The dogs(A short story) πŸŒ·

On Wednesday twenty six
Of July nineteen seventy six
The chinese city woke up
On a horrible chase up
They were barking hystyrically
The wild dogs which came quickly
Into the Chinese quiet city
It was a big crisis for the government
Who decided at the moment
To make a quick evacuation
For the whole population
So Ninety thousand people
Were cursing the unexpected evil
A few hours later
And after their departure
The earth swallowed the dogs
Inside its shaking rocks
A big earthquake destroyed the city
And all the buildings that were pretty
Were now deserving Nothing But pity
The Chinese knew later
That dogs predict better
About dangerous earthquakes
And that was the reason for their barking
Before the calamity was coming
It was a perfect plan
Out of all they can
A plan of the highest power
That watches us at all hours
Thank God for each event
Even if it carries a hateful scent
For It will grant us a blissful present
Allah says
But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not
Al Bakara chapter
Verse 116β€ͺ

42 thoughts on “The dogs(A short story) πŸŒ·

  1. Beautiful poem πŸ™‚ Im not sure but may be dog can predict . And you are very right ,we may not understand what are good or bad for us? But He knows everything. Well written πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΉβ£οΈ

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    1. Hi Priti.. Thanks a lot dear for reading and sharing your view here.. means a lot to me and highly appreciated.. Stay blesssed dear πŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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      1. Actually I know that ants can understand that rain can come. May other animals also have strong feelings πŸ™‚πŸ™‚. Thank you very much 😊❀️

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      2. God is in everyone and everything,

        After the winter, comes the spring,

        At this time, the birds would sing ,

        Love and light, the divine shall bring ,

        The divine is here , there and everywhere,

        Dare to believe that life is fair ,

        Liberty and justiceΒ  weΒ  declare ,

        Love and light are not rare …

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    1. Hi Salma dear sis and friend.. Peace be with you.. Thanks a lot for your kind words.. Highly appreciated.. Have a great day πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β™₯️🌷🌹

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    1. Thanks a lot Kamal dear friend. Yes.. Animals are our victims on this poor planet.. Let’s Pray for a better future..
      Keep giving dear friend Kamal..
      Have a beautiful day 🌷🌹😊

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  2. “Dogs A Short Story” Dear Soheir
    Reminding Me of An American

    CuLTuRaL Satire in
    A Song by

    That Describes
    What It’s Like to
    Be A Dog Not So

    Loved in the

    And On


    So Low in Life…

    True China in 1976 Warnings
    For A Coming Earthquake
    Mistakenly Overlooked
    And Omitted While
    Dogs Heard
    The Rumblings
    Below Humans Could
    Not Hear Without Human
    Aided Tools For Our Limited
    Feelings and Senses This way…

    Yet Humans Walking All The Way
    From Africa Through What is Now
    China And Russia Over the Bering Straights

    to the Abundance Green of Living Nature of
    North America Strangely Moving Through
    Desert Lands of What is Now Central America

    Ending Up in Naked Abundance of the Rain Forests
    of South America Still Living That Way Where Forests
    And Their Way of Living One With Nature God is Not

    Erased By So Called
    More Advanced


    So Separated
    From Deep Nature with

    Shallow Nature Deficit Disorder NDD
    And God Deficit Disorder GDD Same my

    FRiEnD Just Out of Touch With Nature God Same…

    With All of China’s Faults With Polluting The Environment
    Too Much With Many Human Rights Violations Displacing
    Wild Life From Their Habitats And Generating Newer




    Still So Much Smarter
    Than A Nation That Has
    Killed So Many Innocents
    Through Unwarranted Wars

    Where Well Before Vaccinations
    Came China Had The Pandemic
    Under Control Masked Socially
    Distancing Testing And Contact Tracing
    Everyone Locking Down When Necessary too…

    For It’s True Karma Still Works Both Ways…
    Spill the Blood of Innocents of Others on
    Their Soils And The Spoils Will Become
    The Same Religion of Ignoricism That Spills

    Their Blood ON THeiR Soils Through Ignorance Multiplied
    By 6 And More On Their Own Soil Souls Now of Ignoricism

    True Dear FRiEnD There Are Many Earth Quakes

    And Many Deaf Ears And Blind

    Eyes Who Do

    Not See

    The Peril

    of the Stormy Dead
    Winds They Generate…

    Invisible it is to them

    Yet Dogs Will Always

    Hear More of the Call of the Wild Safe…

    Particularly As Wolves When They Are Not
    Watered Down AS Humans Have Done to
    Themselves As Well Domesticated No



    God Wild Free Truly
    Smart Hearing and
    Seeing So Much Farther
    Than Only Ears and Eyes of
    Organs playing A Funeral Song Still To come…

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    1. Yes Fred I totally agree with your metaphoric talk.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      A human being is the most dangerous creature on earth and all the panademics, diseases and pollution are due to the ignorance of humans..
      China is considered as a great country for many reasons as you KNOW.. Just like US is considered as a great country also..
      Great countries can escape Easily from Punishment for their bloody faults.. No one can dare to punish them for their crimes..
      I do Not want to play the role of the victim here.. Of course every individual is responsible for what is hsppening to him Or her.. We also have to work on ourselves to protect ourselves from the evil inside ourselves.. We are Not angles.. We are humans..
      Thanks a lot dear friend Fred for the precious talk..
      Highly appreciated dear..
      Stay blesssed πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸŒΉ

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      1. SMiLes Dear Sohair Inherently Living in Small Groups
        Without So Much Group Think That Tools Bring

        That Make Us More

        Tools We Create

        Than Human
        Nature At Base
        Cooperation Loving
        Kind When Breeding
        Nature Nurturing This Way

        Of Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love
        Actually Needing Every Hand ToGeTHeR
        Cooperating Close to Naked With Few Tools

        To Survive Without

        Each Other



        Be Very Kind
        Together in Relatively
        Small Groups With Common
        Meaning And Purpose For All to
        Survive and Thrive Best Or Through

        Our Imaginations Now And Particularly
        Through Our Creation of Tools We Make
        Becoming More Than Our Born-on Nature

        Inheritance of Loving Cooperation Yes

        There Are No Limits to What Shared

        Imagination and Creativity

        Is That Human Beings

        Will Bring

        As Dreams
        Or Nightmares
        Same My FRiEnD…

        And Honestly it All Started

        With Alphabets Sketching

        Connections of Nature in Sand

        to Mirror Angles of Stars in Skies

        Creating Angels or Demons After

        We Collect What We Come UP

        With Next In Words That


        That Hang
        Around And Makes
        Inside Domesticated

        Life What it is today

        So Far Away So Far Away

        And Not Necessarily Advancing

        In Loving Cooperation At All

        Yet Again as You Say

        That is For the

        Wings to

        Sprout Real

        Within Of Love Again

        Individually Each Of Us

        Reborn to the Best of Love
        Our Nature Will Be Connecting
        This Way Howling At A Moon
        Full of Sunshine Warmth
        Within to Make Night


        For All Love…
        Moving Connecting
        Co-Creating Giving
        Sharing Caring Love With No Restraints…

        Except Least Harm For All Least Harm For All..:)

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      2. Yes Amen to that my dear friend.. When we return to our true nature of love and peace the world will be a different place.. And this is our role here on earth.. To take the respisibility to spread peace everywhere.. We are one because we are from the same father and mother Adam and Eve..
        Thanks again Fred for the beautiful words of Wisdom.. Stay well dear.. Smiles 😊🌹🌷

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