Happy Eid Al Fitr for all moslems♥️

Today all moslems around the world are celebrating Eid Al Fitr. I wish you all a happy time and a peaceful festivity.

May all wars around the Globe come to an end.

May all the people become united.. No matter Religion, color, language Or Whatever.

May peace prevail.

May love spread.



Allah says

And Whoever holds in honor the symbols of Allah, such honour should come truly from piety of heart.

ذلك ومن يعظم شعائر الله فإنها من تقوى القلوب

Al Haj Chapter

Verse 32



43 thoughts on “Happy Eid Al Fitr for all moslems♥️

  1. Thanks a lot dear friend Kamal. You are always So kind. Stay safe dear friend. Highly appreciated 😍🌹🌷


  2. Happy Eid Al Fitr Dear Sohair
    And As Tradition Will Have
    It Stopping By at 1:24 AM

    After Finishing Another 65,606
    Word Blog Post Hehe Just about

    Ready to Pass Out on the Bed

    True it Feels A Bit like A Fast too

    Fast to Sleep Soon Enough my FRiEnD With SMiLes..:)

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  3. كل عام وانتي بخير و صحة وسلامة عزيزتي سهير 🌹❤️ ربي يحفظكم من كل شر و يجعل ايامكم كلها سعادة يارب 🥳💐

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  4. وانتي بصحة وسلامه اختي العزيزة
    وعساكم من عواده
    كل عام وانتم بخير وصحة وسعادة
    شكرا الدعوات الجميلة واياكم يارب 💖🥰

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  5. Thank you for sharing and a belated Happy Eid!… hope the day, and every day, were filled with peace, love and happiness!!… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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  6. Thank you So much dear for your kind words.. Highly appreciated.. Stay safe and well 😍🌹🌷♥️


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