What is your massage in life??

Hello dear friends☺

How have you been?

Please tell me about your massage in life in the comment box.

What are the things you want to achieve before you leave this life.

Because I want to learn from you.

If you have more than one massage or even one massage tell me please.

My massages in life are:

First, to help my children to be good people and to help them be positive in repairing their society.

Second,to help my self to be a good person and to discover my defects and try to repair my inner world.

Third, to teach people how peaceful Islam is and to give them lessons about its principles.

Fourth, to understand God or Allah or the creator of all.

Fifth, to make a deep relation with God based on understanding and love.

Sixth, to reach to the unity of myself and to be able to create joy to myself by making a good relation with God Allah.

Seventh, to help my society to be united in itself and help it to repair all the bad traditions and thoughts.

I wish that one day all poor people in my country will be rich..I feel sad as the numbers of the beggars in our streets is increasing.

What about you dear ones?

I will be happy to read your massages.

Best regards ☺


39 thoughts on “What is your massage in life??

  1. Nice post. Great question. I definitely want to be a good person in life. I want to be a great man to my wife and a great dad to my future children. I want to serve the most high and do his will for my life. That being that I know and understand the plan and purpose that he had set for my life. I definitely want to reach my full potential and accomplish the goals and dreams that I have for my life. Just want to have a life of fullness, joy, happiness, stability and prosperity.

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  2. Great..
    Thanks a lot for sharing your massage here .Best wishes and best regards 🌸🎁


