19 thoughts on “Fear of God in Islam

  1. Soheir, my sister in spirit,

    I began to read this article, to see how they would justify fearing God/Allah; when I got to this, I was compelled to stop to comment….

    “Then, the heart of the believer should beat between fear and hope in the presence of his Lord with the excitement of being a slave worthy of Him. ”

    I am sorry, but, I cannot place any faith at all in a god which wants me to be a slave….

    Slavery, whether to man or a god, is the absolute WORST expression of the violence in human nature, and, to me, as a human being, nothing, nothing makes me less willing to believe in any such deity that would require such of any creation of theirs… It is petty, and small-minded, as well as ethically unsound…. and, I will reject ANY sort of pressure to cause me to believe such untruth.

    I love you my sister, but, this delusion will be the death of us all if it continues. Humanity needs to grow up, and stop needing to be “governed” or “protected” by supernatural beings without a conscience….

    As long as people continue to pursue the dictates of religions, of any kind, we are all doomed to NO PEACE, for all religions preach violence, of one sort or another, as an acceptable response to those of OTHER faiths. That, to me, is unacceptable in an adult human being…. We are all one species, and until we begin to act our age, we are doomed to constant war and conflict between people….

    So be it.

    gigoid has spoken, with much more love and reason than you will hear from any imam, or priest, or other dogma dog….


    gigoid, the dubious


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    1. Hello gigoid dear friend!
      It is the translation my friend..
      He translated a worshipper as a slave …and this is a big mistake…try to read it again and replace a slave with a believer or a worshipper…
      I respect your opinion my friend and you are right.
      Welcome gigoid the dubious !

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  2. Hi SOHEIR.. i appreciate your quick research
    for a source that describes Fear of God in Islam
    well it seems..

    And there are two particular quotes that caught
    my eye.. one of which i was able to trace
    as a Hadith quote
    Abdullah ibn Masud

    β€œParadise is nearer to you than your shoelaces. So is Hell…”

    I was almost sure that quote was not directly out of the
    Kuran.. as it is a better one than the one from the
    New Testament attributed to Jesus that
    clearly states that Heaven is NOW..
    and not a place one has to
    wait until after life..
    and while it doesn’t
    clearly state Hell is also
    a place in life that one does not
    have to wait to enter until after life..
    as discussed already on your site here
    and mine.. i for one am 100% sure it is..
    and i have described that place i entered
    in detail both here and on my site.. my
    friend SOHEIR.. anyway.. yes there is
    good reason to fear Allah in terms
    of the Hell that is real on this
    terrestrial plane.. and i for
    one respect
    Allah to the
    degree that
    i give 100%
    of my life to Allah
    so there is no fear
    for me now.. but as
    the other quote
    that i could
    not find
    a resource as to
    who originally reported
    it… as i am assuming it is
    part of a Hadith.. as quoted here..

    β€œIf the believer had known the amount of the torture and punishment of Allah, nobody would have hoped for Paradise. If the unbeliever had known how much the amount of the mercy of Allah was, no one would have given up hope of His mercy.”

    This is also a quote that rings true to me.. that i
    for one have described in similar metaphors
    in language.. as i have been to both
    places.. and i for one can
    say for sure.. that
    in Hell..
    there is no
    hope.. and in
    heaven all there
    is.. is hope my friend
    and truly paradise now..
    and as a person who had
    glimpses of heaven from
    age 3.. and sparks after that
    as culture and religions i was
    exposed to took it away.. now that
    i live there always now.. one can certainly
    see and feel.. in Allah’s eYes.. that Allah is
    all merciful.. even when one cannot perceive
    that if they ever enter hell on earth my friend…

