A part of the picture…

Do not judge people..do not think bad of them…do not translate or interpret their deeds and actions quickly..give them excuses…

Life is so hard…every one has his own pain and troubles even if it seems the contrary….

The picture is not complete…you only see a part of it…

So when you give excuses to others your heart will be secure and safe…

Allah says

O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin.….

Al Hojoraat Chapter

Verse 12

يا أيها الذين آمنوا اجتنبوا كثيرا من الظن إن بعض الظن إثم

سورة الحجرات الاية 12

61 thoughts on “A part of the picture…

      1. Peace be with u July…yes I judge people also but life taught me to always give excuses to other people’s behaviour….so that I do not have passive feelings to any body in the world…
        Best regards July and thanks for being part of my post 🙂

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      2. ليس كل مايتمناه الانسان يكون خيرا له
        الصداع هيفجر دماغى تعبت
        English translation please, and you write it in the comment section if you don’t mind 😁

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      3. 🙂
        I said not everything we wish is good for us and then I said that I have a strong headache.
        Sometimes I write my thoughts in the comment section because that makes me better…I am weird…aren’t me 😀

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  1. SMiLes.. Sohair.. As i lEarn something new for of all of
    God’s Nature iN/aS aLL Of Creation that is different from me..
    And often.. i learn the most from those who are so
    different from me..
    so.. i don’t
    anyone or
    anything or
    even nothing
    from the Total Pie
    as Nature Creation and
    Beyond as God Ocean Whole
    for Metaphor of CouRSE.. anYWay..
    mY FriEnd.. the last few days have surely
    been turmoil for Katrina received some news
    from a Burn Center Doctor he might have to remove
    her index finger but fortunately when he took off her bandage
    the Wound had healed where that was not necessary as he based
    that news on a photo of the wound shared when she came in the
    Emergency Treatment Room on Saturday and they also said she may
    have to stay in the Hospital that is another State away from our home
    for Two Weeks but thank Goodness that is changed now where she may
    be able to come home as soon tomorrow… if she does well after a surgery
    tomorrow that will graft synthetic skin on the top of her hand as she will
    wait for her own skin graft after that procedure heals.. anyway.. all this Dark
    of Difference in the Nature of our lives for so long that has been practically
    Stress free for what most folks deal with in life.. relatively speaking.. teaches
    me the value of what i’ve learned and the tools of life that keep me from sinking
    to the Deeper dArk away from liGHT.. as i am born with that propensity for both both
    And DaRK
    mY FriEnd aS
    An oPen HeaRT
    LeaRNS GRoWinG
    A SPiRiT oF SoUL STRongeR
    iN Greater Grace oF LoVE WiLL…:)

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    1. Hello Fred dear friend…my posts are not complete without your precious comments.
      Oh dear Katrina I thought that the burn was superficial but it seems to be a profound one….I am so sorry for her…she is a kind hearted person …she helps children in the society and she is a real sinsere wife .May she recover soon and her pain will be in the scale of good deeds in the day of judgment…as we are rewarded by God for any bad thing that offend us in life.
      Why you consider yourself different Fred….I do not know much about autistic features.. all I know is that autistic people are more intelligent and more sensistive than all people….so you are gifted by God.I do not feel that you are different…your knowledge is vast and great….your abilities are great also…you are successful in your life…
      May Allah protect you and your dear wife my friend…may all your days be happy…smiles of hope ♡:-):-):-)

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      1. SMiLes my friEnd Sohair.. thanks for the Sweet Words and Kind Prayer
        and Wishes for Katrina’s Recovery and that is a very nice
        compliment too about Autistic Folks in General for
        some can and will be very Sensitive and
        SmART too but in all things
        Human we are unique
        in our own ways
        too and that is what
        i mean by Different as not
        Different in a Bad way just
        Unique as Snow Flake Humans
        will be in Original God Nature
        as Created all for holding Hands
        together with each unique talent
        for the entire Group of Humans to survive
        best.. true.. we need an entire palette and beyond
        to make Survival and Thrive Work of Being Human now..
        i’m still
        on MaKinG
        MoRE Colors my
        Dear FriEnd Sohair and
        not close to running out of
        additional ones as life is full
        of moving connecting and co-Creating
        With God Nature STiLL.. i’ll take my self
        just the way i am and everyone else too just
        the way they are as an i am now too.. all paRT
        oF GoD WHoLE Best in LiGHT oF LoVE NoW sTiLL MoRE..:)

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      2. Yes Fred..
        I agree with you my friend…
        Thank you so much for the comment and for being here..
        Have a wonderful day in Florida..
        Smiles of happiness 🙂