  3. Smiles Sohair Verily as Spirit Moves
    As Wind Within i will Download A Song
    For You.. hehe.. A Message You Request
    Singing a Song of Long Words in a
    Message on Your Website in
    Just a Few Minutes.. True
    With Help From Around
    Our GLoBE STaRTiNG With You..
    Perhaps i will Set My Dance and
    Song of Soul to Actual Music one Day for
    i do play the Piano and in fact a First and
    Only Song i composed is my Beginning
    DownLoad on YouTube An Original
    One by me Just in Flow Mistakes
    And All makes life what it totally is my Friend
    As That Piano Song That Came From Depths
    of Great Distress as i entered a Black Abyss for
    66 Months as Shut-in Pain and Numb Existence
    then.. i recorded it in the Fall of 2007 on a Cheap
    Dictation Device.. glad i did for Creativity Comes
    Original and never comes Same Again Change
    The Art of Life the Reality of Life at Best as We
    are equal in Birth And Death what truly counts is
    What We Do all ‘i Am’ With this Great Gift of Life
    And While i do not have Music of my own to
    Accompany my Words i will Use Beyonce’s
    ‘Spirit’ Song from the New ‘Lion King’
    Movie With Words from ‘James
    Earl Jones’ as a Lion King too..
    Smiles my Friend
    i see ‘the Wind’
    Verily Naturally As
    God Will Do Within i Dance i Sing ‘A River’…
    i Move i Connect i Co-Create in Flow iN JoY…
    SMiLes my Muslim Friend
    From Egypt Sohair.. When
    You Sing God Bless You
    i Feel It sincerely
    Sadly where i Live
    It feels more
    Man Called Trump
    You See the God
    i Do
    ‘The Wind’
    SPiRiT my FRiEnD..
    Talking to a Latino Mom
    From New York New York
    this Morning A Psychologist too…
    her Name it seems Mimi a nice person
    too.. Raising a Son On Her own like my
    Mother Did for me and my Sister too…
    i go on to say as she Deals with the
    Dark Reality of our Nation Now
    Raising Her Son to Be Brave…
    Fear IS A Staple of Cowardice
    A Tool Most used through HiSTorY
    To Subjugate/Control Others True.. Empty
    Promises are Just as Dangerous to Separate
    And Bring Hate In other Words Promising Both
    A Faux Carrot and Stick
    like Bad News
    Hate now at
    the Beginning
    of the End for
    Those who
    Carrots and Sticks..
    More interesting Instant
    Gratification that is Real
    may Be A Hardest Real Carrot to
    Rise Below Enough to Rise Above for Real
    Life Is Complicated Your Son is Lucky to have
    Not only a Loving Mom but a SmART one too
    for Honestly Love is not
    days’ for sure..
    Art And Reason Yin
    and Yang Dark and Light
    Our Stories continue to Tale our Lives For Real..
    i Agree i Used to Live On A Dark Side of A Moon too..
    A View is Grey Scale ANoTHeR Side of A Moon is
    LiterAlly Heaven Within NoW
    Smiles Lillian i just wrote that
    on Facebook picked up my
    Smart Phone Opened
    up the Word Press
    App Reader
    Greeted by
    Your Title and
    Line You Quote
    Here from Your Friend ‘Wolf Boy’…
    “In the glow of a winters frozen moon”.. Yes
    The Black Abyss The Grey Scales Opaque
    Windows of Soul Back to the Full Moon of
    Romancing Dance And Song IN Light yes
    Coming Back As Thorns Come out and
    FLoWeRS Rise as Rose in Bloom as
    Multi-Colors of Love Spread as far
    as Wings oF LiGHT WiLL TaKE
    US Moving Connecting Co-
    Creating With Others Free
    As True the Feelings
    And Senses of
    Light Spirit
    Again unleashing
    Releasing Quantum
    Metaphor of Left Hemisphere Mind
    of Reason Worry Time Distance and
    Space Seeing all the Details so many
    Dark and Individual Grains of Sands of
    Beach Becomes more the Social Empathic
    Artistic or what some may name as ‘God’ Side
    of the Mind as Chaos MaGiC Colors Full Moon
    Right Hemisphere Mind Much Bigger Picture of LiFE
    oF LiGHT Living
    All Of Life
    to Be
    And Gratitude
    SaMe BaLanCinG
    Gravity.. We Move
    Now We Float We
    Fly Light Springs
    We See the Wind
    Once Again We are
    the Full Moon Shining Bright
    for All to See our Wind Thanks
    For Sharing Your Inspiring Lines
    As Well as the inspiring Line of Your
    Friend.. For true the Glow of Moon Will thaw our HeART for ART…
    i Agree i Used to Live On A Dark Side of A Moon too.. A View is Grey
    Scale ANoTHeR Side of A Moon is LiterAlly Heaven Within NoW
    On Top of That/This Science Agrees With me THere IS A
    Social Empathic Artistic ‘God’ ParT of A Mind And A
    Dark Side of A Moon In Other Words Most
    Everything i Sing Is Almost Meaningless
    to Psychopathic Leaning Folks… Tested
    This Hypothesis Innumerably… Clue:
    Psychopathic Leaning Folks Have
    Great Difficulty Interpreting
    Metaphors Voila Explaining
    So Much in Life Keeping me Safe
    Best Forgiving ‘Them’ For What They
    Do Not See of ‘Wind’ Until You Give Them
    A Thorn Worth Pulling Out For FLoWeR RiSinG God Rose
    Same Old Story The Human Condition Apocalypse Original
    Greek Definition Removing Veils oF iGnorance Hard to Do Still
    Not Everyone Understands Metaphors of Poetry or ‘A Bible’…
    Not Everyone Understands Love or Breathes God for
    Real as ‘Wind’ IF God Is Truly Love And You
    Elect A Man to Lead Your Nation With
    Zero Levels of Empathy Guess
    What You Just Shot God in Public…
    A Nation Truly Under A God oF LoVE WiLL
    Find A Way to Bend ‘The Rules’ to Make Love
    And God ReaL NoW JusT NoW LOVE If You Are Not
    Pissed Either You Are Ignorant of the Pain And Suffering
    of The Little Children (Jesus) Or You Do Not Have A HeART
    ‘i want my Daddy to Come Back And God to Protect HiM’ iN A
    Nation Where There is No God at Top or Bottom MiNioN Brew
    i Realize WHere i Live i am Mostly SpeaKinG to ‘The Wind’ Sadly
    Most Folks Do Not HeaR ‘The Wind’ Dancing Singing Back Within
    Clue: Those Are Not ‘Real Men’ Only Symbols of Men Trying to Find
    ‘The Wind’ ‘The Way’ Many Metaphors to Seek and Find God Within
    Funny How So Many ‘Men’ Worry About Penis Size Instead of How
    Big A ‘Bible’ of Dance And Song They Do in Life As ‘Wind’.. MuSiC
    MaGiC CoMMoN BonD SonG Lifting Dance God As Us Higher NoW
    Higher Frequencies of Vibrations EnergY iN Synergy Light Humans
    Moving Connecting Co-Creating DancE LiGHT LoVE NoW… i Do Not Go to A
    Dance Hall to ‘Grab cats’ i Go to Make God More As Humans Receive And Create
    Light Yes PurE LoVE (God) Energy NoW There iS AN OppoSite Example “Anti-Christ”
    iN A World Now An Anxious Psychopathic Leader.. Sadly A WorsT DiSEaSE oF aLL Zero
    Empathy TRuST Me or NoT When i Dance And Sing i am Going to BRinG ‘JeSuS’ BacK to LiFE
    iF iT iS A Last And First Dance i DO ETeRNaLLY NoW… No As Far As God Breathes Not Even
    A Breath of ‘Wind’ MEANwhile ‘You’ Assist in Inciting Spree Killings And Ripping Parents From Children On A First Day of School Not A Good Look Nope… Better Yet ‘They’ Smile to Heights
    of Heaven Within Without A Word Connecting Light of DancE (GoD) SMiLes AND F NO YOU DON’T NEED A SINGLE CAESAR COIN IN YOUR POCKET AND NO YOU DO NOT GRAB
    cats WOMEN Purr With A Number 1 Finger NOT SORRY Trump There Is Living Like A Rock
    Star And Really Living Like A Rock Star The Difference Is In Men Who Do The (GoD) Dance
    SMiLes only if ‘Christians’
    would really believe that
    when two or more Folks
    Connect ‘God’ Is ‘Present’
    Immigrants would not
    Seem such a Threat
    to ‘who’ ‘they’ ‘are’
    Meanwhile NoW
    i Spiral Dance
    Around ’them’
    NoW Without
    Saying A Word
    Just as ‘i AM’… NoW FoR ReaL…
    Smiles Lynn Considering that Jesus is
    Reported to teach When two or more
    Humans Connect God is Present We
    Are All Neurons And our Globe Now From Left to Right
    Hemispheres Connecting
    Increasingly is God’s
    Brain Lighting up Now
    Like.. A Multi-Coloring
    Christmas Tree Perhaps
    Considering All Life All
    Existence Connects this
    Way As God More Now that
    People See This Common
    Wind as All our True
    Reality Gratitude For
    Every Small Particle
    Wave And Field of
    Dreams ALL connecting
    Will Bring A Greater
    Feel and Sense of
    Well Being Beyond
    All Words For this
    Present Gift of
    Existence For
    Those Who
    Come to See
    This Eternal
    Wind the
    The Great i Am..:)

