I have just come from a wedding I was invited to.

I DON’T like weddings.
I will tell you why…
First the sound of music is So loud and hurts my ears…
Second.. The wedding hall is So splendid and the groom payed a lot of money to rent it.
I do Not like spending money on trivial things.
If it were my wedding.. I would make it at home with only the members of my family and my husband’s family.
Third.. I hate weddings Because there are huge lights that bother my eyes.
I like fainted lights..
Fourth.. I hate weddings Because they wholly depend on hypocritical traditions
People care for how much money they spend and how expensive are the clothes they wear..
They DON’T care about how successful will the life of the bride and the groom will be.
I hate weddings Because the money spent can buy something useful for the new home of that new family.
I hate weddings But I have to go to congratulate the people who invited me..
I hate weddings and I hope that there will be a law one day to prevent such cermonies and to make them in a more simple and cheap way..
In my country the rate of divorce is increasing..
Every minute there is 4 divorces..
People spend a lot of money on Marriage cermonies..
We live in a crazy society..


20 thoughts on “Weddings🤔

  1. Hehe, Dear Sohair Our Wedding
    Was on the River Boardwalk WHere
    i Grew Up DownTown A Notary of the
    Public A Friend of the Family Performed

    The Service For Free
    Followed By a Free
    Wedding Reception
    At my Place of
    Then a
    Center Sponsored
    By the League Bowlers there

    It Cost All of Zero Dollars i Have
    Relatives With Weddings that Cost
    Tens of Thousands of Dollars That

    Lasted All of
    One Year

    of Course
    i Don’t Own
    A Pair of Long Pants
    Since Winter of 2013

    Everywhere i Go i Wear Clothes
    That Cost Altogether Close
    to Twenty Bucks Yep Just A
    Shirt and Some Shorts Mostly
    Bought Cheapest on the Dime

    Yep Hehe i Am A Cheap Skate Yet
    i Roll With Wheels of Love the Best
    i Can And Will With SMiLes So Fortunate
    i am to Marry Katrina Who Grew up Poor Like

    me as What We
    HaVE iN Common
    is Folks Who Had
    Big Weddings At The
    Big Churches Here Spit on
    me And Her me For Smiling
    And Her For Being Poor Interestingly

    We Are Still Young At Loving Soul And Some
    Folks Say it Shows

    With SMiLes
    Same Home
    Always Same
    Car For Decades
    if i Have my Way
    Same Wife of Course
    for a Lifetime And Same
    Love Always Priceless For
    All with Least Harm mY FRiEnD…
    Key too ALL oF iT

    Love Opens
    All Doors
    And Keeps
    Them Open True…

    The Place WHere i Grew up Then
    on the River Bank Was Turned into
    A Local Park on the River Celebrating
    Events During the Year With Bands And


    i Didn’t
    Even Have
    to Ask Anyone
    to Do That to

    Where i
    Raised DownTown

    Like i Dance And Sing
    Love Opens All Doors
    And Keeps Them Open Indeed..:)

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  2. Yes.. You live a simple life Fred that is Full of love.. How beautiful..
    I hope that my society will give up such bad habits… Here in my country.. Even poor people borrow money to spend it on such things..
    Thanks a lot dear friend Fred.. Stay blesssed.. Katrina is a bliss indeed.. GOD bless her..
    Smiles 🌹🌸😊

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      1. Amen to that.. Thanks a lot dear friend Fred.. Your words are always highly appreciated.. Best regards..
        Happy weekend🌹🌸😊

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    1. Bravo and well said imibrahim dear sis and friend.. I AGREE with you.. Life is So simple in fact So why do we make it Hard.. DON’T we??
      Thanks a lot dear for reading and sharing your view.. Highly appreciated.. Stay well 😍😊🌹🌸


  3. Crazy society indeed. I’ll go and enjoy if invited but very much with a perspective of ‘on their head be it’. It really doesn’t seem to be a healthy way to start off a successful relationship and yes, very reckless in terms of spending. Unfortunately such is the societal pressure. Good thing we don’t all succumb.

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    1. Hi Robin dear friend.. Thanks a lot for your kind feedback.. I AGREE with you.. Best regards.. Have a great day 🌸🌹😊


  4. Marriage should be special occasion. It’s not about 2 people marrying each other, but actually starting of a new life, new family. Sadly people have made it a lavish circus like celebration. People just want to flaunt their money. Even the guest only care about dinner and not about getting involved in someone’s happiness. I am telling you about Indian weddings, but I guess it’s same everywhere.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear for reading and sharing your view..highly appreciated
      Yes.. It is the same everywhere Except in US and some countries..
      Keep giving..
      Have a beautiful day 🌹


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