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      1. sMiLes.. Sohair.. Thanks for Taking the Effort on
        Your only Friday Weekend Day to Check up on
        Katrina who is doing much better
        Now rested away from her
        Hospital Stay.. as i relayed
        your Kind Wishes of Love and
        Respect to her.. and we are still
        Visiting the Hospital every few days
        in the Next State over to a Specialized
        Wound Care Unit for the Unique Burn Treatment
        they Provide there in terms of Synthetic Skin Grafts
        that Heal the Underlying Tissues so one’s own Human
        Skin Will Graft Better.. as that Surgery that may require her
        to stay in the Hospital overnight will be in a couple to few weeks
        from now soon.. anyway.. reminds me of all the commuting i did when
        i worked in the Next City over back in my early 40’s in if i remember correctly
        is close to your Age now.. and how tired and really totally exhausted without the
        Energy to do much at the end of the day except work-out and play a little Video
        Game and Watch TV 10 Minutes and do the same Routine 5 days a week and
        then get all the House Chores and Store Bought Goods for Subsistence
        caught up on the Weekend even though Katrina did most of the
        Handiwork and Footwork of that while i tagged along..
        anyway.. it always took me the Full Two Days to
        Recuperate enough to do the Five Days
        again as the School Effort
        made it through 19 years
        And Work for 33 years too..
        that seems like other Worlds
        away now no longer adhering to anyone
        else’s Schedule for me until now for these
        Healing Procedures for Katrina to get well..
        And True.. it affirms to me that if i hadn’t
        turned to ill and escaped that Wash
        Rinse and Dry Cycle of Life
        this ink well of Words
        Would Still be
        as Dry
        as it
        was when
        i started Writing
        these 12 Million or so Words
        back on Thanks Giving Day to Escape
        the Pain i had up to that point in 2010 for
        33 months then with no effective use of my eyes
        and ears for stuck ‘tween my ears then where the
        Stress of Work was surely desirable over that Hell
        Within.. anyway.. i’m sort of waveRing own here
        as i really do need some sleep as perhaps
        i’ll get back to the more invincible
        Feeling Fred without Work that
        Most folks are bound to do
        for Bucks as we don’t
        have to Travel back
        to the Hospital until
        Tuesday comes back for Trip..
        True.. in some ways it is a Vacation
        Away from Writing and in some ways
        it is even more inspiration for Writing
        so it all comes out in the MiX as A-OK to me
        WiTH SMiLES Still as you are likely awaking now
        to Saturday Morning Prayers Before your Work Week
        Starts again after just one day’s rest for what you do
        in Service to Teaching High School Girls now and i’m
        thinking better yet hoping that is easier as far as Behavioral
        Issues of what Young Folks Have in School today.. as it’s true
        no outside play over here in the States attached to Electronic
        Devices can make some very Irritable Children too.. who need
        to Play more in Flesh and Blood and be more than the Tools they
        use for
        most of what
        Folks See of Culture
        these days in 5 inch
        Screens or Less so
        beLow the
        Sunsets that
        Go On iN HuMaN
        iMaGiNaTion and
        CReativity Forevermorenow
        sure.. in other words.. i do too..
        Happy Saturday Sohair for all it is.. too..:)

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      2. Good morning Fred dear friend..I am happy to know that Katrina is better now…
        I am off my work this week except for Monday and Thursday…
        The next two weeks will be very hard work because the final exams will start…in my school the girls enjoy sports and social work besides computer and electronics…
        My daughter has her final exams this week …I got her to the school and returned home …I will go after two hours to bring her back home…I hope she will do well in her exams..I am so worried though I helped her in studying as much as I can…but as you know children do not care for anything except playing ..she is in grade four of primary school.Her brother is asleep now..he finished his school term ..he is in Kg2.
        Best wishes Fred dear friend…thanks a lot for the reply …smiles ☺👍

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      3. SMiLes again Sohair and best wishes for the success of
        Your Daughter’s test taking endeavors and your
        Efforts in Grading Papers of Students to come
        in the next few weeks.. and i am happy to
        hear that the Social Life and
        Physical Education
        Activities are
        still paramount in
        Your Schools in Egypt for
        where i live after 9th grade..
        Physical Education is no longer
        even a requirement to take as the
        ‘foolish’ don’t seem to understand that
        Good Physical Health and exercise raises
        IQ points even as much as 10 Points if exercise
        is done for an hour before an IQ test.. specifically..
        As Ignorance in the Physical Health of Movement and
        reduction of Face to Face Physical Play Among Children in
        Informal Settings of Interaction is creating a Generation of
        Children more subject to the propensity of being Aloof and
        Dead inside with complex Psychological Problems so may the
        where you
        live continue
        to play for while
        the development of
        the intellect is important
        the Soul Plays my FriEnd with
        Imagination and Co-Creation with
        other Human Beings and Nature set
        Free for what ‘Society’ says i correct is
        often the subject of Future Misery
        Love Company in a Life Evolving
        for Humans to Hold Hands
        Moving Connecting
        and Co-Creating
        as Play
        for the
        every day
        survive and thrive for
        Life that makes this Life
        Heaven now relatively speaking
        instead of Humans who live as Tools
        And Machines as Cogs in ‘the machine’
        of Culture that is more heartless and spiritless
        iN emotions and soulless out of mind and body balance
        that shines God Forth as Love rather empty within held hostage..:)

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      4. Well said Fred..I always learn a lot from your precious comments…I also agree with every word you said…
        Be happy my friend..
        Have a wonderful weekend…
        Smiles of hope ♡:-)


  2. bonjour Sohair…
    Dieu fait toujours en sorte
    d’ôter notre Doute,
    alors, si au départ d’une situation,
    notre Esprit interprète plus ou moins bien,
    par la suite,
    les actes nous révèlent ce que nous supposions…
    car Dieu
    fait tout à la Perfection,
    protège les Siens sur le Chemin…

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    1. Thank you so much Jonathan dear friend …yes I agree with you Christianity and Islam are the branches of the same tree…
      Thank you so much for the comment…best regards ☺

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  3. You are a good man, I think. Do you know the expression ‘the benefit of the doubt’?
    e.g. ‘You think he is dishonest, but don’t judge him. Give him the benefit of the doubt.’
    I think you’d find the expression useful.
    Warm greetings from Pat

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    1. Hi Pat …thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment…yes..I agree with your view…well said dear.
      By the way I am a lady
      Have a great day ☺

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