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  4. First of all thanks for the video Fred.
    Second I want to tell you that the world has a lot of Trumps my friend.
    I was so sad a few days ago when I saw a woman from Iraq.. Blood was everywhere in her body.. Seemed to be tortured and raped.. There was a board besides her. The board has a word written on it. Ten dollars. A woman is sold for ten dollars by IsIs in Iraq just because she’s not a Muslim. Shame to humanity.
    Mercy became a rare coin these days my friend.
    But good is always there.
    Keep dancing.. Keep giving my dear friend ☺🌷💐
    Smiles of hope for a better tomorrow!!

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  5. SMiLes my FriEnd Sohair what is so sad is it is the Majority
    of ‘Christians’ in the Electorate of the United States who still
    Support Trump after He never made it a Secret from the Beginning
    For What His Motivations are in Life Are.. Namely Him and that’s It.. Shooting
    Someone in Public Almost Pales in Comparison Now to all of His Human
    Spiritual Destruction The Disease of No Empathy is a Real Disease
    And the Potential for a
    Demagogue to Arise When
    Any Community Of People Who
    Live in Scarcity turn that Fear and Anger
    into harming other Folks is as ‘Good’ As
    A Done Deal now.. True You Are Correct Love
    Is Stronger Love is Healing Love is the Faith that is Real..:)

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  6. Hi Fred..
    I was notified that you have a new video on utube.. I am going to watch it right now..
    Good morning and have a great day my friend🌷💐

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  7. Hi.. Thanks Sohair.. Very inspiring Your Support
    Is my Friend Going to
    Youtube now to share
    A Reply for inspiration
    too that Songs of
    John Michael
    Talbots Many
    That i Sing
    to my Life
    Steering more
    Toward A Pure
    Light Force of
    For ALL..:)

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  8. Great idea and a wonderful step towards success and happiness..thanks a lot dear friend for sharing your thoughts here..highly appreciated 🌸🌸🌸

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  9. Oh my message is simple. It is clear. It is my life’s passion.

    In life, ultimately, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!!

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  10. In my country there are more and more poor people. I always try to do somthing for them and for their children. But not all prople here are like me. They don’t think to poor people. They think only about shopping.
    I always try to save children from violence and sadness. I try to tell faury stories to let them smile. But that is only a little thing.
    Government don’t think about poor people. Even religious people don’t help poor people.
    They are selfish and without love in their heart. I hope one day all people could have love and richness and have food and peace.
    Love to you and to your family.
    Love for you all ❤

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