence of Belief and Caring Love that Will
    Put so-called Incurable Disease into the File Cabinet of
    Medicine of No explanation of Remission of Disease in deed..
    in deed of Belief my Friend the Spirit of HeART the SoUL beyond
    All Specific Measure of Science Except for the end Result the Effect
    of Healing and Strength that is Measurable too.. i am often Saddened
    by the Church i Attend the Catholic one that only Considers the Teachings
    of Jesus even Relevant and Important only if Jesus is an only God Man to
    Worship.. this Philosophy is Heir and APParenT to Many of the Other
    so-called Christian Beliefs where i Live when the Reality is the
    True God Magic is Inherit of the Parables that Bring
    the Teachings forth for in a Verse Numbered and
    Named John 14:12 according to that
    Report Attributed to the teachings
    of Jesus it clearly states that
    with this Power of Belief
    Going through what
    he names as ‘the Father’
    Which of Course is the Force
    of God within Yes the Higher Force
    of Belief God of Nature so Naturally Brings
    but only for those Who have Faith And Hope
    in this Belief of Love and Higher Power to Imagine
    A Greater Life on this EarTH A liFE at Best of Will
    And Strength With A Balance of Grace Yes a Foundation
    of Love to take Us Higher as a Species For Love than ever before..
    but only when two or more of Us As Humans Hold Hands To do this
    Stronger as Humans Together Breathe God’s Potential Higher in All
    of Us
    Love Best
    in Grace of
    Balancing Strength
    of Will Giving And Sharing
    in Joy Free to Light up the
    Candles of Our Souls into Torches
    Bonfires and Stars More oF LiGHT
    Each of US as We Join Hands in Numbers more..
    True.. This Entire World to Be Yet a UniVerse of Stars
    of Love Each Set of Human God Eyes to Color Love more
    Smiles Sohair my New Year’s Resolution Is Already Set i
    tag it and name now.. #CoLoRWoRLDLoVe2o2o as Yes
    This is what i intend to Do Create More Colors of This EarTH LoVE…
    20/20 Vision Starts with Grace of Balance in Love’s Breath Bringing
    of Will
    To Spread
    Colors of Love more..
    There is No Crash and Burn and
    Sink of this Plane my Friend for i am
    Awake in Love With No Drugs No Money
    No Need For Likes, Shares, or Follows Just
    A Dance And Song.. Paint.. Brush.. Painter and Painting of Love..
    it’s true i am Not making more Money my Father Would not be
    Proud My Dear FRiEnD is Muslim An Egyptian Teacher of High
    School Students All Females From Egypt my Mother Would be
    Very Disappointed Still that i refuse to Name Jesus as an only
    God.. in 3 parts or Whatever for i understand that even in Ape
    Societies the Greatest Alpha Apes are those Who are Servant
    Leader Who Put those Who Need Help Most First to Help now..
    True they have the Most
    Stress too for they
    Have the
    Empathy And
    Concern Yes Real
    Love for the Rest of
    the Monkeys who are the
    Entire Family of their ‘Tribe’
    The Challenge of Humanity
    is to Serve each other while
    Consuming Each Other and the
    Rest of God Nature the Face of God
    With Least Harm no Longer a Zombie
    Apocalypse Eating the Face of God With
    No Restraint until We become more like ‘Baby Yoda’
    And See the Force of God in All of Existence Living Soul Now..
    “Baby Yoda” has Changed he is no longer Cold of Emotions His
    Eyes Shine Love Now without even a Word my FRiEnD True
    “Baby Yoda” is a Newest Cultural Meme so important
    As “Baby Yoda” has many more Lessons to Teach Us
    All about the
    Force of
    Love now
    that includes
    Warmth of Shining
    Eyes of Love For All..
    it’s Just another Story my
    Friend the more Love Stories We
    Have that are Full of Love the More We live
    Heaven the Kingdom Now Free Within Inside
    Outside Above So Below All Around iN Deed So Free to be i am Love

