15 thoughts on “Hair cover in Islam.( Listen c).

  1. كلام جداً جميل ، الكثير من النساء الاجنبيات يعتقدن ان الحجاب الذي نرتديه اضطهاد من ولي امرنا ، بل هو العكس ، بل تختاره المرأة بقناعة من نفسها ، لانه لا يهم كيف يكون شكلي بل المهم كيف هي شخصيتي .

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  2. صحيح كلامك يا نورة
    ارجو ان ياتى يوم يفهم فيه الغرب الاسلام على حق
    رمضان كريم
    تقبل الله صيامكم وقيامكم اختى الغالية

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    Famous Islamic and Muslim Quotes and Sayings

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    Short Inspirational Quotes

    60+ Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes and Sayings

    60+ Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes And Sayings

    February 7, 2015  27 Comments  Mursaleen





    Hijab Quotes, As we know Hijab is being popular around the world. but on the other hand the rumor is being spread that Hijab is only muslim women clothing and hijab is a sign oppression to the Muslim women. First let me make it clear that Hijab for girls is not a piece of cloth that cover women’s head.

    Recommended: Muslim Swimwear

    Hijab is a symbol of modesty it includes the way a person walk, talks, looks and thinks, All of it should be done modestly and applies to both Men and Women. and its to protect yourself from evil eye. Islam is not only a religion but it is also a way of life and Hijab is a part of it. Well today i am sharing some Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes and Sayings for men and women. Read This inspiration quotes and do share your favorite quote with us. See Also:Teamwork Quotes


    Hijab Quotes & Sayings For Women

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    In a world full of KARDASHIANS aspire to be like KHADIJAH (May Allah SWT Be Pleased With Her)


    “Boys with beard and girls with hijab are the best Combination Ever.”

    Hijab is the veil that has to be drawn over our body. our behavior and our speech.

    The Muslim Women is Clothed in strength & Dignity. She Trust in Allah & Smiles  without fear of the future.”

    Hijab is for body, Haya is for Soul.

    You only see what i allow you to see now That’s Freedom.

    A Women’s Best Jewellery is her Shyness – Hazrat Fatima Bint-e-Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him

    Here’s your outfit Inside The Grave

    Modesty Comes in More Than just Our Physical Appearance. Our Entire Bodies, personalities and thoughts Should Emanate Modesty.

    “Jesus Would Be Disappointed. That Those Who Dress Like His Mother (Mary) are being Discriminated against and attacked Physically & Mentally. 

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  4. Interesting that he says that a woman who exposes herself should be raped according to a british paper. Maybe we should make all men where blindfolds -problem solved!

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  5. الدعاء هو الصلة بين المؤمن وربه
    الدعاء هو قلب العبادة
    بوركت عمران على

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  6. Holding women responsible for a man’s inability to control his libido is ridiculous. I am no more responsible for a mans reaction to my beauty or lack there of, then I am if he bites himself. So, rather then women having to hide themselves to protect themselves from a mans lust -why don’t men hide their eyes so they will not become lustful until they have a woman they are married too? Then the problem is solved and women do not have to be ashamed to be a women. In my opinion, hiding our beauty is taking a mans responsibility to behave in a dignified manner away from him and placing it squarely upon our shoulders. I am not advocating that women walk around in scanty clothing -but all people are only accountable for their own actions -women should not bear the burden of another’s behavior. If you kill someone, simply because I, as a women, showed my face -am I at fault? No! You would have been the one to chose your own action. Am I at fault because a man gets drunk, kills his child, molest a child or any other sin he may commit? No! But, the laws of a women hiding her face, her body, her beauty gives a man the right to lust after her, kill because of her, sin because of her -it makes me nauseous.

    Women are not the problem -it is the sinful nature of a man that an individual ‘man’ succumbs to. If my beauty or lack there of, offends you or makes you uncontrollable, hide your eyes and we are both saved from your immaturity.

    Now, I am not speaking directly to you but men in general, who blame women for their sins. God created us as he wished us to be -each person individually. I will not hide, or cower under a covering because a man believes it is my fault he is lustful. Nor do I wish that fate upon other women. It is hot, uncomfortable (even though they adjust to it) and unfair to blame a women. If you want to protect your woman then men should wear blindfolds until they mature enough to control their urges. They should be the one to take responsibility for their sins -not any woman. We can not control you -nor should we be held to a higher demand of responsibility.

    Hope that helps. It is not an attack on all men -only those who are irresponsible and want a weak women -someone unable to defend themselves against the strength of a man -to be accountable.

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  7. I respect ur opinion.
    I am a woman ..I wear hair cover and my clothes are loose and desent….I do not find any difficulty in wearing such clothes…
    Anyway you are welcome and thanks for taking the time to show ur opinion.
    Thanks again and welcome!

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