The Seed…

You should be sure that you are talented…

You should be sure that you are unique…

You were not created to resemble millions of people….

But you came to life for a holy mission to discover your own jewel and value it…

Every body should know that behind his /her ordinary appearance lies a seed….the seed of genius…

You should search for that seed and try to find it…

After that….every thing will be possible…

Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud…



39 thoughts on “The Seed…

  1. Seeds of many kind grow in our ❤️ Every day ….. some of doubt some of fear and we hold fast so often to the world of possessions and surround ourselves with walls of to drown out the cries of those less fortunate than ourselves. Give thanks for the seed of fortune and the one who gave us life and seeds of doubt will disappear.
    A book l read so long ago by Descartes about mediatation said without doubt there must be God by any other name ….. Amen 🙏’s For those searching for the way to rid themselves of all doubt ….

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  2. Well said Ian…Amen to that…
    Great words indeed…
    God bless you dear…
    Thanks a lot..
    Have a great day :-):-):-)


  3. Death LifeLove
    Fear Dies
    Freedom Lives

    Clothes of Cultural Fear Destroy all Human
    Love Potential in Positive Force of Faith and
    Belief in Will as Practice of Grace and Strength
    Where the
    Words that
    God That Lives
    As the Force The
    Pure Positive Force
    oF Light as Love Loves
    to Hear Most are the Four
    Words that are rather simple
    iN any Language
    But so Powerful
    When True
    the Four
    “i Believe iN me”
    Where the i and the me
    And the You as Well as Us
    And We is the Force of God without
    Fear that is the Love that is the Driving
    Force of Will to Exist in all that is Existence
    Light Being
    Children of
    Light the Love the
    Force the Will of God Within…
    It’s True long ago in a Story a Man
    Called Jesus said if you Believe in me
    That is the Force of God Naked Within NoW
    Without any Illusory Fears of Cultural Clothes
    That the me that is God in You
    Will Do Greater Works
    than me if
    You Believe
    in the Force
    of God Within
    Even more than
    the You that is me
    And Do Greater Works of
    Human Potential in the Love
    oF Light The Will of Existence more..
    Love True Love Seeks Light A River Never
    River Flows
    Tides Go out and Come
    in Shores Recede and Expand
    And the Force Within the Light the
    Pure Positive Force of Love Without Fear
    Will Travel one way up Easily Enduring Raging
    Waves of Life for Peace and Harmony when the Force
    of God
    Will Live
    As Our Index Finger
    And Our Middle Finger
    Together Raised aS ONe Force of God Within..
    For Whatever Still and or Moving Meditation of Life Works in Practice
    in Prayer of Peace and Harmony the i that and who Believes in me as You
    God SMiLes
    when one
    Seeks and
    Finds the Force
    of God and Lights up
    With Existence as is Allone Alive
    Smiles my Friend Some Folks Live
    As Ever Green Trees Some Folks Live
    As Brown Dead Trees as Visibly Now
    For Three Days the Sun will move no
    Higher on the Southern Hemisphere
    Where We Live in the Northern Hemisphere
    oF eARTh
    as the
    Sun Will Come
    Back to Higher Light at
    Midnight on the 24th as it does
    Each Morning With Breaking Light True..
    By God We Will Be Reborn Again as Light too..
    iN Will oF Faith in Strength of Love in Graceful Balancing
    oF LoVE
    Love With
    WiLL oF Faith
    iN Believe iN me
    The Me (God) that is
    You and Us and WE..
    WHere We iS All THaT iS Existence Now..
    SMiLes Soheir Thanks So Much For Sharing the Story
    of the Seed by Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud… as it is True We All
    Share the Similar DNA Gifted By the Nature of God as the Entire
    Human Species Holds Hands in This Way Whether Cognizant of this
    in Bond
    of Similarity
    And Differences in
    Potential that are only
    Limited By Fear of Can’t
    Instead of Love oF Do..
    Love of Will in
    Faith as
    Just Loving Do..
    Other than that ‘We Canaries
    in the Coal MinE/MinD” through History Have
    Proven More What the Force of Pure Positive Will
    As Love Will Do Away from Fear over and Over and
    OVER AGaiN.. for me at least as a Child who could not speak
    until age 4 Finishing the Creative Holy and Sacred Spirit in Stream
    of Consciousness Free Write of 8 Personally Written “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Sub Chapter Bibles culminating with “Grand Cross Bible 2018″ as just
    Another one of 8 King James Sized Bibles as yes that Bible Clearly Says
    in John 14:12 in the New Testament of it that if one Really Believes
    in the Force of
    God within
    that is the
    Me that is you
    that You will Do
    Greater Works than
    the me that was him
    on those Dates of Earth
    in His Human Life.. but instead
    What other Folks Focus on is that they are
    Not Worthy and instead Worship the Shell of a
    Man instead of Actually Just Doing the Teachings
    That Clearly Say You Will Do Greater Works than me..
    As any Parent Will Hope Mosts For their Child if they Really
    Love that Child as any Teacher Hopes Most for their Student
    if they Really Respect and Love Their Student.. as God Will Do
    As Love the Force that Lifts us all up as Grains of Sand into Mountains
    of Love if only
    We Believe
    As Faith Without
    Fear as Loving Force
    Higher Instead of Falling
    Lower into the Abyss of i am
    Not Worthy instead of i Will Do More
    as Motivated by my Teachers and Parents
    Who Truly Love me and Lift me up Higher than ever Before
    As True Friends will Do too as We all share the Same Flesh and
    Blood and DNA too where what truly makes us Different Most is if We
    Gift of
    Life and
    each other
    More or Less…
    SMiLes my Friend We should
    All Attest in Newer Testament Ways
    For all the Miracles we Come to See and
    Be in this Life now.. other wise a Last Child picked
    on Sports Teams in School WiLL have never Risen Differently to
    Become Athletic Director for a Military Station in a Federal Job And
    WiLL have Never Been Recognized as the Weakest Fish in the Aquarium
    As a Child and the Strongest Leg Pressing one at age 58 Among those
    3 to 4 Decades His Junior.. Nor would the 47 Year-Old Man who the
    Air Force Psychiatrist who Dealt With Combat Fatigue Veterans
    Who Assessed me with the Worse Case of Human Anxiety
    he had ever Seen in Human Total Exhaustion with
    no Prognosis For Recovery then Dance in Public
    With Zero Fear in the Same 64 Months
    it took to Write a 6.6 Million Word
    ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Bible Dancing
    Now 10,426 Miles
    every where
    he goes
    By God Naked
    with no Cultural
    Clothes where Appropriate
    And Legal For 100 Percent Proof
    he is Fearless now.. During that
    Same 64 Months of Dates for a New
    Personal Testament of what is possible
    in Just one Human Life.. it’s True it’s not about me it’s
    about what’s possible for ‘You’ to do too as Us and We become
    Than Brown Trees of Life….
    Thanks Sohair you always Bring me
    The Gifts i need Most As PaRTs of God We All are.. as WE..
    We Will Transform From Dark to Light ALWaYS NoW MoRE
    if We aRe “Ready For IT” NoW.. Yes the Force Within thE LiGHT
    of/as God NoW to Disintegrate all iLLuSory Cultural Clothes of Fear..
    For iT is True We are Born With only Two Innate Fears.. Fear of
    Loud Sounds for the Lion Roars And Will Eat us and the
    That Will Strike
    Us aS Well as Fear
    of Falling for It Is Still Better
    For Us to Become Light and Rise
    Up For If Sun Will Do iT So Will
    We Stars of God’s Nature Existing TRuLY ALiVE too….