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  6. Yes Fred ..2020 means balance..oh my God..I needed to know life lacks balance Fred..I am now optimistic..the new years seems to be a new beginning for a better life insha Allah..
    Congrats for your New year’s Resolution…
    Doing what you love is not of course depended on likes or shares or even views..we do what we like and wait for nothing..
    Doing what you see is right like having moslem friends or considering Jesus as a messenger and not as a God and dancing in public and so what makes you unique and you are just you and no one else..this is the most important..I think..
    Happy new year Fred..
    Smiles of optimism 😊😊😊😊😊😊🎶⚘

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  7. 😊
    Thanks a lot jrmessi …same to you dear..
    Carpenter and barber is a kind of poetic regards dear😊⚘


  8. Smiles.. Sohair Now While SpeaKinG Our Truths and
    Expressing Our True Feelings May not
    Necessarily be
    “Right” this is what
    Katrina And My Mother
    Sister and Father All
    HaVE iN Common
    They Had/Have
    Nothing to Hide
    They Wear/Wore
    Their HeARTS on
    Their Sleeves for
    All to See With
    No Secrets
    To Hide…
    Every FRiEnD Who
    Has Endured and
    Stayed By my Side
    Is the Same my FRiEnD
    For Those Who Hide
    Their True Feelings
    And Truths Will
    Surely Lead
    Us into Dangerous
    Places in Life… With one
    Look into A Human’s
    Eyes Directly into
    My Eyes i usually
    Will or Will not
    See this Sincerity
    Of Truth/Feelings In
    Soul True my
    FRiEnD it
    Has Always
    Been Easy for
    Me to ‘Disarm’ Eyes
    Of Insincerity and
    Deceit With Eyes of
    Discernment.. online
    Is the only Place
    Someone may
    Get away
    From the
    Of eye to eye
    The Price of Expressing
    Individual Truth and
    Freedom of Feelings
    With Sincerity DarK
    Thru Light is
    Few But
    True Family
    And FRiEnDS
    Left standing By
    Our Side.. If not for
    The Myths Associated
    With JeSuS In Real
    Life According to
    That Story At
    Least His True
    FRiEnDS and
    Family Would
    Have Then Been
    Six or Less if not
    Risen in myth
    From the
    Dead in
    Deed then
    Six or Less Had
    Any True Faith
    In JeSuS and Just
    His Actual Teachings
    Then/Now ‘These People’
    Of Little Faith
    Have no
    Idea who
    JeSuS is at least
    By how they act
    In Discordance
    With the Beatitudes
    To His
    “Christian Story”…
    In Effect the Majority
    Worship “the Myth”
    But Fail to respect
    In Sincerity the
    Real Legend
    The Teaching
    Of the Man From
    Galilee.. THAT JeSuS
    Is All Right With me..
    And You Sohair
    Are one True
    FRiEnD Who
    Would have
    By the Cross
    Of JeSuS before
    He Died then…
    i suppose if
    He came back
    Now today he Would
    Be Proud to say a
    Muslim Woman
    From Egypt
    Is is His True FRiEnD
    Who is Neither
    Or Shallow..
    Who is Not
    Afraid to Express
    Her Individual
    Truth and
    With Sincerity…
    Respect and
    Common Courtesy
    For Love That Is
    Real FRiEnDShip LiVinG🙏

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  9. Amen..thanks a lot Fred dear friend..but for me Jesus didn’t die on the cross..instead ..he was lift alive to heaven in order to come back again one day..anyway..your words are always kind and good Fred..grateful to you dear..have a great evening in Florida 😊🙏⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

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  10. Thanks Sohair For Expressing the Truth
    Of Your Beliefs.. i am
    Aware of Your Beliefs
    Associated With JeSuS…
    i am coming From the
    Perspective of the
    Christian Story of
    JeSuS that i Surely
    See Where it comes
    From many Changes
    And Translations over
    The Course of Centuries.,,
    i for one do not believe
    God has to
    A Dead Man
    Surely not
    A God Man
    To Prove God
    Exists… The Miracle
    Of Life And Love
    When It Actually
    Exists Is Enough for
    Me for 100 Percent
    Faith in Belief
    Exists and
    Is Real Living
    God (LoVE) Now…
    No Myth.. God For Real🙏

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