The night

I want to talk to you..the are so old..tell me about your saw many know a lot of secrets…you seem to be calm..but you have a lot to tell about…

Do you know that you are a friend of lonely people..

Some fear you because of your darkness..

Others wish that time stops because they do not want you to leave..

Are you afraid of the morning..or he became your friend now..

What about the moon and the stars??

What about those who left and those who come up to have a new life..?

Are you interested in that change?

You know..since my childhood I thought that my soul doesn’t belong to that world..I am an old soul from an old age..

Can you guide me to the place where my soul lived for years…can you help me discover my former experiences..

Oh..I like to stay late to enjoy talking to you night..

Don’t leave until I finish my talk..don’t walk away..

Allah says..

10. And We have made the night as a covering (through its darkness),
وجعلنا الليل لباسا

Annaba chapter

سورة النبأ

14 thoughts on “The night

  1. SMiLes my Dear FRiEnD Sohair Fear of the
    DarK Will Surely Lead to Cynical oF LiGHT
    Deep into the Night When Our Reasoning
    Mind Lets Go A Bit the Deeper Part of our
    Soul Comes Awake Late into the DarK
    oF oUR Subconscious
    Mind Keeper of
    Soul God’s
    ALiVE iN US
    To Rise to Meet
    And Greet Us late
    into the Night Yes Awake
    Asleep In Flow of River Time
    We come again Free.. in the ‘Secular
    World’ They Name this the “2 AM Effect”
    but You See This Experience is Always Available
    in Autotelic Flow when the Night Becomes Day Now
    As Sleep Wide Awake too my FRiEnD and This is why
    i Meditate Move When i Dance to Come to Night In Day Asleep Awake
    to Release Now the Creativity Stored for literally Ages in my Subconscious
    Soul In Deed in Quantum Metaphor Jumping All Logic of Reasoning Mind too..
    Where Even Science Shows this Ascending Transcending Night In Broad Daylight
    Flow Will Increase Creativity and Productivity 400 to 500 Percent if only experienced
    Briefly a Few Times Each Week but What if What if Human Experience is such that
    We Develop Ways to Make the Night Day in Subconscious Mind More Open And
    Aware in Our Mindful Being Soul Whole Day and Night Now It’s true this
    is what 7.6 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry and 12,533 Miles Brings
    me in 76 Months Now For Real Time out of Time Distance Out of
    Distance Space Out of Space Matter out of Matter in Fact
    Mind Over Matter my Friend as Reality at Core is God’s
    Mind All Us the Illusion is only that We are Separate
    From God as the Night becomes Day This
    Guise of Illusion and Ignorance
    is Lifted from Us as Truly
    Life Becomes Poetry
    Free as Water Wave
    Ocean Whole so
    Much More
    Than Just
    Whatever Reason
    We See that We Exist
    my FRiEnD to be the Water
    the Wave the Ocean And River Stream
    is to see no Future of Past but Eternal
    Gift of Heaven NoW Within to Give and Share
    to All others and the Rest of Nature Free
    Without Gravity and Inertia as Metaphor
    Entropy Fails to take Hold of the
    Existence Beyond All Time
    Distance Space and
    Matter in deed
    the Act
    of God
    Mind Us For Real Now
    True what will Science
    Prove of this but Amazement
    And Wonder of All the Effective God Results
    of Free Love come to Be Again as Night is Always Day Now..
    As The
    LiGHT Setting
    Naked Wings of God
    Free to Fly As God MiND US…
    there are many Cross Cultural Metaphors
    for this Ranaging from ‘God Head’ To Dao
    to Tao to Chi to Ki to Ka to Kundalini Rising
    to Prana and Satori In Japan sure Kingdom of
    Heaven Within that some folks sadly never find in Life.. Now..
    What Remains though is Colors of Gods’ Mind Love More in Us
    As We
    to Rise Free
    Now.. ALL
    With God
    or Fall NoW
    as PriSoNeR
    of Just REaSoN
    in Other DiMeNSioNS
    of LiFE My FRiEnD Yet Colors
    of God Mind LoVE iN US continue
    to Brightly Light Existence More the Force of LoVE Lives as Us..:)

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  2. From the moment I used to belong to myself in the hadith of the night, that we are friends at night, the stars have known us, the secrets have spoken to us, and I have imagined what if the night gathered all of his friends and got acquainted .. Then the lions may mean depth and calm and do not mean fear and darkness .. As for my unity, I am convinced that all the souls are not half the other But one soul is my half to which I complete and dwell in it and dwell in me if night falls ✋🏼 Otherwise, loneliness is more merciful in all cases, may God bring reassurance to the hearts

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    1. Amen..may you become with your soul twin soon insha Allah..Happy new year dear bro and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts here⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘


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