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  4. Hi Fred dear friend…
    First of all I must apologize for you for the delayed reply…I ‘m so sorry my dear friend…
    Second Hats off for the great talk…Fred talk…I enjoyed every word…and I believe in…we are all carrying the soul of God..and we believe in God or Allah with all his names..
    The previous days were so heavy for me daughter removed the cast..but she couldn’t move her hand or use the pen in writing…I couldn’t help stop my tears…I was shocked …but when we visited the doctor he told her to practise special exercises to make her hand restore its flexbility and the ability to move…
    I helped her to do the exercises but she suffers from a great pain when she tries to use her hand…
    Tomorrow is her mid term exam of English language..and Quran…both need writing..I hope she can do well and pass…her handwriting became bad…not like before..but I told her to try..
    How are you Fred ? How is Katrina?…
    I am happy that you liked my humble post…but you are always lifting me up and support me…highly appreciated my dear friend..
    Happy holidays in US…may all your days be happy …
    Stay blessed ..
    Smiles :-):-):-):-):-)

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  5. Hello my dear friend Super Duque..sorry for the delayed reply…I was busy helping my daughter to do special exercises for her hand after she removed the cast..
    I will watch your video..
    Thanks a lot..
    Best regards my dear friend…
    Happy holidays..:-):-):-)

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  6. Thanks a lot for the good wish..but I do not celebrate Christmas..I am a moslem..I believe in Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him..prophet and messanger of Allah)…
    Merry Christmas for you my friend and happy holidays…
    Highly appreciated dear 🙂

