The shackles of illusion🧤

Sometimes we think that our hands are tied
But the reality is that they are not
Our hands are free But they are tied with the shackles of illusion
We act and behave in a way that pleases the others who we live with
And then we discover that We waste our life for nothing
Those people who we waste our life for them are just toxic and selfish people
Why should we tie our hands with the restrictions of illusion
We should do what makes us happy as long as we do not hurt Or Harm others
I discovered that people will talk behind our back even if we behave in the way they like
People will talk all the time
We should Not listen to their talk
We have only one life
Let’s live it in the way that pleases us and not in the way that pleases others
Allah says
Therefor of the bounty of thy Lord be thy discourse.
وَأَمَّا بِنِعْمَةِ رَبِّكَ فَحَدِّثْ
Al Doha chapter


21 thoughts on “The shackles of illusion🧤

  1. SMiLes Dear Sohair So True Not Everyone Will See the World
    The Way We Do And It Will Be For So Many Ways of Different

    In How They View the World Now…

    For True The me of Today

    Mostly A Stranger

    to the Caterpillar

    And Dying Rebirth

    Cocoon of Many Years Before
    Now i Rather Gain Many Life Levels For the
    Ability to Forgive Those Who Are Different

    Than me With Cognitive Empathy… Yet i Am Not Going to Be one of ‘Those

    Folks Now Who Buries Their Head In Sand And Ignores Harm Coming

    For Others Till Death Do They Part From Life For Real…

    Oh the Illusions of CuLTuRaL Tools That Become

    All Our Clothes Separated From Nature

    Believe It or Not i Used to Shop

    At All the High Style

    Clothing Stores And

    Feel Status for i What
    i Wore Shoping For the Highest
    Price SUV Vehicle to Feel More Like
    A Powerful Human Then too So

    True i am no Less

    A Traveler

    Through Dark and

    Light Than Anyone Else

    On Earth Yet Change is the Only

    Constant that Does Not Change

    With The Gift of All Giving Becoming

    Receiving In Sharing Caring Naked Ways

    As Only Metaphor For What CuLTuRE Dictates

    We Must Wear as Far As All the Tools We Purchase

    In Life and Ideologies We Become Now Different

    As Well to Make

    Us Be ‘Just Another

    Brick in the Wall’ to

    Support Someone Else’s

    Castle Dear FRiEnD SMiLes

    Supporting A FRiEnD With Poetry

    A Dude Directly Attacked me in the Comments
    Section And Yes i Invited Him to Do it in Another
    Comments Section And He Came Through Again Hehe…

    Yet Now

    They are Only


    For me to Express
    Novel Ways of Creativity
    As Dark Muse Comes to LiGHT

    True i’ve Learned to Marry The

    Night to Make Every Day DArK Thru

    LiGHT More Colorful Dear FRiEnD And

    While This Dude Said my Poetry is Non-Sense

    i Experience

    The Colors

    of the UNiVeRSE Newer Now
    my Multi-Uni-Verses Within
    Now That Will Never Likely
    Be A FRiEnD Within He Seeks
    Now And Finds Uniquely For Him…

    Or Perhaps He Will… My Secret Pleasure That Is No

    Secret is i am No Longer ‘Just Another Brick in the Wall’…

    Of Course We Share Similar Wings You In Egypt and me
    in One of the Most Ignorant States And Most Beautiful States
    IN the United States too The Flower State Shaped Like A Gun

    Where Children

    Left Unmasked

    In A Deadly



    to Each
    Other By the
    Hand of those in
    So-Called Authority
    For the Bricks in the Walls
    That Hold Those In Charge With Castles Glued
    For Empty SouLeD Power And Status Externally…

    Nah.. i Won’t Stay Silent Yet I’ll Still Fly Free With Wings…

    No Different than the Rather Mild Tropical Storm Coming

    To Visit the Panhandle of Hell And Heaven in Florida too Named ‘Fred’…

    Hehe Seriously

    The Coming


    Storm is Named

    ‘Fred’ Taking General

    Aim it Seems Toward A

    Most Evil Governor With Little to No
    Soul Ruling in the United States Now

    Yet You See Evil Falls It’s The Gravity of
    DarK As LiGHT Rises With Winds Generating Within…

    Anyway the Truth Remains No Longer ‘A Brick in the Wall’…

    i had A Philosophy Instructor in College Bring me to the
    Understanding That the Clothes of CuLTuRE ARE Only
    Illusions We Co-Create All the Tools We Wear And Hehe

    That Saved

    me A Whole

    Lot of Money

    On Clothes Yet it

    Took Years More

    Becoming Whole Complete

    Enough NoW As Naked Nature

    With No Separation That’s Quite

    An Accomplishment Dear Sohair For A ‘United

    States Human Being’ When it Comes Within With ALL (GoD)..:)

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  2. Hi Fred my dear friend.. Thanks a lot for the great feed back..
    Blessed be strangers..
    Time is the greatest teacher.. Through time we take Steps twards progress and change of our views and our look to life and things in general..
    When we have the desire to Learn and to discover.. GOD within will help us and lighten our path to see clearly.. Then we will discover that life is more simple than we thought..
    Yes.. Forgiveness is a gift indeed.. For ourselves and for others.. It is a strong way to make us continue to go on and to have the ability to give Inspite of all the challenges we Face all the time..
    Keep giving dear friend Fred..
    Have a beautiful day..
    I have just come from Hurgada after spending four days there.. I have enjoyed looking at the mountains through the window of the superjet bus.. Along the desert high way..
    The sun was So hot.. But the water of the Red sea was wow.. I enjoyed it So much..

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  3. Doing “what makes us happy even as long as we do not hurt Or Harm others” is not always a good idea. We can have a of fun with others or just on our own, but doing things not in accordance with the will of the Divine Creator, and then that would not be good.

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  4. We should do what pleases our creator first..
    Thanks a lot dear for reading and sharing your view.. Highly appreciated.. Best regards 🌹

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