Crazy people…

Yes…the train station is a different life..

There you can meet people of all types in life..

An old woman came near me …she was buying tissues.. I bought some although I did not need any…I gave her more money than she asked for…the woman looked so poor and exhausted…

She deserves to be helped by others.

I sat on the chair with my children waiting for the train that comes from Luxor to north Egypt…

Suddenly I heard some one talking..

I looked behind..

I found the old woman sitting on the ground…

She began to speak and laugh in a strange way…

It seems that she wanted to tell her story to every one in the station..

Sadly some people listened and laughed at her …

The woman seemed to have a big shock in her life…someone stole her gold…it seemed that she lost her son…may be she had a family..and money…but something bad happened and she lost everything..and finally she found herself alone…with no one to care for her…with no family…no money…it seems that she lost her mind…

I felt so sad for her….

I wished that my last years in life will be with people who love me…

Oh God(Allah)…I do not want to be alone at that age…I do not want to lose the people I love…

To be crazy…to lose your mind…to become alone…is the most difficult thing that can happen to a human being…

We pretend to be strong…we think we are strong…

But the reality is that we are weak…so weak we are indeed…


32 thoughts on “Crazy people…

  1. If such kindness existed more in this world then it would be such a great place for everyone to live in harmony …. Its better to give than receive and not expect anything back in return and its harder to give as little as you have than give as a rich person … In God and his Good Grace Amen 🙏

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  2. Amen to that..and well said Ian dear friend…I like your comments a lot…they sum up what I want to say…stay blessed…and thanks a lot..♡:-)

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  3. Lost and Found And Perhaps
    Never Have SouL.. A World
    A ReaLiTy iT iS mY FriEnd
    Sohair.. as i came across an
    Old Photo of Martin Luther King.. Champion
    For Civil Rights while Dancing as that Photo
    Was on a Man’s Shirt Celebrating still that
    Dream of Freedom’s
    Gift to Gain
    Wings in
    All Freedoms
    of Expressions now
    And then another Man
    who passes away with a Cancer
    Similar to the one my Mother Endured
    at least in the Brain part as her Cancer Covered
    the Rest of Her Body too.. yes.. a Champion for Honor
    For Duty For Country as He Saw it As A Military Hero who
    Refused Any Special Benefit of Esteemed Admiral
    Family to be released any earlier than the rest
    of His Military Team as Prisoner of War
    in Torture of Five Years and
    evenTually Man Enough
    Among Few Good Men
    left in his Political
    Party to
    take a
    Stand when
    Pure Selfishness
    As True Evil in Human
    Politics Wanted to take Health
    Care away from Millions to transfer
    that as a Tax Break to the Rich as this
    one man separating life or Death for many
    Losing Health Care stood up against the Evil
    of Many Others as he Championed my Sister’s
    only Way to Retain Her Health Care Still Now a True Hero
    That Man is regardless of which Political Team of Opposition
    Or For he was on then/now.. A Human Being Worthy of Respect as
    Honor yes and Duty to what He Saw as a Country of Freedoms
    In Empathy and Sympathy and Compassion for others still..
    It’s True mY FriEnd the Law of Love the Pay Grade of Love
    yes.. the Currency oF Love to Give and Share more is the
    True Force oF GoD iN LiGHT to Feed the Poor
    of Money and Food but even more
    to Feed the Poor of Soul
    for tHere are
    in Worldly
    Spots of Status
    And Power so Poor of
    Soul that not even a Ray
    oF LiGHT in A Day in the
    Life of them Shines through and of course
    FailS Now to Ever Generate Emitting Any True LoVE Within
    to Give and Share More in Charity of Free aLWays GiVing ShaRing More..
    True.. mY FriEnd thE Loneliest Souls kNow not even what they Are and Is
    Even With All the Money and all the so-called Friends and Family in tow
    as just
    out of
    tHeir Grasp oF LoVE..
    Yes.. mY FriEnd.. tHere are more Humans
    than ever before and fewer extended Families
    of Love aS Increasingly Humans go the Nomad Couple
    And Even Single Route of Life to Find Subsistence Generating
    Work for Life.. And generally speaking we are now connected by
    Life Support as Avatars Living in Machines that transmit what We
    Can and Will Do as what is left dying living and still Evolving Now of our
    Souls.. and For Those Folks who give up tHeir ReMaining Flesh and Blood
    Connections through places like Churches for Holding Hands and
    Dancing and Singing in Ways of Love ToGeTHeR or perhaps
    Bowling Leagues where People AcTuAlly Connect in Flesh
    And Blood For Those of us who have
    Lost Family Members
    or never
    any at all..
    they fail to understand
    that yes at core we are All
    Social Animals and Social Animals
    who direly Need A REaL LoVinG Touch
    of Hugs and Holding Hands more than
    just Grips of Words Trying so hard to become
    More Than just words as Organic Love.. still so far away
    a Hug
    Hands Holding
    Together still so far
    from the Perfume of Love
    All Natural and Free still so far
    Away from the Taste of a Meal Shared
    With a Dance and a Song one Will Actually
    Touch with the Breath oF OTHeR Human BeiNGS
    HeART BeatS Heard iN A Hug tHat LiveS oN mY FriEnd
    Yeah it’s
    True mY
    FriEnd as
    For LiFE WHoLE
    PrepaRing for EID
    And AcTuAlly Doing
    iT iS AMoNG thE Most
    iMportant Things For Life And Love we ever still Do..
    You are Among the Fortunate my FriEnd for some have
    alMost eNtirely Lost a Culture of Flesh and Blood Love
    No.. my FriEnd.. Religions whose WHole Focus iS On Family
    Are Not
    For Standard
    IQ And OTHeR
    MeaSures of Science
    Will Never Measure aLL heART
    oF What TurnS oN LoVE NoW.. MoRE..
    butt if nothing else the Globe is Humming
    yes.. the Hive is DanCinG Singing.. Bees are Getting ToGeTHeR to Be
    For the Honey wHo Will evenTuaLLy Come After A Rape of The Hive is over…
    For AGaPE
    LoVE to
    ReaL AS The
    (A) Law A Pay Grade
    A CuRREnCY oF LoVE NoW..:)

