Weekly Wisdom 22 November — MiddleMe

Weekly Wisdom 22 November — MiddleMe

11 thoughts on “Weekly Wisdom 22 November — MiddleMe

  1. SMiLes Dear
    FRiEnD Sohair
    Holding Hands
    With Fears oF Old
    MaKinG Them FRiEnDS

    With Gravity Free

    Forever Now What Once
    New Scared Us Half to Death

    Hehe i Used to Be Afraid of the
    Doctor, The Dentist, The Ophthalmologist,

    Particularly the Psychiatrist as Shadows of

    Soul Will Be Very Scary Indeed When We Still

    Have the Most Difficulty in Poverty of Soul

    Not Understanding

    Our Demons
    And Angels

    Within May
    One Day Hold Hands

    And Rise Together Free
    in Balance FRiEnDS With

    Gravity Overcoming Old Fears
    Effortless in Ease Just Tight Rope
    Dancing Higher and Higher With Total

    Glee No Longer in that Old Country of Fear

    Traveler New Now Of Heaven And Hell Successfully

    Understands the Value of Both REAL ESTATES of Life

    Gaining The Riches of Soul DarK Holding Hands With LiGHT

    Setting All of

    Us Free Not

    Just The Parts

    We Ordinarily Visibly ‘See’

    Anyway i Once Am Just A Wall FLoWeR
    of Life too Afraid to Initiate A Solo Dance
    of mY Own And A Solo Song Coming From


    Body and
    Voice of Soul

    No Longer As Today For All
    Those Experiences That Used to
    Frighten me i Dance And Sing Free

    For All Those People i Understand

    Are Only Here to Help me And Even
    Those Who Might Like to Harm me too

    Yet of Course

    Hehe i Keep A
    Certain Distance
    And Closeness Just to Stay
    Safe as ‘Ms. Daisy’ Can’t Drive

    And Will Need A Driver me to
    Help Her BE A Traveler Free too With SMiLes..:)

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  2. Yes Fred.. To keep a certain distance between you and others is So wise..
    I do the same even with my closest relatives to stay safe and away of Harm..
    God BLESS You dear friend Fred..
    Thanks a lot For the great input.. Stay well dear 🌹🌷😊💐

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  3. A Sad Truth is Dear
    Sohair If “Jesus” Could
    Return Today He Would
    Still Have To Maintain A
    ‘Safe Distance’ From So-Called

    (PerHapS EVeN MAsKeD)

    Christians in The Place
    That Held The Guinness
    World Book Record For
    Most Christian Churches
    Per Capita in A Locality

    In The Whole
    World For It is
    True Both me And

    Katrina Tested This
    Hypothesis in Middle
    School Where The So
    Called Christians Literally
    Threatened Us With Bodily

    Harm In The
    Case of Katrina
    In Poverty Requiring

    Reduced Price Lunches

    And in The Case of me
    Naturally Androgynous
    And Literally Spit on Just

    For Daring to Still Be Happy
    For Even Daring To Exist

    SMiLinG As A Boy
    Where ‘They’ Literally
    Said They Would Not

    Allow That in This
    Town Literally
    For The
    Here So Unrefined
    In Love And So Unkind

    Do Understand
    The Reason i
    Dance “Naked”
    Enough Whole
    Complete in Public
    Now is in Support
    Of The Man JeSuS

    Yes Just A Man Not
    A Man Transformed
    Into An Idol God to Worship
    STiLL For Political Control of

    The “Masses” Yet

    Yes Just A SoulFull Story
    Of A Humble Teacher

    Yes Still Supporting
    Least Among Us As

    i Wear His Clothes
    Of Sand Holding

    Mountains Of
    Love Up For


    Who Refuses To
    Make Truth A Lie

    The Simple Truth
    Of Love Fearless
    Unconditional For


    Even For Those Who Spit
    On me As i Continue To

    Return to Their
    Church And Eat
    Their Bread Hehe

    Yet i Don’t Share
    Alcohol in A Chalice

    With A Whole House
    Of People Too Much
    Communicable Disease

    i Have Certain Jobs

    To Finish

    To Leave


    i Go Away
    Still Thriving
    With Smiles New
    Overcoming Real
    Evil Against Love

