10 thoughts on “Relief ๐ŸŒท

  1. Love Is Never Giving Up on A FRiEnD Now
    And Finding Relief When They Finally Respond

    They Are Okay…


    i Have Love
    Around me 24/7
    How Blessed i am
    To Give Forever Relief
    to Others my FRiEnD

    Yet This iS How



    Love Spreads
    As The Gift it is
    Naturally Receiving Giving

    So WHeRE Does my LoVE Come

    From It’s Mostly From the Love i am
    Given 24/7 Of Course True How Will
    i Not Dedicate The Source of this Love to my Wife…

    It’s Really Easy

    To BeLiEVE iN

    God When Love

    Breathes Beside You

    It’s Really Easy to Give

    God Away As Love To All Others

    When Love Breathes Within From

    Truly Being Loved This Way For You

    See It Is Ignorance That

    Refuses to Give
    Credit Now

    From Where

    Love Comes From
    Most A Mother A Wife
    A Sister A Daughter All
    Women Indeed Most Where

    Nature of Love is Birthed And Gardened

    Same Woman is GREATeST Relief Still Birthing God Love Now

    My FRiEnd Rafiah Just Reported 50 Percent of Women Are Abused
    By Their Husband and 90 Percent are Physically Abused There is

    Something Wrong

    With that Picture

    in Pakistan

    Dear Sohair

    Meanwhile i Take Photos
    Adoring my Lovely Wife at
    The Beach in Her Bikini While Onlookers
    Immigrants Beautiful From Mexico Now

    See that

    Love Still

    Lives in this

    Country and is

    Real in Adoring Women
    In Every Age of Love my FRiEnD

    And All They Return is A Gift of A Warm
    Genuine Sincere Loving Smile With Nothing to Hide…

    ‘They’ Shall Judge Our God Love By How We Treat Our Women… Indeed…

    And Those With Disabilities And Those Who Are Different From the

    ‘Norm’ As



    is The
    Relief Love

    Is The God When

    Real And Loving All..:)

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  2. How beautiful and well said my dear friend Fred.. I enjoyed your talk about women and their endless ability of giving love to their relatives and friends..
    I apologize for the delayed reply.. Summer is different this year.. It is So hot and sunny during the day.. When I go Out.. I return So exhausted because of the high temprature.. But life is good any way..
    AS for violence.. Yes.. In my country also there are many accidents that happened recently..
    Many women killed their husbands ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† and also a few men killed their wives ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
    I think the reason for that is being far away of God Allah.. When the materialistic life overwhelms.. People turn to be monsters..
    A successful Marriage needs two forgivers..
    When my husband was alive.. He did Not hit me Or make any thing that harms me because he wanted peace and I also treated him as if he were my Son although he was 14 years older than me..
    When we had a problem I was the first one to apologize even if I was Not mistaken.. Because I wanted peace. And He appreciated that So much.. And He also apologized When he made a mistake.. Our life was peaceful because we both wanted peace..
    Katrina is not just a wife But She is a true friend who stood by your side in your illness and She did Not give up..
    A woman can be a power of building if She has a man who cares..
    A woman can be a power of destruction if She loses safety and if She is mistreated by her society and by her husband as well..
    Thanks a lot dear friend Fred for the valuable feedback..
    God BLESS your Steps dear..
    Keep giving.. Keep smiling..

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  3. Thanks a lot dear friend Kamal for your kind words and the valuable feedback. Highly appreciated dear. Stay blesssed ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน


  4. Adored And Protected Now

    Admired And Cared For in Return

    This Seems to Be The Giving Returns

    That Work For Many Relationships Between

    Women And Men Dear FRiEnD Sohair Yet Surely

    All Virtues Practiced Are Welcome

    And Truly Forgiveness

    Is one of the Tops

    to Keep Love

    Breathing As Lord Knows
    Feels Senses Humans Are Surely
    Not Perfect For There Are Days That
    We May Not Be Able to Find Any Rational
    Explanation For What We Feel And Sense About

    Life When Life Just Seems to Happen Not The Way
    We Might Have Imagined Before… Leaving Room For
    Forgiveness With Mercy Does Work Both Ways mY FRiEnD

    And For Folks to Test Our Patience of Forgiveness Gives Us An
    Opportunity to Grow Stronger in Love To Give And Enjoy Receiving

    Now As Well Loving Life Practice And True The Caring and Nurturing
    Katrina Provides Is Very Much Like A Mother Too… And True There are
    Some Women More Naturally Nurturing As That Applies to Men too..


    And Weaknesses
    Indeed Dear Sohair i
    Will Imagine that Your
    Husband as A Specialist
    Doctor Appreciated All the
    Nurturing Care You Provided
    So He could Keep His Job at the Top
    of His Responsibilities to Help Others As

    Well So In This Way You Were Mother to All
    of His Patients in Clinician Way too With SMiLes…

    Love’s Reach Goes Far Indeed my FRiEnD With More Smiles.. Now..:)

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