I DON’T like Facebook..

I will tell you why

In Facebook I feel that I am a prisoner..I feel that I am watched by many people.. They Watch what I post
Sometimes they misunderstand what I write
If I share a romantic song… They begin to ask if there is someone in my life
If I put a wise saying.. They begin to link it with my life events
And etc
I like wordpress better than any site Because here I can write with no limits
I deleted my Facebook account to enjoy my freedom.. I hate to be watched by people
I like my freedom.. It is the most precious thing in my life


34 thoughts on “Facebook👍

  1. Very true and good for you for taking that step! It’s good to be your own person and decide when to share and what to sure and with whom to share 😊

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  2. Hehe Dear Sohair my my i Never Realized
    You were on Facebook if so i Would Have
    Friended You Long Ago hehe i don’t

    Have Many FRiEnDS on Facebook

    From My Local Area

    Or Even the United
    States in General Yes

    AS Honestly Although
    They’ve Come to See me
    Without A Name Other than
    ‘The Dancing Man’ in Public Now
    For 105 Months and 16,700 Miles
    Yes Literally named by them as Living Legend

    My Views On God And Love And Life Are Sadly
    In Some Ways Diametrically Opposed to What

    The Majority Here

    Hold Gold and

    True in Terms of

    Guns Being An Only
    God In Terms of Money
    And ‘Stuff’ of Capitalistic
    Ways of Buying Selling And Consuming


    And More
    Stuff and
    Even More
    Stuff Until the
    Next Double Car Garage
    Home Sell of Stuff Never Even Used

    As Huge Four Wheel Drives Costing
    More than my Home At First Sit Out on
    The Street Without A Home of Double
    Car Garages Holding All the ‘Stuff’ Never

    Used Until the
    Next Flea Market
    Sell Out of the Garage
    And On the Lawn Selling
    The ‘Stuff’ Never Used Just
    to Make Room For More Stuff to

    And Rot Like the
    Big Boats and
    Campers Now

    in the Back
    And Front of Yards

    Rarely Used Yet Proof
    They Have as Much ‘Stuff’
    or Even More As Their Neighbor AS Such…

    Meanwhile A Fourth Wife and Family to Support
    A Second Job Way into Their 70’s to Support the Camper

    And Big
    Boat in
    The Back
    or Front Yard too…

    And Some Days i Wonder if they ever
    Even Read their Christian Bible the Parts
    That Say How Hard it is For the Rich Man
    to Find the Kingdom of Heaven Within the Parts
    That Say the Meek Inherit The Earth and Poor of Spirit

    As Servant Leader First to Serve Last First

    Becomes the Meek

    And Humble

    Whole Complete

    Becoming this Kingdom And
    or Queendom of Love Now to
    Give Share Care and Heal Even More WHere

    Love Is the Law of the Reality of Heaven Within With Least
    Harm For All Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Eternally Now Yes

    iN JoY oF
    LiGHT New

    As in that
    Book the Humble
    Teacher Who Loves the
    Enemy As Much as God

    Who Turns the Other Cheek
    And Surely Wouldn’t Need an
    AR-15 To Prove He is a Man or
    An Even Bigger Four Wheel Drive
    Rotting in the
    Back or Front Yard Now

    Readily Admits His Wish His
    Hope His Prayer for Us Is That We
    Will Truly Believe in His Teachings of
    Love and Do Much Greater Love Works than Him

    Sadly Meanwhile Folks Forget The Message Totally
    Ignoring it Promoting Him into A Job He Never Wanted
    As King of the UniVerse on Bended Knee Never Standing

    Up to Find
    The LiGHT


    And Be Thankful
    Enough for this Great
    Gift of Giving LiGHT Sharing
    Caring HealinG Love AS Enough

    EternAlly Now

    Yes Naked
    Complete Now

    Hehe Dear Sohair
    i Rub a Lot of ‘Local Folks’

    in Ways they Refuse to Be Rubbed

    A Little Love Massage Is All i Bring
    Naked Enough Whole Complete and on

    Top of that Realistically

    i Am Way too Big

    For Almost


    To See A Size
    of A SonG oF A
    SoUL Like Mine For Real Hehe

    Yawn Facebook Provides Lots of
    Free Hard Drive Space to Hold Much of All
    tHE ART of the SonG of My SoUL Just Another

    (Just Added 18.1 MiLLioN Poetic Words of
    Soul Free Verse in the Description Areas
    of 2265 Profile Pics in the Last Calendar
    Year for my 6.4 MiLLioN Word Subchapter
    Long Form Poem “FB Profile Pic Vol 2020

    5 YearS Old” as “SonG oF My SoUL”
    Continues to Grow at 10.5
    MiLLioN Words in Over

    105 Months Now Yes

    Just One

    Way of Many
    to Yes Upload

    my SoUL For Free

    It’s True in ThiS Way
    A Real Jesus Would
    Likely (Lovely) BE A ReaL Good FRiEnD

    Yet A So-Called “King of A UnVerse” As

    An Only God Hell No It’s Better To Give than Receive
    As The Giving Has No Limits As Love Truly Breathes…

    THere is Zero Percent Doubt in My Mind My HeART
    mY SPiRiT mY SoUL For Real That IF the Real


    Will Now Be

    Standing HeaR
    Now So Very

    He Will Be NoW As Made Into
    Just Another Frigging Golden Calf
    With No Soul With No Love For Us to
    BREaTHE Free


    Up Standing

    Up As Stars ALL

    We Truly Are Love
    This Wave This Tree
    This Leaf Living This Ocean
    Whole This Forest Complete
    This Love Who Breathes




