Mohammad says…



15 thoughts on “Mohammad says…

  1. Definitely yes, our passenger The prophet Mohamed peace be upon is always right. Choosing who is pious much better than choosing her for wealthy and the number of her tribes.

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  2. Well said Hussein !!
    May Allah grant u a pious pretty wife and good children who repaire the earth !!
    But do not forget to invite me to ur marriage party (lol)!!
    Sorry for the delayed reply…i saw the comment just now!!
    Forgive me dear bro:'(

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  3. Aslam Aleikum, Um Abdo!

    I am impressed to your reply this. Thank you so much for your kind honest words which i loved it from all heart. Of course, i will send an invitation letter and you will be free to accept it. For the delay. Never mind about it, it happens to everyone😊! How is your Eid now?! Inshallah you enjoying it now! Um Abdo 🌹❤️

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