    So yes.. there is good reason to stay in balance
    with Allah my friend.. but this heaven is a place
    that starts within.. as well as the hell that becomes
    reality when one goes far out of balance with Allah..
    And while there are laundry lists of does and don’ts
    in culture.. some of which help in gaining and
    maintaining balance with Allah.. neither
    Christianity or the Islam religion
    or many others address one of
    the most important parts
    of gaining and
    that balance
    my friend..
    as that relates
    to actual physical
    movement in balance..
    as we are temples of God
    on this terrestrial plane now..
    heaven is now and hell is now..
    and in truly knowing and feeling
    this.. one can gain great strides
    to peace of mind and body
    balance through
    the art of movement..
    even the Buddhists and
    Yogis speak to meditation
    as only a sitting still
    where all of
    God’s Nature moves
    around us.. and in deciding
    that human is somehow different
    in this respect than the rest of Nature
    Humans ends up separating themselves
    from God more so by sitting still away
    from the reality of God in Nature
    that is always moving
    now my friend..
    it is easy
    to get stuck
    in one’s head when
    living in our modern cultures
    in school.. office work and such
    but what this does often is
    separate ourselves
    from the
    Nature that
    is God in us as
    a Temple of God..
    and in the United States
    the effect of this is one
    moving toward a life
    of empty
    and empty
    empathy for
    other human beings
    as emotions run through
    our bodies.. when freely
    moving in balance and
    are not something
    limited to
    our ears
    people are suffering
    greatly in separating themselves
    from Allah’s Nature manifest as us
    as moving feeling connecting creating
    creatures.. as reflections of God of
    Allthatis.. as us my friend as
    well.. anyway.. the
    results of this
    in terms of health
    is empirically measurable
    as in the U.S.. morbid obesity
    is sky rocketing.. school age
    children.. are assessed type two
    pre-diabetic.. at rates of 33%..
    close to half the adult
    population is on
    some kind
    of prescription
    pain killer.. for
    chronic pain that is
    often somatic in nature
    from a body that is repressed
    in human emotions and full
    of tension.. treating symptoms
    of pain.. instead of addressing
    the root problem.. of a mind
    and body out of balance..
    where sitting still
    stagnating and
    rotting still
    in front of screens
    is a mainstay of even
    children’s lives who also
    have skyrocketing rates of
    psychotropic medications..
    treating symptoms now..
    instead of treating the
    root cause of
    mind and body
    imbalance as well..
    but no my friend.. no bible
    addresses this adequately as
    there is still much to learn about
    a new human condition that is a result
    of modern technology ways of life that
    were not present when either the bible
    or the Kuran was written.. and this my friend
    is why there will always be new prophets with
    healing messages from God.. as this experiment
    of culture is ever changing.. and truly an experiment
    with no precedent in history.. we can no longer rely on
    just the politics.. religions.. and philosophies of the
    past alone.. as if this human species is going to
    survive as whole.. without much more
    suffering and misery approaching
    that place of hell on earth..
    even science and
    medicine will
    have to
    to address
    the root causes
    that are truly human
    beings out of balance
    with God of All my friend..
    all that is seen.. unseen..
    felt.. and unfelt now.. or
    on the other
    stay with the
    prophets.. politicians..
    scientists.. priests..
    teachers and only
    books of the past..
    go no further..
    and just
    misery my friend..
    Nah.. God didn’t give us
    brains.. to shut them down..
    after this book or that book..
    not to adapt to change of the
    future.. God gifts us rationality..
    innate instinct.. and intuition to
    adapt to the challenge to live
    in heaven now..
    as this place
    is real
    and i prove
    it everynow of my
    life my friend in
    sMiLes.. an open
    mind AND BODY
    in Balance iS
    A path
    to heaven now
    and seeing and feeling
    so much more of God my friend..
    Signed your friend
    of God..

