I have a question😉

If you have a seed ..and if you have a beautiful garden..

Imagine that you are going to plant that seed in the garden..but suddenly you discoverd that after only two hours your life will come to an end..

My question is..

Will you plant that seed in your garden and water it..?

Or will you stop planting that seed because your life will come soon to an end??

I will give you my answer..

I will plant that seed and water it..because that seed will be a fruitful tree in the future and some people will benefit from it.

Moreover..I will ask some good people to take care of the tree after my death..

I want to tell myself something..

Do not care how many years or days are left for you on earth..

Do not care for the results of your good deeds..

Do not care how many people are estimating your work..

Do not care for the reactions..care for the actions..do not wait for your tree to be big..tall and fruitful..

Just plant the seed..and others will care for it after your departure..

I remind myself to do that..because one day I was that person who always think about the future and plan for everything and wait for the results..

Then I discovered that I shouldn’t do that..

I should do my best..but wait not for the results..

Good will lead to good…now or after a long time..the result is sure good.

Best regards..

28 thoughts on “I have a question😉

  1. Smiles.. Sohair a Shorter Longer Story in Return to You
    Dear Friend Again i May Have Shared it Before…
    Stars are Born to Input/Output
    And GiVE And SharE LiGHT…
    at least for as long
    as they LiVE NoW
    And as dim as i once
    was.. almost bLack
    oF LiGHT
    the Saving
    Grace then was
    to Water A Plant
    to Make
    Grow made
    mY LiFE STiLL
    A Star
    Matter how
    dArk the candle
    i FelT iN bLack
    then.. and
    oh.. (the) Saviors oF A World..
    And a Story i Love to Tale a little
    Different as Parables JusT Do.. When Free
    And not iMpriSoNed by books.. pages..
    paragraphs.. lines or words of print
    of yesternows.. bound
    by past authority
    that no
    longer should
    Exist.. For Free..
    So.. anyway.. Sorry iF
    You’ve already heard it but
    iT Will Be different anyway..
    hehe.. As Free WiLL Be
    When UnLeashed
    And reLeased
    As Being
    StarliGht oF eYes
    Within… A Dusty Road…
    A little boy with no words..
    disabled from birth without
    the ability to speak.. but A Lover
    Of Growth.. iN Shape of LiVinG Trees..
    A Sapling brought home
    by Loving Mother
    then.. placed
    uPon A Kitchen Counter
    by a lamp That Shines Anew
    A Boy Sees Green Then and
    Wants to see more.. So he
    Nurtures This PLANeT
    the abiLiTy
    to SPeaK Then
    Water He Does..
    Fertilizing Love..
    Sunshine Hope
    iN eYes of Loving
    Kind.. Fertile Ground
    Outside.. Dig A Hole
    to Comfort Roots..
    spend time
    and effort
    Caring Love
    And A Tree rises
    Broad and STrong..
    And soon provides shade
    For A Front Porch Home..
    Sidewalks come.. but Tree
    STill BRanches Out.. FLoWeRS
    Come More Beautiful than beFore..
    Students from the Local School who
    Study Trees are amazed by the Beauty
    of this Tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
    And the Boy’s eYes shine to see what his
    Love inspires.. Tree no longer needs Boy
    to grow strong now.. and the little
    boy becomes ill and his LiFE
    goes dark..
    Years later..
    A shy Younger Man iS
    Walking This Sidewalk
    oF A Boy’s Home.. And
    A Most Beautiful DArk Haired
    Woman Approaches him.. With SMiLinG
    FacE EYes.. the Man’s eYes LiGHT up but what
    to say.. ah.. the center piece.. of Conversation
    iS Standing TAll And FLoWeRinG More Beautiful
    iT Seems than ever before on this Summer Fall
    Winter Spring Day.. A Spark of iNstant SouL Mate
    Love is in the air.. And that Begins a Love that
    Will Last ’till Death BeYoNd
    So.. the Shy Man Becomes
    Confident with the Love of
    His Wife.. Joins the Military..
    And even Rises to the Ranks
    of Politics then.. Love grows
    And Fearless Lives.. A Lamb Man
    ‘fore is Now a
    Stronger Lion Man..
    And makes a decision
    As A Leader Of A World
    that Prevents World War III…
    LiFe on the PlanT Now iS Saved..
    So Who is the Savior.. the Friends..
    the Man.. The Woman.. the Loving
    Wife.. the Parents.. the Schools
    Providing Education.. The Tree..
    or the little Disabled Boy
    And all the
    too From Around A
    World.. Well.. The Truth
    iS aLL They Are.. As theRe
    is No i.. me.. but Us and We
    oF Life..
    L O V i N G
    Moral Of The
    Story.. Water A Tree
    Of Life And See wHere
    neXt NoW
    iN OceaN
    eYes Free..:)

