Forgotten Acts of worship♥️

Worships within the reach of Everyone….
I used to think that simple, easy worship that does not require physical or material effort is the “remembrance” only … but I changed my mind today after I read this message by Sheikh Muhammad Labib, may God preserve him, saying in (some of them): Very easy acts of worship that do not require any material effort Or physical:

  • The worship of satisfaction … which is the satisfaction of what God has divided for you, whatever it is, because it is the most suitable for you in all cases.
    Worshiping reparation of thoughts. . This is also easy worship, which are two sweet words that win people’s hearts.
  • Worship of fulfilling people’s needs .. And this comes to most of us when some need you to help him reach his goal or to spend a need.
  • Worshiping a good word is charity .. For a sweet word from your tongue will testify to you on the Day of Judgment.
    -Worship of good thinking .. That is to leave the indisputable to God because he is the one who protects you from evil.
    -A beautiful worship that is Zakat for “knowledge”
    And it is that if someone asked you about a piece of information, say it in full, just as the Lord of the Worlds gave it to you through one of them. Send it to all the people, and tell them about it.
  • The worship of optimism and hope in God .. that is, by God optimism is the worship of “I am when my servant thinks of me.”
  • The worship of leaving money that does not concern you … which is not to interfere in any need that does not concern us, and we leave analyzes and conclusions that lead to mistrust … “O you who believe, do not ask about things if it seems to you that you are wrong.”
    -The worship of negligence .. That is, do not scrutinize too much about the faults of others, because whoever blames something on someone falls into it and suffers the same defect.
    -The worship of grace and patience … that is, you must be patient and patient and give the sinner another opportunity, perhaps hoping that he will have a helper.
  • The worship of stopping rumors with you .. This is a very important worship that if you hear bad words about someone, let them stand with you …. And do not spread them..
    -The worship of smiling .. So smiling at someone’s face is charity.
    Bringing joy to the heart of a person whether it is soft-treated, forgiven, smiled at him, a gift, aid, a kind word, good news, or something else.
    From the article of the great friend and writer Ashraf Moufid
    Doctor # Maha Al Attar
    Developer #Location Energy
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22 thoughts on “Forgotten Acts of worship♥️

  1. Loving Giving Sharing Caring All NoW
    Most Important Clause Dear Sohair WitH
    Least Harm ALL As All Loves Differently NoW
    Life This
    God With

    So Many Colors Breathing

    LoVE STiLL CoMinG NoW..:)

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  2. Thanks a lot Kamal dear friend.. Your words are always supporting me and lifting me up.. Highly appreciated dear.. Stay well and keep shining 😍🌹


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