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      1. Thanks my friend.. and i will
        end with a little story here..
        there was once a woman..
        a troubled woman..
        very poor.. with
        a religion named
        Christianity.. that like
        Islam.. suggests that
        adultery is a sin.. worthy
        of hell fire.. this woman..
        innately instinctually and
        intuitively was empty inside..
        with a husband off in another
        land with the military.. so empty
        inside.. she was looking for something
        to feel that emptiness as many humans
        do.. who are empty inside.. most often it
        is a troubled childhood with parents who
        are not there to give touchy feely love to
        their children.. and perhaps they have
        smilar problems of this vicious
        cycle too..
        of emptiness
        my friend.. so this
        woman.. has different
        fathers of different children..
        adultery was her escape from
        all encompassing emptiness
        likely each and every time
        she strayed.. but it was
        her innate instinct
        and intuition
        of finding
        to feel that whole
        that was behind her
        straying too.. so no one
        to blame at this part
        but her nature
        as gifted
        by God..
        so this woman
        did what she could
        to survive as is.. taking
        care of her children at
        hand the best she could
        that eventually numbered
        6.. including 8 or so
        with miscarriages
        and such.. yes..
        she was a
        real reproducing
        machine.. getting
        the job done..
        as best she
        to the humans
        of earth.. and her children
        a diverse group.. with different
        fathers of course.. the last two children
        half Pacific Islander.. only photo of their
        father.. in Arabian clothes with cover
        on head.. in some kind of costume
        party clothes.. deep black
        eyes.. and extremely
        youthful face for
        a man he
        was then..
        those children
        of that man were
        boy and girl.. twins..
        some folks in the local
        area commented that the
        little girl looked like an
        American Indian Princess..
        and that little girl grew up
        left home..
        and found
        a nice poor man
        to marry.. who eventually
        went kinda crazy from stress
        himself.. but even when he didn’t
        wanna stay here on this earth she stood
        by his side.. never leaving it no matter what
        as the gift of her father.. she never knew was
        Unconditional Love.. and from her Granny
        too.. as her mother was very troubled
        when she was young..
        of course..
        anyway.. the fact
        is.. if she was born in many
        Muslim Countries of that
        time.. early on a decade or
        so before those twins died
        because of her mental illness
        related condition.. and her open
        adultery.. she would have potentially
        been imprisoned.. or at worst stoned
        for her behavior.. with no doubt.. so
        what this means.. is that beautiful
        young Indian American looking
        princess would have never
        been born.. and
        God’s plan
        for the young
        man after he
        recovered from
        his problems would
        have never met fate..
        as he would have never
        survived his illness without
        the help of his Wife with no
        legal or Christian marriage father..
        So that man lives today my friend.. as
        result of that Mother who looked for Love
        to fill an empty space.. whose only reward
        was having a child who would never age.. at
        least until age 45 as is proof and evidence in
        her photos today.. from the time she married
        that man.. at age 19.. a miracle of God is she..
        and proof.. of who is right or wrong.. God or
        of old
        God works in mysterious
        ways.. people who
        do not continue
        to listen
        to those
        ways and
        for the
        face the
        of hell here on earth
        my friend.. same story
        as always..
        now.. my friend..:)

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      2. Thanks for the story Fred!
        Yes I know people who live in hell on earth ..it is the hell which they created inside their hearts…
        My country is an Islamic one and stonning and killing women like the woman in your story is not applied here cause they understand the real Islam..
        In Islam there are very strict and hard rules to prove that some one made adultry…
        I will tell you a story about that my friend..
        After the death of prophet Mohammad there was a real islamic country not like Islamic countries of today…
        The king was called Omar…Omar was very careful about his people…everyday Omar at night was walking between houses to check that everything was okay with his people..
        While he was doing that he heard voices coming from a house and when approched from that house he could see a complete relation ship between a man and a woman who is not his wife..
        Omar was angry and went to Ali ( prophet Mohammad cousin) and told him about what he saw and heard..

        Omar wanted to punish the man and woman…
        Omar was a king…
        Ali told him that he should give 4 witnesses on this..
        But Omar said no I am the only witness ..and insisted that he saw what happened with his eyes and heard with his ears..
        But Ali who was his minister told him to stop talking about that as long as he is the only witness..
        Ali threatened him that he would punish him if he insisted on that..
        At that time there were justice and real understanding of Islam..
        We live in a great tragedy my friend ..it is the tragedy of stupid brains of some muslims who destroy the beautiful image of Islam…
        I saw a video on u tube of a man who is lashing a woman in a brute way because she doesnt pray…that was sadly in Pakistan…believe me or not ..that has no relation with the real islam…
        I do not blame any one who hates moslems or hates Mohammad…cause they judge us according to our deeds…
        Real moslems nowadays are rare my friend…
        Islam came strange and will go back strange ..blessed be strangers…
        Fred my dear friend I like your being here in my posts and you are always welcome..
        Smiles πŸ™‚

