The nurse(A short story) ๐ŸŒท

While She was arranging the flowers
There was only two hours
Before the operation time
Then she asked him
Who is your doctor
He answered : Mr.. Victor
For her it was a surprise
Then she looked in his eyes
“This is the best surgeon”
And He is a unique person!!
Are you sure about the news?
She seemed in a real confuse
The patient replied
That Victor did Not mind
She told him with confidance
This man had a great excellence
With her white costume
She suddenly left the room
The patient became So optimistic
After being So pessimistic
He felt happy about the talk of the nurse
He did Not know that She was in disguise
At the hospital She was a Psychologist
And the operation was a real success
Be positive and spread happiness
For passive energy is against progress

Prophet Mohamad said, “Facilitate things to people (concerning religious matters), and do not make it hard for them and give them good tidings and do not make them run away (from Islam)

12 thoughts on “The nurse(A short story) ๐ŸŒท

  1. SMiLes Dear Sohair i once
    Compared Katrina’s Beauty

    to the Goddess Isis From
    Egyptian Mythology
    And Her Reply

    Back to me

    me was Don’t
    Compare me to
    That Ugly Woman Hehe…

    She Has Very High Standards…

    It’s really Amazing She married

    Such A Poor Man in A Low Status

    Job Living With my Sister At age 29

    Handing Out Shoes At A Bowling Center

    Yet She Said It Was Only For the Light Within

    She Saw Shining in my Eyes and Smile Always

    Giving Kindness to Everyone The Same No Matter

    Who They Are In This World The Gift of LoVE Real

    Is Humility The Same Understanding From the Depths

    Of Hell Early

    i Am no

    Than Less
    Than A Grain of Sand
    And That’s Okay As That
    Particle is God Particle too my FRiEnD…

    Anyway i’ve Seen Your Face Briefly in an
    Out of Focus Black and White Photo as i
    Remember You Are Most Certainly A Very

    Beautiful Egyptian Woman Yet That is the
    Only Photo i Remember You Briefly Sharing
    During one Christmas Season And i Shared this

    Colored Photo With Katrina And She Not Only Said

    You Are Beautiful Yet You Also Have a PERFECT
    FEMININE FACE And You Do For Your Face is that
    of Compassion And Love And Purity Who Would Never Seek
    to Deceive And Would Feel Great Guilt if a Lie Ever Came Out

    From Your Lips And Interestingly Artistic Representations of

    ‘Mary’ With Blue Eyes Are Often Dismissed As Coming From the

    Middle East Yet Oh How Your Face Your Eyes Reflect Your Pure Soul
    HeART And SPiRiT Dear Sohair Surely A Soul Who Makes God Happy

    In Every

    Way Love

    Reflects From
    Sun of God to
    Moon of Human my FRiEnD

    Katrina has Never Said Any Other
    Woman Has a Perfect Face Yet She
    Is Like me Able to See Soul in the Eyes of Human…

    It is Very Likely That Few Are Worthy of the Love You Give…

    No Doubt in Biblical Stories That is Why God Picked A Similar Mary…:)

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    1. Hi Fred.. How are you?
      How is Katrina?
      Yes.. The Egyptian queens are icons of beauty in fact..
      I believe that God created beauty in Everything.. There is no ugly man Or woman at all..
      Thanks for your kinds words..
      My eyes are black in fact.. This photo was edited by Gardian app.. That’s why I deleted it.. But of course it is 80 present of the original image.. Any way.. I prefer that people like me through my words not through my image..
      Highly appreciated dear friend.. Stay blesssed ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒท

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      1. SMiLes Dear Sohair Actually Katrina Has Been
        Going to Rehab for A Sore Shoulder For All the
        Years of Vacuuming it Seems And She is
        Also Dealing With What Seem to
        Be Some Fall Allergies

        Yet not A Rebirth
        of the Covid-19
        Virus At Least it Seems…

        Hehe… i am Dealing with
        A Bit of FootPain From Hehe
        15,466 Miles of Dance in 97
        Months Yet Little Pains Here and
        There Come And Go i Just Move A Different

        Way to Rehab Myself And Build Strength to
        Support What’s Wanting to BreaK NoW Haha…

        i’m Really Relieved To Hear That the App that
        Took Your Pic Disguised Your Black Eyes as Blue

        As HAha i Would Have to Wonder From Now on Where
        in the World Did You Get Those Blue Eyes There was a
        Day i Took A Picture of Katrina Through The Car Window

        Back in the Fall of 2018 Where Some How The Clouds and
        Sunshine Turned Her Dark Brown Eyes Blue And She Had
        This Knitted Shawl Around Her And She Really Looked Like

        That Famous National Geographic Photo of the Little Afghan
        Girl Yet Of Course That Little Girl Grew Old With a Very Difficult

        Life and Katrina
        Still Looks


        Like the
        Young Afghan
        Girl Still Now
        With Smiles Yet
        Without the Striking
        Green Eyes So Unusual
        With Her Dark Desert Skin….

        Yes i Do Believe There is Beauty
        in All Creation too You are My FRiEnD

        And i Just Wanted to Deliver A Kind Compliment
        A Very Sincere One From Katrina And True Your
        Beautiful Soul Comes Through Pristine in Your
        Words No Matter if You Are 18, 47, or 123 The

        Beauty of the Soul Need Not Ever Age my FRiEnD…:)

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      2. Yes.. Well said Fred dear friend.. I hope that Katrina and you will get better soon..
        I admire your admiration of Katrina.. I hope that all husbands will act your same way..
        You are both very kind people..
        Thanks a lot Fred..
        Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒท

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