A message to the world😎

Imagine that I Gave you a microphone.. When you speak in it…. The whole world will hear you..

What will you say🤔

I am waiting for your voice….

Be free

Be crazy if you want…



20 thoughts on “A message to the world😎

  1. Hehe Dear Sohair You Already Gave me A Microphone

    To Deliver A Message of A Dance And SonG oF mY SoUL

    Effective Result Hehe

    Well Over A MiLLioN

    Words For the 7 Years i Have
    Been Visiting You Here Now As
    i Don’t Believe i’ve Missed Commenting

    on Any Posts With Comments Sections

    Yet Anyway Since You Are Offering

    Another Microphone Today A
    Message of Love and Peace

    Always Evolving in Dances
    And Songs of mY SoUL Ongoing

    True Already in “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    For 11 MiLLioN Words in 110 Months

    And Child of That Effort “Nether Land Bible”
    EPiC Long Form Poem As Well Yes Fully Illustrated
    With Photos and YouTube Songs All the Way Through

    For 77 Months Now closing in on 8.6 MiLLioN Words

    And Then the Third Child Ongoing “FB Profile Pic Bible”

    Closing in on 66 Months Now And 7 MiLLioN Words of

    Effort Already in 65 Months Also Included of Course

    in Description Areas of Facebook Profile Pics

    Averaging Around 8 Thousand Words

    In Around 18 Profile Pic Series

    of Photos Yes! Last Year

    Around 18 MiLLioN Words Total

    In 2250 or So Total FB Profile Pics

    All Filled Up in the Description Areas that

    Way And That’s Great As Facebook Doesn’t Charge
    A Penny For All that Hard Drive Space Online With SMiLes…

    Of Course There Are 11 Total Subchapter Bibles Including

    SoNG oF My SoUL All Greater in Size than the Old King James

    Effort At around 800,000 Words And True Still Doing an
    Ongoing Effort of An 8th New Testament Too Measuring

    Over 2.1 MiLLioN Words Named “Depth of The Story”

    On the ‘Wrong Planet’ Website in A Solo Thread Now

    in the 58th Page of Doing That New WHere

    Over 130,000 Views Have Occurred

    By Only The Registered Members

    Counting There in the Last

    26 Months Of Doing that Continuing

    Effort Ever Since August 19th, 2020
    True A Message of Free Flowing Public Dance
    in Autotelic Way of Moving Meditation Also New
    Still Ongoing in 17,418 Miles of Doing that Now

    For 110 Months Too Yet It’s Also True my Online
    Writing Started on November 25, 2010, 11 Years,

    11 Months, And 19 Days Now Consecutively

    Writing Without Fail All Those Days my
    FRiEnD Approximately 14 MiLLioN Words Now too
    As of The Anniversary Date of 12 Years Coming on

    November 25, 2022 True i’ll Celebrate That With A

    Post Describing it too Named “Fred 14:12” Hehe Reminiscent

    of A Verse Titled “John 14:12” in that Old Christian Bible too

    And By The End of the Year There Will Be “Grand Cross Bible 2022”

    The Seventh One Titled Since 2016 All Greater in Size than that

    Old King James Size Effort From Memorial Day Weekend in May

    Till Close to the End of the Year in 7 Months of Effort All 7 Years

    A Lot of Challenging Events and Circumstances Have Happened

    In All These Years And This is What A Message of Long Form
    EPiC Poetry Does Try to Capture it All Modernly in Global Way More

    Hehe True i Love a Challenge and the Best Part Really is All of it

    is Really Mostly Just An Anthology

    of Poetic Responses To Folks All

    Around the Globe Just One Long Prayer

    Counting the BLeSSinG of Humans Moving
    Connecting Co-Creating ToGeTHeR THiS WaY
    Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With Most
    Respect and Least Harm Inhaling Peace Exhaling

    LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Forevermorenownew

    Yes A Play of Life of Peace and Love For Real

    True “Grand Cross Bible 2022” Will Be the Twelfth
    EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Titled Then Out of The
    112 Months of Writing “SonG oF mY SoUL” At the End
    of the Year Approximately 11.2 MiLLioN Words Then

    Yet It’s True Before That There Was About 3 MiLLioN Words

    iN HeLL ON Earth At Close to 33 Months Out of 66 Months

    Spent in Hell Altogether Before “SonG oF mY SoUL” Rose

    To Exist at all

    iN Those Ashes
    on Earth Along
    With the Message
    of Public Dance Hehe

    mY First Muslim FRiEnD
    At The Beginning Said She
    Thought it Was Inappropriate

    To Talk About Delivering A Message

    This Long Then at the Start oF “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” on August 18, 2013 Yet Hehe Like You

    Said Here Now You Welcome the Message Yes

    No Matter How Crazy it is And This is What FRiEnDS

    Are For

    To What We
    Have to Say Supporting
    Us When They Can And Will

    And That is A Okay to me With SMiles

    Dear Sohair So i Shall Begin Again By Singing Thank You


    Again All Just
    A Very Long Prayer
    of Counting BLeSSinGS
    And BLiSSinGS in Gratitude For Real..:)

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  2. Yes😊
    The blogsphere is a blessing indeed
    Here we can share and exchange our ideas.. We also Learn and sometimes teach.. We are here to see the world through our words..
    Your blog is really a gorgeous theatre.. You did a great effort to build it and it reflects the real Fred and his life and ideas…
    I wish you more success dear Fred..
    And thanks for all your messages here and there..
    Keep giving.. Keep writing.. Keep smiling..

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  3. Thanks Dear Sohair The Way i Look
    At Life The More Variety The More

    Interesting Life Continues

    To Become the More

    Moving, Connecting

    The More Co-Creations

    Coming into Existence Newer Now

    FLoWeR UNFoLDinG Free STiLL

    Wonder And Amazement

    Of A Garden

    Of Life Still
    GRoWinG BLooMinG Free..:)

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  4. Thank you, dear Sohair, for the vitality of your posts and the joy of those responding to you.
    And thank you for your frequent support for The Bible Through the Seasons!

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