Patience on the unknown…

As moslems we have a habit..

Every Friday we should read the cave chapter of the Quraan…

The cave chapter has a lot of important life topics…every time you read…you learn a new lesson…

There are a lot of stories in the cave chapter…

I will tell you one of those stories briefly…and the moral behind it.

Once upon a time prophet Moses was ordered by God(Allah) to go and search for a man called Al khedr …this man will teach him many useful things…

Moses went and after a long time of search he found Al khedr…

. He (Khidr) said: “Verily! You will not be able to have patience with me!

68. “And how can you have patience about a thing which you know not?”

69. Musa (Moses) said: “If Allah will, you will find me patient, and I will not disobey you in aught.”

70. He (Khidr) said: “Then, if you follow me, ask me not about anything till I myself mention it to you.”

71. So they both proceeded, till, when they embarked the ship, he (Khidr) scuttled it. Musa (Moses) said: “Have you scuttled it in order to drown its people? Verily, you have committed a thing “Imra” (a Munkar – evil, bad, dreadful thing).”

72. He (Khidr) said: “Did I not tell you, that you would not be able to have patience with me?”

73. [Musa (Moses)] said: “Call me not to account for what I forgot, and be not hard upon me for my affair (with you).”

74. Then they both proceeded, till they met a boy, he (Khidr) killed him. Musa (Moses) said: “Have you killed an innocent person who had killed none? Verily, you have committed a thing “Nukra” (a great Munkar – prohibited, evil, dreadful thing)!”

75. (Khidr) said: “Did I not tell you that you can have no patience with me?”

76. [Musa (Moses)] said: “If I ask you anything after this, keep me not in your company, you have received an excuse from me.”

77. Then they both proceeded, till, when they came to the people of a town, they asked them for food, but they refused to entertain them. Then they found therein a wall about to collapse and he (Khidr) set it up straight. [Musa (Moses)] said: If you had wished, surely, you could have taken wages for it!”

78. (Khidr) said: “This is the parting between me and you, I will tell you the interpretation of (those) things over which you were unable to hold patience.

79. “As for the ship, it belonged to Masakin (poor people) working in the sea. So I wished to make a defective damage in it, as there was a king after them who seized every ship by force.

80. “And as for the boy, his parents were believers, and we feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and disbelief.

81. “So we intended that their Lord should change him for them for one better in righteousness and near to mercy.

82. “And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the town; and there was under it a treasure belonging to them; and their father was a righteous man, and your Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And I did it not of my own accord. That is the interpretation of those (things) over which you could not hold patience.”

The lesson is that we have to be patient during our life journey…some events may happen to us or to other people and we ask ourselves why ?why?and why? And we find no answer…then after some time the answer comes to us…and we learn that we should have been more patient…

Life is interesting indeed….isn’t it?

Best wishes !


13 thoughts on “Patience on the unknown…

  1. My Mother’s Advice to me.. then..
    All the Days i entered and stayed
    in Hell on Earth.. “This too Shall
    Pass”.. and as to.. “why me” as
    i asked then she said
    ‘why not you’
    and of
    CourSE Fortunately
    And yes.. also Unfortunately
    the same may apply to HeaVeN
    oN EarTH WiTHIN BeinG HUMaN
    too all Warm and Cozy with God
    Nature too.. for sure my Mother’s
    Faith was unwavering no matter
    what and it carried her through
    All of LIfe’s Challenges as she
    refused to do anything less
    than have 100% Faith
    as Belief that
    work out
    as she Prayed
    For to God and By
    God overall it did.. And she
    refusing to even take a small
    Government Subsidization on her
    Meager Social Security Income as she
    Cashed in her Federal Employment Retirement
    to Graduate from University and Become a Social
    Worker instead of the Clerical and Editorial Work
    she always did as as an Assistant to the Navy Military
    where we live.. she made her Dreams Come true By Sheer WiLL True
    iN Faith as Belief with Plenty of Love for her Two Children non-wavering
    no matter what as that is what Unconditional Love is for any Real Mother
    as Love.. Her motto was.. yes.. be Patient Have Total Belief as Faith and what
    matters most is that you are Happy in life and help others but it’s true my FriEnd
    i do wanna do more for as some folks where i live do… she didn’t worry too much
    about folks outside our Nation’s Borders.. as for me my Family is Global and i don’t
    See Borders
    People anymore
    Who are Human BeinG
    now.. although i understand
    why most folks do as Humans..
    most of them.. just aren’t cut out to
    Love more than what meets their eyes
    in close proximity of Flesh and Blood Acquaintances
    And Friends in Limited Numbers of moving and connecting
    and co-creating with each other in Peace and Harmony now…
    some folks are more closed minded on this and some folks are
    more open minded.. so.. yeah.. one can and will do their best to understand
    both ways of
    Looking at
    the World
    and some without
    Borders and Walls now
    And Ceilings and Floors WiTH
    More Than As Open God SKeYes For
    ALL.. so.. we do what we can and will but
    for those who are Patient and Keep the WiLL
    oF Faith as Grace Will LoVE as Strength even when
    the Feelings may go away underneath.. Victory comes
    Without the Vengeance that many folks Fall to in Tribal
    Nature too.. For True Love is Patient Never Fearing to Run Away..
    Other than that.. Best Wishes and Hopes and Prayers again that the
    Testing of
    the High School
    Girls you Teach
    For Exams Are Going Well.. Sohair..:)