    Now In This World
    Often Adorned

    In Robes



    Instead of
    Loving Soul
    For All With
    No Exceptions

    Fearless And True

    Sadly Still Living in
    A Worst Pandemic

    oF iGNoRaNCE ‘They’ STiLL
    Do After All These Years

    Knowing Not What

    They Do So All
    That’s Left To Do
    Is Forgive And Hope

    me In

    Paradise of
    Fearless Love
    HeaR iN Now


    Happy Thanks
    Giving For Giving
    Eve Dear Muslim
    FRiEnD Sohair

    To Egypt
    With SMiles

    i Have No Fear
    You Will Spit
    On me For The

    Fearless Love
    i Continue To Breathe

    As Far As The Others
    Go i Am As Strong As

    A Lion
    Now So

    They Dare
    Not Hehe At

    Least In ‘Real Life’🌹☺️🏝

    It’s Kinda Sad When A
    Young Boy Literally Has

    To Become “A Superman”

    Of Love
    A Fearless
    Dance And
    Song Free Yet in
    “RoMe” You Still Do

    What You
    Must Do To

    Fit In Enough Avoiding
    Whatever “Crucifixion”

    The Group
    Think Of
    True Evil


    Come Up With Next
    All In “A Day in The Life”

    my FRiEnD STiLL


    For Fearless 🦁 Love 🌹🙏

    True Some Days ROaRinG

    Yet Just A Sail
    Wind Anchoring FreeLY in A
    Vast Loving Ocean of God Soul ⛵️

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  4. Hi Fred.. When I met you here in wordpress in 2015.. The first thing I noticed is that you are “real”… I do Not know a lot about people in US.. AND I do Not know if there are a lot of people in US are real also like Fred..
    But I am Not exaggerating if I told you that I have never met real people in my whole life… And every time I appear to be real with people, I Face problems.. I live in a world of masks..
    Peace be upon Jesus
    When Prophet Jesus return at the end of time he will destroy the masks and real people at that time will help him in his task I think..
    Your talks always bring Out things inside my soul that I do Not know how to express them..
    God BLESS You dear friend Fred
    Keep smiling
    Respect for you and kind regards

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  5. SMiLes Dear Sohair
    in Regard To Time to me at Least
    That Seems to BE A MeSSaGE oF LiGHT

    in the Story

    Of JeSuS

    Beyond All Distance
    Space Time And Yes Form
    in A “Matter With Things”

    LoVE iN Peace Beyond All

    Seasons and Weathers Generating

    This HoMe of God (FearlessPeaceLove) Within Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing Sympathetically Empathetically New Now
    Compassionately With Most Respect and Least Harm For

    All For What

    TiME iS THeRE
    iN LoVE Yet the
    Peace That Comes
    From DoinG LoVE NoW

    Eternally So This Present
    Gift of NoW Yes This Inhale
    of Peace Exhale of Love Gift

    Thanks Giving Forgiving For New Real

    Yes ‘Real People’ Escape Time And Do Live
    For Love and Peace Now Always Putting People
    And The Rest of Nature First Beyond All Illusions
    of Distance Space Time And A “Matter With Things”

    As Form (Masks/Idols) in Time
    Becomes Less Important New Now
    Than Essence of Fearless Peace And
    Love Now That A ‘Child of Vision’ BRinGS Verily Free

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Looking ACross A River into
    The Forest Before i Could Speak At 4 when i
    Am 3 Years Old Out of Distance Space
    Time and A ‘Matter With Things’
    Yes i See Deep Within Beyond
    Words i am A Leaf Then RiSinG
    Green Living Trees in Forests
    Whole Falling Brown Back
    To Soul Soils FLoWeRinG
    Spring Out of Winter Soils Souls
    That Bring Life to Summer Again

    Coloring SoUL Soils Forevermore Now New

    It’s True Yes God and the Experience of God

    Is Beyond Words Time Distance Space and

    A “Matter With Things” Only Those of Us Who
    Dance and Sing Free New Now Without Words

    May Come to

    The Place
    STill of the
    Child at 3
    With Vision More Than Just Words

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Before i Faced That ‘Type
    Two Trigeminal Neuralgia’ the Worst Pain Known
    to Humankind Literally Assessed As Worse than the
    Torture of Crucifixion Additionally Named The Suicide Disease

