Happy Friday again!



9 thoughts on “Happy Friday again!

  1. Thanks Fred !
    You are a good soul indeed!!
    The only one thing that I do not like about you is that you do not know how big moslems love love Mohammad!
    And how it hurts me a lot when u think bad of him and speaks bad of him.
    The west in general do not respect our love of prophet Mohammad and they make movies about Mohammad that have bad things about him.
    As if moslems were people who have no feelings.
    I know that u have a good soul.Most people in the west have good souls also.
    So I will pray that one day people will know Mohammad better and know how great our love for him is.
    Thanks again Fred and have a great day!!

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  2. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Soheir

    First oF aLL.. i Love you..
    and that’s all that counts here
    to me.. and i will alWays be your
    friEnd no matter what you thiNk/FeeL about
    anyone or anything as my love is unconditional…
    And additionally.. for every post you make
    for the rest of yoUr life and as long
    as i am alive.. i will like it no
    matter if i agree with it or
    not cause i hold all
    my FriEnds as holy
    and sacred as a
    grain of sand
    that i respect
    as holding up not only
    mountains but we humans
    and therefore love as well..
    but no that doesn’t mean i
    will necessarily agree with all you say.. or quote…

    Simple Definition of worship by the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

    “: the act of showing respect and love for a god especially by praying with other people who believe in the same god : the act of worshipping God or a god”

    “: excessive admiration for someone”

    “None has the right to be worshipped except for you”
    coming from the Koran and in reference to ALLAH..
    as you quote here from the Koran for your topic post..

    And now i say additionAlly…

    It doesn’t matter what YOU say or do.. or if a grain
    of sand gets in my eye.. i will love
    you and Muhammad
    no less than
    a grain
    of sand
    my friEnd..
    as A Grain of SAnd
    is God sAMe as me
    and yoU and Muhammad as God iN pARt lives in
    all of existence as bEyond/less oF iNFinity.. mY FriEnd..
    AlWaysnowforevermorenow.. no time noW with no measure…
    Disagree.. i will.. for anything i choose in life.. my fRiENd
    i WiLL as i am A free and A wild child of God.. i call the
    the bad pARts of words attributed to Jesus the Bad Cop
    Jesus and readily admit no one has any idea who he
    really fully is as that’s just a fact.. and Muhammad’s
    closest confident disagreed with the final ending
    print version of the Koran.. so what Muhammad
    did say or did not say.. is not sure in that regard too..
    i admit i wore the shoes of not only JOB but the Devil
    too.. as metaphor and i still go to a Christian Church with
    hundreds of Catholic Folks and hold hands
    with them.. if they let me….
    i fear neither DArk
    or am cynical oF liGht
    mY friEnd and that was my
    lesson in hell.. to Love ALL of
    God liGht and Dark and
    no pArt of
    of worship
    any less than
    any oTher paRt..
    My only FriEnds online
    who really stick with me
    are Muslim’s if that tales you
    anything about how i feel about
    the people who live in Muslim countries..
    Smiles my FriEnd.. NOW..
    all i can say again is that
    i Love.. you.. and i’m sorry if
    it is you who takes offense that
    i also am neither a first or last or
    only prophet of God or A Son of God
    the fAct remains i AM A Prophet oF God..
    and A Son of God as you are Daughter..
    no pArt that is any less or more special
    than any other pARt of GoD.. i meet God
    Face to face alWays noW.. and this is what
    God tales A prophet i… i no bigger than a grain of Sand.. and less..
    i just wrote my version of a bible that is 4 times bigger than an entire
    old ‘timey’
    in three
    years of
    what took
    many others
    to scribe..
    God has
    no time
    no limits
    and no expectations of limits..
    i’ve been careful not to say anything
    negative about religion here since you
    closed the door on my comment when i told
    you i would write a bible as big as A Koran in the
    span of weeks.. i continue to do that each month or so my Friend..
    and that’s just an empirical fact.. i don’t see the Koran as any less
    important than what i write..or more important either.. i just stated a fact..
    but no i am not particularly impressed with the Koran for the facts already
    presented here but i do Love that verse you just quoted very very much
    as i use it here to
    present my
    case for
    ALL of
    and not
    just one
    part.. now..
    in the past..
    etc.. ET al…
    i tend to
    do that..
    as i AM Free..
    anyWay… SMiLes..
    you opened the door
    to discuss religion again..
    you are welcome to close it
    again.. any time you like.. that will
    not make my love for you any smaller
    oF God
    as worship..
    i AM a Lawyer for
    God.. it would be too
    boring to just do it for humans..
    and yes.. i am also God’s Court Reporter..
    and Cheerleader too.. the best pARt of my
    Job as prophet.. messenger.. ETc.. too.. is
    The Lawyer and
    Court Reporter pARt
    of the job assigned by
    God in this life.. is not alWays
    fun.. but i don’t complain to the boss..
    i love
    all of
    the Boss..
    And as God does
    God bRings you now
    here to assist me
    i thank both
    you and
    for that sAMe..
    as i end by loving YOU
    and begin now always sAMe..
    And by the way.. my definition of
    pure love equals my definition of Faith..
    as provided by God living within me.. my Friend..
    i provide that in the part of the Bible God assigned
    me to write as just another New Testament from God
    a couple of Macro-Verses ago in now what is 711 Macro-Verses
    of 3.3 plus
    million words..
    that’s a big bible
    my FriEnd.. but my
    Faith has no limits
    or expectations otHeR
    than what God does
    as me as Pure Love..
    aS liGht.. ‘tween..
    And DArk iSREAL..
    as this bEcomes an
    iNtegral pARt noW of
    the 712th Macro-Verse.. yet
    now to be named.. whether you
    now choose to leave this comment
    here or not.. that pARt is up to you..
    but aGain.. never the less and more.. i Love YOU..:)

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