5 thoughts on “Beat it!!!

  1. SMiLes Dear Sohair No Different Really

    Than Weight Lifting The More We Lift

    Others Up The Stronger in Peace In Love We Become

    Conversely The More We Knock Others Down The Weaker

    In LoVE iN Peace We Devolve

    Away From The Grace

    Balancing Life in Peace

    With A Loving Foundation

    Brings in All Human

    WiLL And Strength

    For Real mY

    Yet of Course

    Some Folks Believe
    That A Fist Is More

    Powerful Than A
    Handshake or Hug For Real

    In This Case Little Do They Understand

    Why Humanity Even Survives At All Today

    As Thousands Upon Thousands of Years

    Life Took And Still Takes An All Hands Effort

    WHere The Child of LoVE iN Peace Is Ultimate Prize

    For Human to Do to Both Survive And Actually Thrive..:)

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  2. Hi Fred my dear friend.. Kindness is a great power even if it looks like weakness in some folks eyes.. Keep giving dear kind Friend.. Smiles 😊💐

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