    Yes That ‘Dentist
    Drill’ in my Right
    Eye and Ear That
    No Drug Would Take Away
    The Pain from Wake to Sleep For 66 Months
    Yes Mostly Shut-in my Home With A Combo
    of 18 Other Life Threat in Synergy of Disorders

    Mostly Coming From A Work Space of 11 Years Ever
    Since 1996 Through 2007 With Chronic to Acute Fight
    or Flight Stress the Last Two Years of that Before Moving
    Fully into Hell in January of 2008 Stuck in Between Two Ears
    And Eyes of Pain and Numb No Memory of Ever Feeling A Smile

    When All is Time And A Thousand Years is One Second in Hell Then
    Yes for the Entire 66 Months As All Practically Becomes Time With

    No Escape
    Then ThiS Way

    Yes Before All of that

    i Rarely Had A Word to Pull out
    of my Mind All Day At Work i Was
    Far Away From a Real Human Being
    Wearing A Mask of What Was Spoon Fed
    to me to Survive CuLTuRaLLy Yet Not Humanly

    As Much From Birth

    To the Date of my Birth in Hell

    For What That Hell of Vision And Hearing
    Took Away From me Finally Birthing The Words

    Again i Am Missing All the Way Before 4 Years-Old

    Yes The Words Deeper Within Farther Than A Literal

    Machine Cognition Mind True It Took All the Way

    Until August 18, 2013 to Birth An 11.1 MiLLioN

    Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” On Word Press Then

    And Many Subchapters Thereof Including

    “Nether Land Bible” at 8.6 MiLLioN Words
    Soon to Reach 78 Months Old on November 26, 2022

    And “FB Profile Pic Bible” With All the 7 MiLLioN Words 66 Months
    of That Effort Included in Series of Around 18 Facebook Profile
    Pics At Around 8,000 Words in the Description Areas of Each of
    Those Series of Pics to Fully Illustrate The Story For Real in all

    That Free Hard Drive Space on Facebook That Altogether Last

    Year Held around 18.1 MiLLioN Words in One Year of that Effort
    in Around 2250 Facebook Profile Pics and 16.8 MiLLioN Words

    The Year Before As of Course ‘The Depth of The Story’ Continues
    to Grow on the ‘Wrong Planet Website’ At Over 2.2 MiLLioN Words

    in a Solo Thread There i Write in the 59th Page Closing in on 133 Thousand Views From Just the Registered Members Since i’ve Been Writing that Free Effort for 27 Months Now Even Though Many of the Verbal Folks Insisted i Didn’t Make Sense Yes i Always Knew Felt
    Sensed And Intuited Real

    From my Own Non-Verbal
    Life With Autism and
    Asperger’s Syndrome

    That There Are People in the
    World Who Understand Much More
    About Existence Than they May Be

    Able to Put into Words Just Like the

    “Child of Vision’ i am Before 4 Years Old at 3

    True if Not For That Gift of Hell There Would Be

    No “SonG oF mY SoUL” For me i Would Likely Still be
    More of a ‘Non-Real-Human-Man’ Just a Cog in A Machine

    That Was Spoon-Fed

    to me

    To Learn to Speak
    And Write As God Nature DarK Thru

    LiGHT Bruised me for those 66 Months
    Through No Fault of my Own Other

    Than Always Saying Yes For What
    Was CuLTuRaLLY Expected From me

    As Just Another ‘Brick in A Wall’ and
    COG iN A Machine i Understand WHere

    Human Beings Live Now as i Was Already

    A Canary in the Coal Mine of A Mechanical

    Machine Cognition Mind i Am NOT Born For That

    CuLTuRE Took Away

    And God

    Nature Within

    Delivered me in

    Hell to Be Reborn into Heaven
    Again Just a Leaf Still RiSinG Green
    Falling to Soul Soils to Color Forests

    More Than Green

    True A Boy
    A Real Man

    With A Soul
    Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love Again
    Time out of Time Distance
    Out of Distance Space out of Space

    No Longer Just A “Matter With Things”

    Just A Feather

    i Am SPiRiT Wind

    With These Avatar Clothes
    of Words That Will Never Match

    God Within me Free Just to BREaTHE ETeRNaLLY New Now
    Anyway as i’ve Related Before Through About 33 Months
    of that Pain/Numb Just Stuck in my Own Head of Introspection