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  3. SMiLes.. thank you for your story
    my friend.. and i understand
    the different ways
    that the Islam
    religion is
    depending on the
    political structure
    and understanding
    of the religion.. and
    obviously a kinder gentler
    version where you live.. but
    truly there should be a book where
    there are no confusions my friend..
    humans.. many of them..
    just do not have the
    and or the
    to understand
    the simplest of human
    metaphors in poetic way
    of heARt speech.. even some
    poets.. even some technically
    popular poet’s too..
    in the online
    i find..
    anyway.. always room
    for a kinder gentler
    courageous way..
    but it does not
    come with
    the sword..
    or back
    of hand
    or whip..
    it comes
    with Love
    iN HeARt my
    friend.. the other
    place away from
    human hell now..
    some folks need the
    truth and liGht spoon
    fed to them like little
    children.. and some folks
    never get that as children
    on an individual
    and societal
    lies the
    start of
    the lies my
    friend.. from
    early childhood..
    and the sins of the
    fathers and mothers
    who were once misled
    and misguided children…
    It takes constant never ending
    work to even scratch the surface
    of that
    cycle of
    on earth..
    but we Must
    try if we hope..:)

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    1. There is only one version of Qoran on earth my friend…
      The difference between versions is according to the names of every chapter..but the context of every chapter is the same..
      I think it is a crisis of teachers who do not have the ability to explain and apply Islam ..
      THE SWORD is a big story my friend…
      I will make a post about the sword in Islam God willing..
      Mohammad used the sword to protect himself against his enemies who wanted to prevent him from teaching people Islam…they began the war ..not him…
      Thanks again Fred dear friend..

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      1. SMiLes again.. my friend SOHEIR
        and thank you for all the inspiring
        discussion here on your site..
        Aggression.. Violence.. and
        Wars have a place with
        tribal ruled humans
        but never ever
        a place
        WheRe Human
        iS ruled by LOVE..
        The place of no
        fear and hate..
        related emoTioNs..
        And true that place
        did not live as
        religion or
        or Jesus
        or many
        places around
        the world now..
        i for one now.
        need no sword
        but hands and
        feet to walk
        and strong
        with the gift
        of Kind and Courageous
        Love.. Swords are for
        weaker children
        of God whEre i
        live but of course
        i am blessed as such..
        differently than either historical
        reports of Jesus.. Muhammad.. and
        many others.. then and now.. in other
        words.. perhaps then.. i may have been
        very handy with a sword too.. but for now..
        no swords necessary.. just feats of feet and hands
        that can kick some butt.. with ease.. if need be
        in small skirmishes for freedom.. my friend.. but
        wHere i live
        walking tall
        and strong
        with courageous
        Love.. is the only
        sword i’ve ever needed
        really.. with a few skirmishes
        of hands and feat.. and the stronger
        i get.. and taller i walk.. with kind
        and courageous love wHere i live at
        least.. the necessity
        for actual
        to retain
        my freedoms
        becomes less and
        less.. if all men and
        women were like me..
        in this regard of training
        in physical effort.. of confidence
        my friend.. there would be no
        tribal wars.. as each man
        and women would
        be confident
        to live
        in Peace
        with kind and
        courageous Love
        instead of strife my friend..
        but no.. no book is enough
        it takes practice.. truly
        in martial
        an art
        that all our
        ancestors naturally
        did as a way of life
        before they no longer
        heard the call of God
        to walk tall.. with
        kind and
        love.. no different
        that Lions on the
        Savannah very
        close to
        you live
        in Egypt
        my friend..
        as we close out
        here on 3 thousand
        or so more words.. on
        this 21st day of January..
        pleasant dreams of night
        now peace my friend.. my
        day is
        with ART
        of LOVE..

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      1. Yes we believe in the same God and that is the most important..
        Thanks a lot dear friend!
        Have a great day:-)


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