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  2. Hi Fred 🙂
    How have you been?
    How is Katrina?
    Is the burn pain better than before?
    I hope that she is better now.
    The work at my school is a lot but the week passed safely…thank Allah for everything…next week insha Allah will be a busy one also …
    Ramadan month will be after a few days….it is the month of fasting as you know.
    The weather is sunny here…today strong winds blew and it was dusty every where…
    I enjoyed reading your comment a lot.
    Your mom seemed to be a lady of strong faith…her belief in God is great indeed and so you are Fred and your wife also.Faith and strong belief is the thing and the only thing that makes us go on despite of all life challenges and obstacles .
    Life is good with kind friends…thank you so much my dear kind friend Fred..
    Tomorrow is a vacation here…but mothers do not have a vacation….
    Best regards my dear friend…smiles 🙂

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  3. Jonathan my dear friend…thanks a lot for the reblog and for the comment…I appreciate that a lot.
    Have a great day 🙂

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  4. A Red Breasted Cardinal Came to my
    Writing Window For View A Bird for
    Faith and Sign For Belief
    As LoVE’S WiLL Never
    Gives up
    And What A
    Present Today for
    What might other wise
    be an extended Hospital Stay
    ended up being a 5 Hour Stay
    And a Skin Graft off of Katrina’s Thigh
    for Her Leg and a Waiting Room For me
    With Magnolia Brown.. yes.. Maiden Name of
    an 88 year Old Great Grand Mother as a Retired
    Patient Care Employee of the Hospital in a State away
    from us.. as she worked there for 35 years caring for Patients
    in the Burn Unit and today she was there giving support to her
    Son-in-Law who was Retired from the Army and as a Greyhound
    Bus Driver.. for these African American Folks had Deep Stories of Love
    And Family Life Close to a Century of Life as a talk with me for 2 Hours
    where the Focus of their entire Life is God is Love Incarnate as the Life they
    still give and share with others as Later Her Daughter.. the Wife of the Son in
    Surgery and Her Church Friend from a Small African American Pentecostal
    Church all came to Hold Hands in Support for their Family Member in
    Surgery.. as my friEnd.. where i live it is so rare for folks to sit
    at any bus stop of life and give and share the Book
    of tHeir LiFE to imPart Their Soul as ParT
    of others to unify with as
    Stronger as Love
    Flows as
    Ocean WHoLe
    God Waves we all
    No Matter Nation Religion
    Tint of Skin or other Difference
    Love Bleeds Red and Love Connects
    as Fresh Rose no matter space time or
    Distance beYond MeaSuRE oF iNiFiNiTY Now
    And i told them how special they were as they
    were my friends from the beginning as i related my
    Friendship to them from Muslim Friend Sohair in Egypt
    as she doesn’t mind me sharing the Book of My Life and i surely
    enjoy all of what Sohair tells me of the Book of Her Life too for life
    is a Story too Special not to make every Stranger into a Friend as Love now..
    And in Honor of
    My Mother i did
    my best to give
    that Caring Woman
    who gave so much to people
    in all the decades of her life the
    Gift of Love From Stranger as Friend
    who only cares to Bring a Smile to others now..
    i had my Wolf Shirt on as another African American
    Waitress at the Buffet Place we ate at asked us to sit down
    with her as she shared her Book of Life and a Woman who
    Was Dressed like an American Indian who saw my Wolf Shirt across
    the Dining Room Area Brought Her Story of Working at a Wolf Reserve
    and how those Wolves Brought Kind Love to Strangers who visited who
    were missing Love then.. And in American Indian Folklore they call that
    Storied Spirit SheWolf for SheWolf Cares for the Entire Village now.. For
    the most important
    Part of
    Life is
    The Love A
    Story Brings to
    Other eYes as SMiLes as
    Life is Better as a Story of LoVE mY FriEnd SoHair.. so..
    Thanks For Being you JusT For Being You Sohair From Egypt..
    And Katrina is Doing Great as the Doctors Gathered Around her
    Pre-oP Bed at the Hospital Marveling at what they said was a
    Specimen of Human who doesn’t seem to age.. and even with
    A Scarred Hand NoW aS Beautiful as ever For the Spirit of Youth Within Lives NoW…
    SMiLes.. i am taking a Break from what would have been my 212th Dance Week tonight With All the Metro
    Area College Age
    but hey
    who takes
    care of me
    iS More iMportant toNight..
    aS my Neighborhood Block
    As Road Free Will Accept A
    Dance from me now at any
    Hour Day And Night For
    Give me just
    3 Feet
    i WiLL
    Dance With God allone..
    WiTH SMiLeS… heHe.. True
    Though iT’s Easier to Dance with 2 feet aS oNe iN JoY..
    aS oNe Force oF LoVE Wild And Free AGaiN iN UnioN WiTHiN GoDNoW..:)

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  5. Good moorning Fred…6:10 am in Egypt…
    The most important is that you keep dancing in all conditions Fred dear friend…I am sure Katrina will recover soon insha Allah…
    God bless you all…take care Fred and be happy please…always..

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  6. Good Morning.. SMiLes.. i Mean Afternoon
    in Egypt to you now too.. Sohair And
    Thanks for the Kind
    And Wishes
    For me to Keep
    uP mY DaNCinG for
    it is surELy a HeaLinG
    Exercise For me to Keep
    ‘it’ (God) All ToGeTHeR
    W i T H i N a S F O R C E
    WeLL OiLeD in Peace
    And Harmony to
    Keep me
    iN Synch
    NoW as A loVE
    ArT Rather than
    A Machine Science
    HuMaN RoBoT NoW..:)

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