    No WHere Else to Go Yet Escape all of CuLTuRE Now Then Yes

    i Managed the Strength to Tolerate A Mountain of Pain Thanks
    Giving Day On November 25, 2010 To Write The First Word Online

    In A Place Called ‘The Wrong Planet’ Then Specifically

    Described As A Place for Neurodiverse Folks Like me

    All i Could Do to Try to Escape the Pain of that

    Suicide Disease Pain With No Memory if i Ever
    Felt A Smile at All Just to Survive Another

    Thousand Years in All that Was

    Time Then In Hell For Real

    Yes Writing Every Consecutive Day

    From Hell Through Being Born in Heaven
    Again Like that Child of Vision at Age 3 Again

    On a Beautiful Beach Becoming One With Sugar
    White Sands Emerald Green Gulf Waves Sea Oats
    Swaying in the Breeze on July 19th, 2013 Seagull

    Wings Spiraling the Sun Soon to Transform iNto
    17,496 Miles of Public Dance Starting on August 26th,

    2013 Soon to Celebrate the 111th Anniversary Month
    of that Effort on November 26th, 2022 as the 26th Again

    Remains Anniversary Month Dates for “Nether Land
    Bible” and “FB Profile Pic Bible” too Hehe Currently

    Writing What i Metaphor As “Fred 14:12” in Analogy
    of The Christian Verse “John 14:12” As That Applies

    to “Luke 17:21” To Find And StaY iN That Place
    Beyond All Time, Distance, Space, And A Matter

    With Things Yes The Essence of God Totally
    Fearless LoVE iN Peace Yes The Kingdom

    of God Within Heaven Real Now

    In Always Newer
    Greater Works of
    Peace in LoVE

    Now New


    of All That is

    Peace And Love
    Fearless Just to Give
    Share Care And Heal
    For All For Free With
    Most Respect and Least
    Harm as ‘Natural Real Humans’ Naturally Tend to Do…

    It Really Shouldn’t Be Complicated Just to Live and
    Breathe Peace and Love Fear Free For All And It’s

    Really Not As i Just

    Take Rather Detailed

    Notes on my

    Watch From Hell
    Thru Heaven Real
    my FRiEnD Just to
    Give Away For Those Who

    ‘See and Hear’ Without Organs of Eyes and Ears too With SMiLes

    It’s A Rather Small Place Yet of Course Beyond All Distance

    A “Matter
    With Things”

    So This Reality
    of Course Will
    Always Be Expecting New Births

    The Sun is Out BreaKinG Through
    Clouds i Shall Continue my Naked
    Enough Whole Complete


    And Song
    in the FoReST Free
    Without Words mY
    FRiEnD Until i Return Out of Real
    Eden Again as Always Promising New Now

    Yes Dear FRiEnD

    Just A Real Human

    Being Naked Enough Whole Complete
    Child of Vision Living in Fearless Peace

    And Love For Real to


    Freely Unchained
    FRoM ALL CuLTuRaL Clothes

    THere Are No Deserts or CaVeS HeaR

    Only Forests Trees Rivers Gulf And Beach
    to Seek and Find Waves of Peace And Love Free

    True We Make
    Due WHeRe

    We Come

    To Be i AM Human For Real
    Truly It’s All Newly Now Naked
    Enough Whole Complete Fearless LoVE iN Peace..:)

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  6. Thank you for sharing!!.. I always follow my heart, rarely go wrong… “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” (Roy T. Bennett )… 🙂

    Hope your path is paved with love and happiness and until we meet again…
    May the love that you give
    Always return to you,
    That family and friends are many
    And always remain true,
    May your mind only know peace
    No suffering or strife,
    May your heart only know love and happiness
    On your journey through life.
    (Larry “Dutch” Woller)

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  7. Hi Fred..
    Life is really Full of gifts.. Hard times are gifts Cause they give us lessons.. Happy times are gifts Cause they give us life.. Good people are gifts Cause they are the light that guides us through the way..
    Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing your thoughts here..
    Highly appreciated
    Keep giving dear 💐🌷😊

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  8. Thanks a lot dear friend for your kind words and the nice feedback and prayers.. Same to you dear.. Stay well 🌹💐🌷😊😍


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