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  7. Hi Sohair.. Thanks So Much for the Holiday Wishes and it sounds Like
    Your Daughter is Having to go through the similar Physical Therapy
    that Katrina Had to Go through to get as much use from Her Hand
    after Her Hand was immobilized for So Long During the Surgeries
    Associated with Skin Grafts for the Burn on Her Hand She
    Suffered Last March as Lord Knows
    that was a 6 Month Trial for Her
    to get through then and
    in some ways of
    course me
    And i do keep
    Your Daughter in my
    Prayers that Her Therapy
    Will Be Successful and she will
    Do Well on Her School Challenges too..
    i have been Very Fortunate my Friend Soheir
    to Connect to most all my Good Friends and Acquaintances
    This Holiday Season as well as Extended Family Members too
    on my Side and Katrina’s Side of the Family Too as the Season for
    Human Connections is always a Fine Fashion And Tradition to Do
    In Life
    it is a bit
    sad that
    the Full
    Faucet of Love
    may only Be Turned
    Full on During the Holiday
    Season Here but True Work and
    Life in General Brings Much Responsibility
    And Accompanying Stress and i for one am Very
    Fortunate not to live in that Place of Stress anymore
    as one will Accomplish so much more with or without
    Pay When Stress and Fear is no Part of our Existence
    A Lion
    or such is
    About to Eat
    Us Whole.. as that
    is What Stress the source
    of Most Human Disease and
    Disorder Originally comes From
    Anyway is yes Fear the Greatest
    Enemy Fear that most of Us Meet iN LiFE
    That takes Us Away From Life to Living Death more..
    On Forward
    for the Present
    For that is what God’s
    Evolving Nature in Us
    Does For Free iN LiGHTS oF eYes FoR LoVE MoRE..:)

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  8. You Know and Feel and Sense
    mY Very Nice and Loving FriEnd
    Sohair.. A Wonderful Teacher of Her
    Religion And For Young Women still in
    Her Country of Egypt.. How BeautifuL it
    Is That We Humans Will Co-Create Abstract
    Constructs in Art And See so Much Beauty iN
    Nature that Reflects our Emotions and Senses to
    Give and Share
    to Our Family
    And Friends
    Reaching out now so
    Much Farther to others
    When We Give and Share
    That Love Publicly With All oTHeRS
    too on a Globe that is finAlly Holding
    Hands As Humans With LoVe iN Common Most
    Fearless And Free to Be Crystal Lights of Snow
    Flakes We all Are Different And SamE as Well.. F For
    Flower F For Sun Flower And Fred iN FRiEnD FoR You
    too mY
    FriEnd Sohair
    As ‘They’ Say at
    Least Now it’s the
    Heart That Counts
    And the Letters of
    FLoWeRS That
    Dance and
    Sings SPiRiT
    oF SoUL MosT
    For ALL Water Colors
    oF LoVE That And Who
    Comes From DaRKesT Abyss
    BLack And All the Grey SHades of Life Colored
    More by What We Bring Best From God WiTHIN…
    mY FRiEnD
    Sun FLoWeRS FoR aLL..
    Thank You For This Flower..:)

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  9. Hi Fred my dearest are you?
    I do not know what to say..
    But please accept my apology dear ..I had to delete your comment on my other post because you talked about the death of my husband..I do not people feel pity for me.I am a strong woman..
    I hope that u understand my situation and do not be upset..
    You are a dear friend..I do not want to lose you ..

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  10. FriEnd Ship is not only Two or more
    Boats on an Ocean
    Who Cherish
    Waves of
    And Love to Lift
    Each other Up but
    Also Always an
    Art not waking
    Waves too
    High Making it
    Difficult for
    The other
    The Ocean Whole
    Of Life.. SMiLes My
    FriEnd You could
    Lose Your
    My Ship
    And i Would Still
    Return to Love my
    FriEnd Sohair.. No
    Worries my
    No Matter
    What our Differences
    In Seeing Our
    Worlds.. You Are
    A Wind Behind
    mY Sail
    LiFE NoW…
    Soul Mates are those
    People who help Evolve Our Souls
    And Yes they May
    Be Our Best
    Or Even
    As Yellow Boy
    Came Out oF
    The Wild
    Save the
    Last Breath
    Of my Soul…
    That’s the Kind
    Of FriEnd You
    Are to
    Yellow Boy
    And Katrina
    In Some Ways
    Bite And Scratch
    me Most Everyday…
    i Love them
    No Less
    For i
    A Strongest
    Man As Love
    That is an Understanding
    Wave that Love
    IS A Wave to
    Never Falling
    Off but always
    Getting Up As Love
    Even More
    To Float
    Ship NoW
    More Peaceful in Life.. No FriEnd has
    Ever Lost me.. not even
    Those who
    Hate me Most
    For i am an
    Love that
    Is Too
    To See the Bottom
    As i See God mY
    i Have
    To Gift You
    For The Present oF
    Now it is No Jest
    F R E D
    Is Real
    For God
    Makes me This Way
    And i Don’t Fight
    For Calm
    Seas Of Love..:)

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