    Real Now…
    Naked Enough
    Whole Complete
    Birthed From First
    Blink to Last Breath

    of Love Giving More Carrying On and

    on and on Some More As Love Continues
    NoW ETeRNaLLY to GroW

    iN LiGHT

    Below We
    All With Least Harm Love..:)

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  3. Hi Fred.. Thanks a lot dear friend for the great feedback..
    I have learnt a lot of life lessons Lately.. One of them is that balance is So important.. When you give.. You should take.. If the person you Gave doesn’t give you as you give him.. Allah will give you something good in return..
    I learnt to be balanced in giving.. At least I should Not give a person something that he does not want to take..
    In Facebook I had my students.. My relatives and the teachers who work with me and also some people who I do Not know in reality..
    I DON’T feel comfort there..
    We live in a capitalistic and materialistic world.. But still there are some good people.. They are few.. But they are always there..
    You are one of them Fred..
    Keep giving dear.. And stay well..
    Smiles 🌹😊

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  4. SMiles Dear
    Sohair Sadly
    If one is Working
    For Pay Where i
    Live Still A Very
    Real Necessity
    To Keep
    A Job is
    To Fit in
    The Local
    Group Think
    And That’s Hard
    When You Find It

    And Disgusting

    SMiLes No
    More Master
    Or Slave In
    My Life

    Free For Real 🙏
    With SMiles True☺️🌹

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  5. Freedom is the most important.. Thanks a lot dear friend Fred for sharing your thoughts here.. Highly appreciated.. Have a beautiful day 😊🌹

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  6. Thank you for sharing!!.. I haven’t had a Facebook account for some years now.. it is no longer s pleasant community where everyone can share peaceful thoughts with each other.. I do not have Twitter or any of the others also….. “I was going to post something on Facebook until I asked myself why.” ( David E. Love)… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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  7. Yes.. I do Not have a twitter also.. Agree with your words..
    Thanks a lot dear friend for sharing your thoughts here.. Highly appreciated.. Stay well 😊🌹


  8. I also don’t like facebook!
    My reason is bit different….
    I used to post a lot on fb, then someone with multiple fake accounts reported me and that’s why most of my contacts were lost. I had to make multiple accounts just to stay connected, but all where reported and deleted. Back then whatsapp and Insta were not popular.
    I joined WP last year (august), I love the environment here. Here people are more supportive and I’ve made some really good friends.
    I love to share and I love it even more to create new content every week.
    Sorry for the long comment. I am a first time visitor and willing to read more of your work.

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  9. Do not apologize for a long comment..
    First it is not long
    Second I feel happy to have new friends here.. When I write and people read what I write I feel happy.. I will visit your blog soon inshallah and read your work..
    Keep the good work..


  10. intressant ; sverige firar hellre sin hedniska pagan uppochnedvända fallussymbol än JESUS HELIGA HJÄRTADAG OCH JOHANNES DÖPAREN DAG DEN 24 juni , den 25 juni JESU MODERS HELIGA HJÄRTA DAG firar inte sverige heller TYVÄRR . https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/de-fick-toppenbetyg-trots-skolans-resultat-bjods-pa-lunch-i-radhuset


    Johannes döparens bön
    juni 19, 2011 § Lämna en kommentar

    Jesus säger att ”Bland dom som är födda av kvinnor har ingen trätt fram som är större än Johannes Döparen. Men den mindre i himmelriket är större än han.” (Matt 11:11)

    Därför verkar det lite konstigt att det inte finns mer skriftligt bevarat i Bibeln från någon som är större än både Abraham, Job, Moses, Samuel, David, Salomo, Elia, Jesaja, m.fl.! Ännu konstigare är att vi kristna inte verkar ha intresserat oss för denna betydande gestalt. Varför? Jag förstår inte. Det är ungefär som man läser en sak, men bortförklarar det och tänker ett annat med detsamma. Jag kallar det blindhet eller att leva i illusioner.

    Religious ceremony in southern Iraq by Samer M
    Religious ceremony in southern Iraq, a photo by Samer M on Flickr.

    I alla fall, bloggsajten Apocryphicity postade en syriansk version av ”Johannes döparens bön”, i några olika versioner, som har återfunnits i några syrianska manuskript:

    Citat från blogginlägget Prayer of John the Baptist:

    Longer version:

    Now, the first prayer of John to his disciples: “Father, show me your son. Son, show me your spirit. Holy Spirit grant me wisdom through your strength.” And some say it is this: “Holy Father, consecrate me through your strength and make known the glory of your excellence and show me your son and fill me with your spirit which has received light through your knowledge.”

    Shorter version:

    The first prayer of St. John the Baptist to his disciples: ”Holy Father, guard your strength and show us your glory and make your son known to us and fill us, my Lord, with your spirit which gives light through your knowledge.”

    Bilden ovan är på en mandeisk präst som döper. Mandéerna är bl.a. kända för att ha Johannes döparen som sin främsta präst. De befann sig kring Jordanfloden och förmodligen Jerusalem för omkring 2000 år sedan, men flyttade norrut när de inte kom överens med judarna.

    Orientering om mandéerna på svenska: Vilka är mandéerna?
    DN-artikeln från 2007, om hur mandéerna får en fristad i Sverige bort från förföljelse i södra Irak : Hotad minoritet för svensk fristad.
    SvD-bildspel från 2007, fotograf Oskar Kullander: Mandeiskt vuxendop i Fittja.
    SR-reportage från september 2010: ”Måste bo vid vattnet”


  11. Yes.. I knew.. I made a new account But I invited only my honest dear people from my family.. Thanks a lot.. Stay well


  12. how i use social media and how it help me whenever i need any type of help just search for groups post my quires there and as well as on my profile alot of people start replying on my post that how i used social media

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