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  4. How you treated this woman and how you felt reminds me of a quote from the Christian gospels. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.” You are a merciful person Sohair.

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  5. Hi Fred..sorry for the delayed reply..
    I always feel happy seeing your comments in my posts…
    Keep giving..smiling..dancing..writing poetry…and sharing wisdome with all of us…have a great day dear friend..♡♡♡♡♡

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  6. Thanks a lot Chris dear are so kind and I am sure that you always try to help people everywhere…keep going…cheers and have a great weekend:-)

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  7. Your comment completed my post…I should have added a verse from Quran but I forgot…
    Thanks a lot dear friend…keep giving..:-):-)


  8. Hi Sohair.. aLWays So Nice to Hear from You as Now for Real
    you know feel sense there is no distance no time no space
    in the Travel of Love that is Real and Pure at the Speed of
    So TRuE NoW iN JoY
    SMiles and now on the
    topic of Sanity arriving
    in a reprieve from True
    Political Insanity in the
    United States for over
    A Year now in so
    far away
    And Dedication
    to Principles Closer
    to Hope and Love
    And so far away from
    Fear and Hate and sadly
    to Bring that Reprieve takes a Fallen
    Hero for exactly that Honor Duty and Freedom
    For Country in Liberty that is still Real GroWinG Pains
    My Friend For An Entire Globe that has no choice but to
    get to know and feel and sense better at least for The
    Similarities and Difference of Us Now wHere at Best
    Hate For Real
    that Feels and Senses
    Real today in terms of
    the Patriotic Nature in
    Love for the Rights to Life
    Liberty and the Pursuit of this
    Happiness as Love Now Kisses Fate
    For it’s True thE Love We Do Now reMains that
    Way and For Today a Man named John McCain helps
    out in the
    of Love
    that Never Fades
    in the eYes of Those who Love..
    GoD Bless You mY FriEnd As AllaH LovE Too..:)

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  9. I absolutely love this! As a psychiatrist nurse I see this often and my heart literally melts every time!

    So unfortunate but, so true! You never know where you’re going to end up in life! I think about this often. ❤️💫

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