The owl🙄😬

The owl started singing oneday
On the tree in a windy and a rainy day
The sparrow laughed at her voice
And He astonished about her choice
He said with an ironic dialect
Your tongue has a horrible effect
So stop singing
And your food start to collect
The owl continued singing
And the birds started dancing
The sparrow joined the binge
And forgot about his infringe


12 thoughts on “The owl🙄😬

  1. Indeed Dear Sohair FRiEnD

    Some Humans Afraid to Go Out

    On A Limb And Explore New Leaves

    Like Ants They

    Stay Close


    Tree Trunks

    In Fears Meanwhile

    Living Trees RiSinG Green
    Falling Leaves Springing Green Again
    Indeed We aRe More Than Tree Trunks When

    We Sprout Leaves BLoWinG in the Wind MaKinG Life New..:)


  2. I think curiosity is born with humans.. We can discover new lands.. And at last we settle the safest one.. We settle the land that provides a healthy life.. A life with true liberty.. Not like that fake liberty that depends on no rules Or laws..
    God BLESS You dear friend
    Keep smiling 💐🌹😊

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