How old are you?

Of course I am not going to ask you about ur age…I will tell you a story instead..I hope it will be a nice one..

(Once upon a time there was a farmer called Ahmed…an active man who likes all the people in his village .Ahmed had a neighbour called Adel…He considered Adel as his brother…Adel always hurts Ahmed with bad words…he is a cruel hearted person..but Ahmed always forgives him cause he loves him as a brother..Ahmed has no brothers..only four sisters…

One morning Ahmed got out of his house to begin working at his farm….

Here comes Adel and said”Good morning old fellow”

Ahmed said “I am only 10years older than you…moreover I look younger than my real age…you shouldn’t talk with me like that”

Adel continued talking and hurting his neughbour.

Ahmed had a brilliant idea…

He asked Adel to join him in a journey through the time machine…he suggested to go to ten years forward in the future…then he can see how Adel looks like after ten years..

Adel agreed..

They rode through the time machine and when it arrived to the future after some seconds…the two men got out of the time machine …

They went directly to the house of Adel…they knocked the door…

Adel’s mother opened the door…she did not recognize them..

Ahmed asked her “where is Adel…we are his friends…we want to meet him..”

The mother was surprised and told them”How can u be his friends….do not you know?????

She completed “Adel died 9 years ago..”…

The two men walked silently to the time machine to return home..

Before they opened the door …they glimpsed Ahmed far from the distance…he was working on his farm …active as he was always “…

The morals are many for this short story…but the most important is that…Do not look at how old are you….Look for the remaining of ur age…of course you do not know how many years or days you will have…but try to live a true life…try to leave a good thing before you leave…do not be a load over people…do not use ur tongue to hurt others…Your tongue is ur farm…plant it well…make it full of flowers and nice smells…

Words can change the world to better or worse..

Words can kill people and they can also restore them again into life…

May your age be long and fruitful.Amen.

God says in the Koraan…moslems holy book…


24. See you not how Allah sets forth a parable? – A goodly word as a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e. very high).

25. Giving its fruit at all times, by the Leave of its Lord and Allah sets forth parables for mankind in order that they may remember.

26. And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree uprooted from the surface of earth having no stability)

Peace be with you ♡


51 thoughts on “How old are you?

  1. Yes ☺
    Good mooring Chris and happy Tuesday day ahead too…
    Wish u a great time with ur classes..our creative teacher..

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  2. Ha ha ha 😀
    You always make me laugh yuulye…
    Thank you so much for the comment and being a part of my post…
    Be happy always..
    God bless and thanks😆

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  3. First of all.. Happy International Woman’s Day.. Sohair.. and
    i see here that i missed this Post of yours as i did see the
    Notification on the last one.. I will attend to shortly..
    True.. just a Thank you or a Kind Hello or even
    a Smile could save a Human World for True
    we Humans most all can and will use
    some kind encouragement
    in a day now that could
    turn the tide
    for eventual
    Miraculous Change..
    i must say this is true for when the first person
    then who actually befriended me online in 2013
    with kind words of support for true too it actually
    took years for that to actually happen for i resided
    in a place online that by very Nature people treated other
    folks more like objects than feeling sensing human beings..
    not a good place to be.. but the only place I could feel comfortable
    doing anything to escape pain then… Sometimes I go back to try to offer
    encouragement but it does not seem to matter for there is an opaque window
    that the others can not seem to break through to sense and feel Humanity more..
    still though.. i never
    give up now even
    after 7 Years of visiting
    a place that is very much
    like sort of a Purgatory or
    Hell online still… Anyway.. when it seemed
    like i finally met a real Human Being online
    just a few kind words of friendship inspired me
    to start blogging and hey.. the rest is a long HIStory
    of me.. heHe.. it’s amazing though how far small
    acts of kindness will go for i surely smile at folks
    kindly with kind words whether they receive the
    Love of my Heart or not for I too used to live
    in a numb place inside.. even though I
    could remember distantly in colder
    logic a feel as touch of other
    human words inside
    as the warm
    and fuzzy
    of returning that
    Love as it surely is nice
    to be alive this way for it’s
    true the pleasure is intrinsic
    for the Act of Giving Love Free for
    True Humans innately are born this way
    when a Garden of Love is continually fed and
    Watered With Love that never ends this way..:)

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  4. Fred dear friend…thank u so much for being a part of all my posts…I appreciate that a lot..I always feel good reading your kind real words..Happy woman’s day for Katie and for all women around the world..
    Have a great evening in Florida …the land of flowers…

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  5. Hi Sohair.. always a pleasure to be a part of
    your posts that i always still find so inspiring
    to make some more words to go.. with SMiLes
    And thanks so much for the kind multi-heArted
    Wishes for a great evening in Florida that is colored
    multi-bright too as Spring is Ringing in Beauty after
    A Real Cold Winter Snap and i surely will
    Relate the Happy International
    Women’s day
    Wishes from
    you to Katrina
    too.. for True
    aRound heaR iT iS
    aLWays Happy Women’s
    Day WitH SMiLes oF LoVE..:)

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  6. Great wisdom Sohair always comes not from age but from knowledge and all knowledge comes from God and as God is the word, words can hurt or heal and all depends on our free will to give or take from a persons life. As by taking we leave that person wanting and giving God more to do and by giving we help God as l believe we were intended, to make other people’s lives better not worst. God Bless Ian 🙏 Amen

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