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    1. Hats off!!
      Hi Fred..how are you dear friend?
      The saviour is hand in hand..all in one ..and everyone..cooperating together to plant the life tree..
      Yesternow..you invented it..don’t you ??😊😂
      God bless your steps Fred..keep the good work🙏⚘🌺🌹

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      1. SMiLes my FriEnd Sohair as Far as ‘Hats off’ go..
        As Long as i’ve Been Coming To See You i Feel like
        i am Visiting A Capstone of God’s Pyramid a Place of Honesty
        And Truth In Life Where there are no Hidden Agendas Just What
        is in Your Soul to Express.. Smiles i do this too and Not always to
        the approval of Others ironically More so Than People’s of Middle to
        Far East as My Writing History Surely Shows.. for it is True Veer away
        From Group Think no matter What that Group Think is that Binds a
        Culture Together and one will be dismissed as Rude and Even
        Mad as Crazy for Not following along with the
        Choir Sheets at Hand all in Politics.. Religion..
        Philosophy And Sports as All Bond
        Over Rules from Before..
        that do Bind Humans
        Together in Bonds that
        Traditionally in Solid Order
        Work Well Enough to Survive
        but often so far away from the
        Potential of Real Heaven Within Free
        Lasting as Love Unconditional Harming
        others with Least Harm and the Rest of Nature
        Eternally Now a Practice And Way of Life that Few
        People and even Fewer People Seem to Attain these days
        in a World of Material Reductionism as Small As Token Money
        my Friend.. Paper Gods.. Cars and Structures of Homes Become Lovers/God
        instead of the
        Essence of
        Free Love Free
        Living Within..
        i must Dance And
        Sing that the way you
        Put it “The saviour is hand
        in hand..all in one ..and everyone..cooperating
        together to plant the life tree..” Feels More Colorful
        And Concise than Any Thing i Wrote ‘Yesternow’ With smiles
        my Friend.. and no i am not the First one to Say this Term but
        sure Google comes up missing from Lots of what i Dance And
        Sing Hehe.. and even my SiGNaTuRE Pose i’ve Repeated
        Innumerable times too.. And sure Now the Way i literally
        Dance too.. but nah.. ‘Yesternow’.. Mr/Ms Google Says
        is a Jazz Song by Miles Davis as i learn something
        New from Looking up Yesternow again now..
        Smiles my Friend Jazz is about as close
        to Original Creativity in Improvisation
        As Truly Original Creativity Gets..
        It’s not everyone’s Cup of
        Tea in Fact rarely
        is it Heard on
        Any Radio Station
        Yet it is a Most Complex
        And Fulfilling Music Flow of Creativity
        for both those who make it and listen
        to it too.. i’m not a Good Enough Piano Player
        to Jazz it up in a Group but Sure With my Voice
        There is no telling exactly what note will come next
        An Octave or Two Above or below a Sharp replaces
        A Flat and a Flat may Replace A Sharp What is Soft
        may Be Loud and what is Loud May Be Soft it
        Drives Katrina
        May Attract and
        Complement Each
        Other ACross a Life Span
        too.. Life is Beautiful True
        We Need Anchors and Sails in
        Life and the Boats that Make the Ocean Move..
        Smiles Sohair it seems to me We are Both Boats
        And there are Days i put on Clothes of SaiL and Anchor too..
        as you do
        Dear FriEnd Sohair..:)


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